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City Map

Ocean Ocean Mall Plains Lake Field Road to Crimson City Field
Ocean Atlantish Shrine Temple Ov Thee Tortoise Guard Tower Elliot's


Road Flying Healer Station
Carson Beckett memorial Quinn Street Empty Lot Trading Post Empty Lot Market Temple Ruin
Lake Guard Tower McCoy Square Cox Alley Wyatt Way Guard Tower Flying Healer Station Bush
Field Bashir Row Empty Lot McDougal
Wizard's Shop
Empty Lot Howser Place Bush Bush
Field Marker


Crusher Road Guard Tower Franklin Street Janet Fraiser Memorial Bush Forest
Road to Emerald City Yellow Brick Road Golf Course Golf Course Golf Course Golf Course Water Trap Golf Course

Things to do in Atlantish

Local Attractions


There seems to be a "doctors" theme to the names of places in Atlantish:

Janet Fraiser 
Deceased doctor in Stargate: SG-1
Carson Beckett 
Deceased doctor in Stargate: Atlantis
McCoy Square 
Doctor from Star Trek: TOS
Crusher Road 
Doctor from Star Trek: TNG
Bashir Row 
Doctor From Star Trek: DS9
Cox Alley 
Doctor Perry Cox from Scrubs
Howser Place 
Doctor Doogie Howser from Doogie Howser, M.D
Franklin Street 
Doctor Franklin from Babylon 5
Quinn Street 
Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman
Wyatt Way 
Doctor Gordon Wyatt in Bones (played by Stephen Fry!)
Doctor Elliot Reid from "Scrubs", perhaps?

Ones I can't place (these have actual purposes though, so I'm not sure they're supposed to fit):

  • McDougal

Fraggle 00:07, 15 December 2007 (GMT)

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