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The Ancient Castle is a moving structure which appears in various locations throughout the 'Kingdom and surrounding lands (and waters). An Astrolabe will tell you its current location, and its next one or two locations. In order to enter it, you must have completed the Ancient Castle Quest.

The Ancient Castle has a number of floors to it. If the floor that you enter on is the ground floor, they are, from the bottom upwards:

  • Dungeons
  • Undercroft
  • Ground floor
  • First floor
  • Observatory and Roof Garden

Breaking an Elemental Talisman/Stone inside will return you to the corresponding 'Kingdom City regardless of the current location of the castle. Exiting normally will put you wherever the Ancient Castle happens to be at that time (which is not necessarily where you entered). This can sometimes be an efficient means of transport to distant lands.



Cell Cell Cell Cell Cell Cell Cell Cell
Staircase Dungeons Dungeons Dungeons Dungeons Dungeons Dungeons Dungeons Dungeons
Cell Forge Cell Cell Cell Cell Cell Cell

In the Forge, Master Smith Wayland can teach you how to become a Smith. Note that only the staircase is visible until the Rainbow Guards are killed.


The Undercroft is a maze, formed by having the roads between squares present or not. The green square is the entrance from the upper levels. The red square is the staircase down to the dungeons.

The Undercroft is filled with Rainbow Guards, which must be killed in colour order to access the rest of the Castle. Killing a guard out of order (which includes killing a guard the same color as yourself) resets the sequence, but you can leave the Castle and return without it resetting. As you go through the sequence your own colour changes to indicate progress (unless your background has been replaced by that of an alternate profession, such as Wizardry).

Not anymore, Shaman Cameron has the colour change. - Cameron 02:36, 7 June 2010 (BST)

You slay the Ultra-Violent Guard.
You gain a Vial of Suncream.
You gain a Map Spell.
You gain a Fire Knife.
You gain a Pair of Shades.
As you kill the Ultra-Violent Guard, you hear a voice from behind you...
"You're good at this. If you ever get bored with it, come down to the dungeons, and my prisoner will teach you something more interesting."
You spin around, but nobody is there.

Once you have killed an Ultra-Violent Guard, all other guards will be pacified, and cannot be angered by anything.

Ground Floor

Library (Hidden)
Staircase Office (Hidden) Laboratory (Hidden)
Entrance Main Hall Hallway (Hidden Entrance) Hallway Conservatory
Ball Room Dining Room Drawing Room  

Dining Room, Ball Room, Kitchens, Drawing Room and Conservatory are visible after killing the Rainbow Guards in order.

In the Ball Room, one may use a Ball Invitation (1 AP) to receive a random type of ball. The Ball Invitation is consumed.

At the Hallway with the Hidden Entrance, if you have a glyph, you can see a puzzle lock to Ruthven's Office.

First Floor

Staircase Hallway
Bathroom Hallway Bathroom
Bedroom Hallway Bedroom

The bathroom on the right seems to be private. I couldn't access it.


Observatory Rooftop Garden

The Rooftop Garden is just like Jungle.

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