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This is a page about the (now ended) Cities Festival 2008.
The 'King's own restaurant, opened for the Festival. The 'King is here, wearing a Chef's Hat
and swearing at a crowd of terrified apprentice cooks. "So, you think you're the best chef in 
the 'Kingdom?" Go get some plates from my sous chef next door, make your signature dish, and 
return it to him!

That's right, as part of Cities Festival 2008, it's time for another cooking competition!

Sous-Chef Thog
Thanks to Bort for the image



  1. All ordinary Citiezens who aren't me are allowed to compete. If you can twist the laws of physics to your whim (i.e. the 'King, GLs, test characters) you can certainly submit demonstration dishes, but you won't be allowed to compete.
  2. Any character can submit at most one main dish (on a Plate), one appetizer (on a Tea Plate), and one dessert/soup (in a bowl). Request the dishes from Sous-Chef Thog (at 12E 9N DSSGCM).
  3. Dishes can be made up of any items in game - I strongly suggest you stick to food, herbs, and consumables.
Actually, it doesn't seem that this is true. The items that can be added to the plate etc have been restricted by the 'King - probably to stop everyone getting food poisoning!
  1. Once you've added your items to the plate, document it below and give the plate back to me.
  2. At the end of the week, everyone will be allowed to vote on their favorite dish. The player with the most votes wins. If additional categories are provided, the player with the most votes in each category wins as well.

Submissions are closed. Voting is closed!


The submitter of the best entry (as voted upon by 'Citieszens) will receive:

  • 100,000 GP
  • 25 glories
  • Your name on a new restaurant that sells the 3-5 (depending on the number of entries) highest rated dishes. (No, it's not like a stall. More like Jon's Kraken Shack or the Seal Fur House of Heyus).

Yes, even if you don't win outright, your dish may be immortalized in the new restaurant. All the more reason to be especially creative!

If anyone wants to pledge the prizes, I can also give prizes for subcategories (best main dish, funniest appetizer, etc.). Leave a message on the talk page if you want to do so.


The votes are in, and after careful tallying, retallying, throwing them out, and tallying them yet again, we can say that Gonzometro has won the money, the glory, and the restaurant! Now get to work. We're all hungry, man.

Most Popular

The most popular dishes in each category:


  1. Chips Done Right, by dragon
  2. Cheese-Crusted Baked Jacket Potato, by Rhapsodie


  1. Kraken Fillet Flambe, by BortJr
  2. Orange Duck, by gonzometro


  1. Potato Soup, by gonzometro
  2. (tie) Pumpkin Soup, by BortJr, and Choc-Mint Rhapsodie, by Rhapsodie


Describe your entry below this line. Note that a more descriptive entry will probably help your cause.

Free Samples (not for judging)

Entries that were late and/or provided by the 'King and Great Lords

LadyC Chilli Cheese Fries

Chef: 'King Elseware

'King Elseware Commemorative Cheese
Chilli Pepper x 4
Lump of Mashed Beans x 3
Lump of Minced Beef x 3
Magic Bean x 10
Onion x 3
Portion of Chips
Slice of Tomato x 12


Cheese-Crusted Baked Jacket Potato

Chef: Rhapsodie
Description: A baked jacket Potato, fluffy and piping hot on the inside and crisp on the outside, seasoned with a Pinch of Salt and stuffed with several slices of Gorgon-Zola Cheese, a Stick of Butter, and a medley of a diced Slice of Bacon and Shredded Duck Bits.
(Available in entrée or main sizes.)

Chips Done Right

Chef: dragon

Gorgan-zola Cheese Slice
Olive x 10
Portion of Chips
Roasted Garlic Clove
Sprig of Parsley

Will shorten your lifespan, but entirely worth it. A generous Portion of Chips is baked with a chopped Roasted Garlic Clove, then slathered in Gorgan-Zola Cheese and topped with sliced Olives. (The parsley is garnish. No one eats parsley.) Let your taste buds outvote your arteries on this one....

Day Tripper Doughballs

Chef: Rackmount
Description: Doughballs with a surprise! A freshly-made Handful of Dough formed into bite-sized balls and filled with a Gorgan-zola Cheese Slice. The cheese melts wonderfully when the dough is cooked, and suffuses the inside of the ball with a rich stony taste. But that's not all! Served in plates of six, one ball in every plate contains a dawn-picked Mushroom, guaranteed to send one lucky diner on a trip into next week! Who will it be?

