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  • Moves over both land and sea.
  • Has an engine which, when turned on, allows you to move 15 squares with one click (although the AP cost is the same as moving normally).
  • Movement cost depends on the terrain type (1AP for roads, 9AP for ocean).
  • Other players can board your Air Ship.
  • Lets you pass all monsters, except those on Holiday Island.
  • Rips (and is unrepairable), returning the following stuff: 48 Bits of Lead, 5 Sheets of Paper, 5 Pieces of Wood.
  • When traveling over the Great Desert, you will still take damage from the heat. (Guess it doesn't have A/C and flies very low to the ground.)


Fire 4AP Iron Ore 4 Units of Charcoal
100 Bits of Iron
Fire 1AP 10 Bits of Iron Fire 4AP Lead Ore 4 Units of Charcoal
Iron Nail 100 Bits of Lead
100AP 25 Iron Nails 400 Bits of Lead 100 Sheets of Paper 100 Pieces of Wood Plans for an Air Ship
Air Ship

N.B. Plans for an Air Ship are destroyed in the construction process.

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