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There are 11 alignments in Cities. 4 of them are standard player/monster alignments:

Note that the above are the only alignments that players may choose when they start.

The main 4 alignments are powerful against each other like this:

The elements cross quite logically

"Air over Water, Earth displaces Air, Fire scorches Earth, Water quenches Fire". If an alignment is strong against another, it does twice as much damage.

For example, an Earth player does a base 3 damage.

  • Against a Water, Fire, Earth, Neutral or Spirit monster, he should do 3 damage.
  • Against an Air monster, he should do 6 damage, twice as much as before.

If he then wields an Earth weapon, such as an Earth Knife, then he will do another 2 times as much damage against an Air monster, doing 12 damage. (Assuming an Earth Knife does 3 damage also).

If he wields an Air weapon causing a basic 3 damage, he will only do 6 damage to Air creatures (compared to 12 with an Earth Knife), but he will do double the normal damage to Water mosnters, which are weak to Air.

There are also seven other alignments. Typically, these may be found on monsters, though there are several ways (Mixology Drinks, Rainbow Wand) that players can change to them:

  • Neutral: double damage against neutral.
  • Spirit: see invis, or remove see invis if you have it intrinsic.
  • Sewage: double damage against sewage.
  • Ice: double damage against everything except ice.
  • Goth: double damage against goth and pure.
  • Shrimp: double damage against shrimp.
  • Pure: double damage against everything except pure; triple damage against goth.

Spirit-aligned players can see invisible things, as can a player holding any Spirit Stone/Sword/Knife/Catana/Sword2. Spirit has no opposite alignment.

if you could already see spirit monsters and become aligned to spirit then you won't be able to see them

Goth is its own opposite, but in an odd way. When a monster is turned goth by attacking it with a Dark weapon ("The <monster> is depressed, and more annoying."), it will deal quadruple damage; if the player is also goth, this turns into octuple damage. Note that if you keep attacking with the dark weapon, it will do double damage, because goth is its own opposite. A "naturally" goth monster (or one turned gothy by a Dark Wand) will not gain the extra quadrupling of damage.

Alignments can be changed by using certain Wands. For example, an Air wand will turn a monster with any alignment other than Air to Air, meaning Earth aligned characters will do twice as much damage. This is clearly advantageous, especially for fighting tougher monsters such as dragons, whales, Ophannim, and elder gods.

Alignment Shrines

Each alignment has a "home". Breaking an alignment item (weapon, wand, talisman, etc.) will take you there.

AlignmentHome ShrineDisappearance message
(other players see this)
AirAir Shrine 4E 4N DSSGCM,
or L.L. Shrine 83E 284S DSSGCM
disappears in a gust of wind
DarkTemple of Love 9E 94N DSSGCM
EarthEarth Shrine 94E 4N DSSGCM,
or Emerald Shrine 16E 284S DSSGCM
disappear in a cloud of dust
FireFire Shrine 4E 94N DSSGCM,
or Crimson Shrine 83E 216S DSSGCM
disappears in a puff of smoke
IceNorth Pole 76E 190N DSSGCM
NeutralThe Origin 0E 0N DSSGCM
PureAstral Plane
SewageSewers, directly underneath the
Water Shrine 1094E 1094N DSSGCM
ShrimpUniverse of Shrimpdisappears in a medley of seafood
SpiritAstral Plane
WaterWater Shrine 94E 94N DSSGCM,
or Atlantish Shrine 16E 216S DSSGCM
disappears in a wisp of fog
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