Kickin' Pineapple Pastries

Chef: gonzometro

Handful of (Pastry) Dough
Chilli Pepper x 4
Piece of Honeycomb x 5
(Bottle of Rum)

A teaplate of 4 small pastries topped with grilled, rum-soaked pineapple, & drizzled with honey, but the kicker is the roasted chili on top that is sure to wake up your tasebuds. An extra honeycomb for garnish.

Rum Marinated Fruit salad

Chef: Sheyona

Basket of Plums
Bunch of Grapes

This is a mixed fruit salad consisting of Pomegranate seeds, pineapple chunks, Orange wedges, grapes, and plum wedges topped with Rasins that have marinated overnight in Rum. Start your dining experience with a Kick!

Shark Fin Stromboli

Chef: BortJr

Can of Lager
Handful of Dough
Lettuce Leaf
Pouch of Magic Herb
Seaweed Frond x 2
Shark Fin
Shark Meat x 4

Roll out the Handful of Dough into a circle about a foot across. Saute the Shark Fin in the Oil. Boil the Shark Meats in the Can of Lager until nearly cooked. Add the Shark Fin, chopped, to the Shark Meats mixture. Puree the Olive, and spread it on the dough. Sprinkle the chopped Seaweed Fronds over the Olive puree. When the Can of Lager has completely cooked off, add the Shark Meat and Shark Fin mixture over the chopped Seaweed Fronds. Sprinkle liberally from the Pouch of Magic Herb. Starting at one side of the dough, roll it into a shape like a jelly roll. Bake the stromboli.


Beef Ruthven

Chef: Rackmount
Description: A steak fit for a vampire! Beef Steak (rare, of course), served in a delicate Maasai-style coulis composed of a pint of milk (freshly squeezed from a nearby cow) and a pint of blood (freshly squeezed from a nearby commis). Ideally garnished with a ring of leeches, although 'King Elseware's recent rulings on the subject of food hygiene (Food and Drink in the Known World Act, Year of the Firefox) make this an addition only available on request.

Historical note; the 'King's official health and safety policy on steak is "Make sure you wipe it's arse as you herd it through the kitchen"

Ceviche Sashimi

Chef: Sheyona

Bottle of Lemon Juice
Bottle of Lime Juice
Lion Fish
Sprig of Parsley

A lionfish thinly sliced and marinated for 30 mins in a mix of lemon and lime juice. Garnished with a sprig of parsley. Can be either Entree or Appitizer.

Citrus-Scented Grilled Tuna

Chef: Rhapsodie
Description: A succulent grilled Tuna Fish drizzled with Lemon Juice and served on a bed of crispy Lettuce. On the side is a salad made up of several Sliced Tomatoes, Olives and Sliced Cucumbers in an Olive Oil dressing. The meal is garnished with a Sprig of Thyme.

Kraken Fillet Flambe

Chef: BortJr

Bottle of Lemon Juice
Bottle of Rum
Clove of Garlic x 6
Dragon Blood x 6
Dragon Fruit
Gram of Fairy Dust
Kraken Meat x 6
Lemon x 2
Lettuce Leaf x 3
Lime x 2
Mushroom x 3
Piece of Honeycomb x 6
Sprig of Parsley
Sprig of Sage

Saute the Clove of Garlics and the Kraken Meats in the Oil. In a separate pot, combine the honey from the Piece of Honeycombs, the Dragons Blood, the Sprig of Sage, and the Bottle of Lemon Juice together to form a sauce. Simmer on low heat.

Dice the Dragon Fruit, the Limes, the Lemons, and the Mushrooms, and add them to the Kraken Meats and the Clove of Garlics in the pan. Arrange the Lettuce Leafs and the Sprig of Parsley on the Plate. Add the sauce from the pot to the pan.

Immediately before serving, add a liberal amount from the Bottle of Rum and add the Gram of Fairy Dust. Ignite with the Fire Wand. The Gram of Fairy Dust and the rum should burn off completely in a spectacular pyrotechnic display.

