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Breaking an Arena Talisman (dropped by monsters) will take you to the Arena, which is a dungeon-like network of rooms and corridors. You enter at a random place, and the map wraps around at the edges. Make your way to an exit if you wish to leave back to where you came from.

Maps work in the Arena, and there are four exits evenly spaced throughout the Arena, so it's fairly easy to find your way out.



The only monsters here are Ghosts, Gladiators, Imps, Lost Spirits, Sisters and the occasional (but fairly rare) Road Runner.


If you have a Pint of Blood (drawn with a pin) you can create a Gladiator to fight for you. You can arm it with Knives, Swords and Bows of your alignment (which the slayer of your gladiator will receive) and choose a level of HP depending on how many pints of blood you wish to use. You will gain one gladiator point per 100HP of gladiator per hour, and one Kudos per gladiator per day.

Gladiators are created with a name of your choice, in one of the cardinal directions from your location:

Rather than fighting each other – as might be expected – they then hang around idly waiting for foolish players to come along and attack them. A significant problem with this is that apart from HP, an attacking player cannot see any stats for a gladiator before attacking. A gladiator with a monstrous attack power and rate could kill a player in one salvo, without reasonable expectation of that damage (sorry, freeloader).


Note that when a gladiator is defeated, that player receives the knives, swords, and/or bows that went into making the gladiator in the first place. The player does not receive the blood, however...

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