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Where the cool kids hang out.

Behind the bike sheds of Cities lies an untracked wasteland of broken links, with a single exit at its westernmost edge that will take you back to where you came from (1AP). It's the place they don't want you to know about.

Really, there's no reason ever to go here. Unless you want to disappear for a little while, and limbo just seems too limbo-y. Note, however, that Barbelith IS considered the northern half of the world, so breaking a Barbelith Talisman and then an elemental Talisman will get you from Oz to the 'Kingdom fairly painlessly.

How to get here: If you must, use a Barbelith Talisman.

How to get back: Break a talisman, or use the exit halfway up the western edge, which will take you back to where you were before you broke the Barbelith talisman (1AP).

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