Mixed Grill

Chef: Ream

Beef Steak
Lambs Liver
Sheep Heart
Dragons Blood x 2
Piece of Honeycomb x 2
Magic Beans x 8
Sun Flower

First squeeze the Honeycomb into a bowl and mix in the Dragons Blood. Put the mixture into a plastic bag and add the Beef Steak, Lambs Liver and Sheep Heart. Leave to marinate for two to three hours.

When the meat is ready, heat up your pan and fry the meat for 2 minutes on each side. Take the meat and put it on a hot plate to rest before serving. Using the still hot pan, add in the rest of the Honeycomb and Dragon Blood marinade and bring to a boil. Throw in your Magic Beans and cook them in the reducing marinade to make a sauce.

Arrange the meat, beans and sauce on the plate and garnish with the Sun Flower. Serve.

Warning: Be sure to cook the Magic Beans fully to avoid unfortunate Beanstalk-in-Stomach incidents.

Orange Duck

Chef: gonzometro

Bag of Flour
Shredded Duck Bit x 20
Chilli Pepper x 2
Clove of Garlic
Ginger Root
Orange x 3
Sprig of Parsley
Fortune Cookie
(Oil x 5)
(Pointy Stick x2) - Chopsticks

Description: Make the sauce by combining the juice and zests of 2 oranges with the ginger, garlic, & chili pepper & simmer until thickened. Meanwhile, coat the duck with the beaten egg, the dredge in flour. Fry the breaded duck in oil & toss with the sauce. Garnish with orange slices and parsley. Finish with a fortune cookie.

Shepherd's Pie

Chef: dragon

Carrot x 2
Cow Cheese
Lump of Minced Beef
Mushroom x 5
Portion of Mashed Potato
Sprig of Rosemary
Sprig of Thyme

A traditional hearty dish! Minced beef with assorted chopped vegetables, seasoned with rosemary and thyme, topped with a layer of mashed potato and cheese.

Dessert or Soup

Choc-Mint Rhapsodie

Chef: Rhapsodie
Description: Our chef's signature dish! Generous scoops of Chocolate Bombe and Minty Python Ice Cream nestle in the bowl with fresh-made Jelly. The creation is sprinkled with Cocoa Powder and Juniper Berries and finished with an ornately decorated Vanilla Pod.

Coconut Custard

Chef: Sheyona

Bottle of Coconut Milk
Piece of Honeycomb
Pint of Water
Sprig of Mint

A sweet dessert custard. Made by mixing coconut milk and egg and honey. Then it is baked in a bain-marie consisting of a pint of water and garnished with a sprig of mint

Coffee Cake

Chef: Ream

Bag of Ground Coffee
Slice of Birthday Cake

Simply combine Birthday Cake and Ground Coffee for this AP restoration extravagaza! (Effects may be reduced by tolerance, no refunds)

Potato Soup

Chef: gonzometro

Pint of Water x 2
Pint of Milk
Pint of Cream
Potato x 4
Roasted Garlic Clove x 2
Slice of Bacon x 2 (Thick cut, smoked)
Pinch of Salt
Sprig of Parsley
Sprig of Thyme
Loaf of Bread

Description: A hearty soup simmered slowly over an open fire, served with a side of fresh-baked bread.

Pumpkin Soup

Chef: BortJr

Acorn x 10
Mushroom x 2
Pinch of Salt x 3
Pint of Water x 4
Sun Flower

In a large soup pot, boil the Pint of Waters. Remove the flesh from the Pumpkin, and add it to the water, along with the Mushrooms, sliced, and the Pinch of Salts. Roast the Acorns and the Sunflower. Remove the Acorn shells, and add the heart of the Acorns to the soup. Simmer until thick. Add the roasted Sunflower seeds before serving.

Rose-hip Sorbet

Chef: Rackmount
Description: A light, palate-cleansing sorbet evoking the years during and after the Thogistani-Kaosian war, when young Cities-zens were fed rosehip syrup as a vitamin C supplement. Rosehips pressed and whisked with egg-white and honey extracted on the premises from an organic piece of honeycomb, then shipped to our packing plant in Bögnør to freeze..

Tropical Fruit Cooler

Chef: dragon

Dragon Fruit
Elevator Orange Sorbet
Sprig of Mint

A colorful, tasty mix of Dragon Fruit slices, Pineapple chunks, and Pomegranate arils served on top of a base of Elevator Orange Sorbet, with a Sprig of Mint as garnish.

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