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Aligned Sword2s come in 11 forms, one for each alignment: Wind Sword (air), Onyx Sword (earth), Flaming Sword (fire), Hydro Sword (water), Black Sword (dark), Krill Sword (shrimp), Frozen Sword (ice), Grey Sword (neutral), Ghostly Sword (spirit), Slime Sword (sewage) and White Sword (pure).


Weapon: Aligned Sword2
Damage Attacks To Hit
8 ×1 +20% 4%


Fire 4AP Iron Ore 4 Units of Charcoal
100 Bits of Iron
Earth 20AP 500 Bits of Iron
Dull Sword
Air 20AP Dull Sword
Sharp Sword
Alignment 30AP Sharp Sword Bound Elemental
Aligned Sword
Shaman 1AP 2 Aligned Swords 16 Mana Enchant Elemental Sword Spell
Aligned Sword2
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