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Aligned Swords come in 11 forms, one for each alignment, such as an Air Sword or a Sewage Sword.


Weapon: Aligned Sword
Damage Attacks To Hit
4 ×1 +10% 1%

Where to get it

  • Attack a full-sized Dragon with a Silver Sword to get a sword of the Dragon's alignment. This works for any alignment.
  • Buy a Neutral Sword from the Neutral Planet in the Neutral Zone for 15,000 gold.
  • Convert from other aligned swords with a Rainbow Wand.
  • Air, Earth, Fire and Water Swords are dropped by monsters.
  • The giant, who can be found in Cloud Land, drops a Spirit Sword.

Apprentices, Shamans and Wizards can create Bound Elementals using the Bind Elemental spell, which can be used to align a Sharp Sword to air, earth, fire or water.

Fire 4AP Iron Ore 4 Units of Charcoal
100 Bits of Iron
Earth 20AP 500 Bits of Iron
Dull Sword
Air 20AP Dull Sword
Sharp Sword
Alignment 30AP Sharp Sword Bound Elemental
Aligned Sword
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