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The Astral Plane is a mystical place. You can get to it by being pulled in by a Dimensional Shambler, by casting the Astral Plain Spell, by breaking a spirit sword (1 AP), or via R'1yeh.


None to speak of. The terrain is sort of pretty and takes 1AP to walk on, but there do not appear to be any landmarks whatsoever. It wraps around on a 40x40 grid.

GPS (intrinsic or extrinsic) and maps do not work, and one cannot enchant talismans.

You can leave the Astral Plane at any time for 1AP. When you do so, you are transported to a "randomish" (Elseware's word) location on the normal plane of existence, including squares that you may not easily move from (such as ocean squares).


The Astral Plane is inhabited by:

Things to Do

  • Admire the purty opalescent background.
  • Visit the Phantom Tollbooth at 18E, 621N. "Karma gladly accepted. No curses or destinies, please."
    • The Phantom Tollbooth is technically not an Astral Plane tile. As such, the GPS intrinsic works (although the GPS item doesn't get a signal), and the button to leave for 1 AP isn't present.
  • Kill Angels--the larger ones drop Strange Powder if you're looking for a new vice.
  • Leave.
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