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Weapon: Academy Award of Merit
Damage Attacks To Hit
1 Ă—1 -100% ?%

Sorts under Junk. It can serve as a weapon, but it's not a very good one.

These are little statues made of bronze in the image of several Cities noteables:

'King Elseware, rendered in Art Deco style and holding a crusader's sword. He is standing on a mound of kipple.
Great Lord Andrew, rendered in Art Deco style, reclining on a Grand Piano and sipping a glass of absinthe.
Great Lord Ruthven, rendered in Art Deco style, wearing a lab coat and riding a four-headed pwny.
Great Lord Ignaz, rendered in Art Deco style, chillin’ in a pool and drinking whiskey from a cocktail shaker.
Great Lord Harvey, rendered in Art Deco style, holding a camera and surrounded by baby animals.

Why Art Deco style? See here.

Where to get it

These were handed out to participants of the First Annual Royal Art Show.

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