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How to get here

A picture of the Isle of Fright Ferry, with a Speedboat nearby

Bentnob is the most exciting city on the Isle of Fright. There is a ferry service from Brighthelm to the Isle of Fright, so you do not need your own boat to visit for a relaxing weekend. You can find the pier near Brighthelm at 41E 48S, with access from the main southern road at 41E 43S. The ferry service costs 2000 gold and 100AP to get there, and 1000 gold and 100 AP to return to the mainland.

If you DO have your own boat, you may depart from the mainland on the beach square on the right of the ferry terminal. Pull your boat into the river just to the east of the island-side terminal. (You need to disembark before you can walk out of the river). The trip between the mainland and the island should be only 3 squares. (Use you a Map if you have one; you should be able to see the island from the mainland). However, watch out for the gulls that hang around the island-side ferry terminal. Do note that if the bridge network is intact, there will be a pedestrian bridge on these 3 squares, which may interfere with the launching of boats.

Pedestrian access to the Isle of Fright via the bridge network may be initiated from the Ferry landing (to the north), or from Holiday Island (to the east), or from Bombadier Island (to the south), depending on which parts of the network are currently intact.

A teleporter in Valhalla also allows for convenient visits to Bentnob.

Once you've arrived at the Isle of Fright, head directly south from the Ferry landing (following the river until it ends), then go east three squares and you'll find yourself in Bentnob.

City Map

Ferry to mainland


River Fields Ocean Ocean Ocean Ocean Ocean
Fields River Plains Plains Plains Plains Ocean Ocean
Plains River Fields Plains Fields Downs Valley Valley
Valley River Valley Valley Fields Valley Valley Valley
Valley Joe's
Woods Woods Fields Woods Bentnob Brewery Fields
Valley Valley Valley Fields Fire Stone Books Captain Hockney Playground Pond
Valley Valley K.O.T. Donation Point The Gaiety
The Cascade Doctor Wavey Davey Seb's Stuff
Valley Fields Satanic Gardens Esplanade Poo Palace Shelter
(Trading Post)
Ocean Ocean
Fields Valley The Spy Glass Inn
Bentnob Beach


Ocean Ocean Ocean Ocean


The picturesque town of Bentnob boasts the following lovely quaint shops and tourist attractions (all goods and prices listed below correct at time of publishing).

The Spy Glass Inn

This charming local pub sells:


The local doctor works out of a beautiful little cottage, and charges standard rates of 20 gold for First Aid and 100 gold for a Full Heal. They also sell the following:

Wavey Davey

With a fabulous view overlooking the ocean, Wavey Davey is the local fishmonger. Due to the large fishing fleet in the area, he keeps a steady stock in the following items:

Casual visitors are warned that cod can be found much more cheaply at Jon's Kraken Shack (near the ferry terminal back on the mainland) or at most of the normal markets.

Seb's Stuff

Near the local pond, Seb's Stuff sells a thorough selection of weapons to prevent any truculent beasts from spoiling your trip. They'll also buy second-hand weapons from you.

They sell (deep breath):

They buy (respirator):

Bentnob Brewery

Set into the hillside as the town descends into a wooded valley, the local brewery produces many fine ales, and allows visitors to purchase its wares onsite.

Captain Hockney

This 'bijou' little junk shop is full of local charm. Currently, it sells these:

Fire Stone Books

The local second-hand bookshop sells a range of interesting tomes:

Satanic Gardens

In the satanic gardens you can grow all kind of stuff

Things to do in Bentnob

  • Try growing exotic plants in the Satanic Gardens
  • Browse the comprehensive weapon selection at Seb's Stuff. Check the table above for items and prices.
Note - Seb will also buy weapons. Spikey Ninja Stars, Arrows, spare Golden Guns, etc. Syagrius 21:25, 8 March 2006 (GMT)
  • Buy fresh fish (cod, lion fish, flying fish and eel) from Wavey Davey for 15000 gold each
  • Sample the beers in the Bentnob Brewery (100 gold for one, 350 gold for four, 1000 gold for twenty)
  • Look for a bargain or for rare items in Captain Hockney's shop (or just wonder exactly why an empty coffee cup is worth 4355 gold). And no, the shop doesn't buy your junk.
  • Buy cheap second-hand books in Fire Stone Books
Martial Arts Books 5000 gold, Norse/English Dictionary 15000 gold, Stranger in a Strange Land (hardback) 500 gold.

Local Attractions

  • The landslip, to the east of Bentnob. Geology in action, or something like that.
  • The Isle of Fright Ferry, at 41E 51S. Costs 1000 Gold and 100AP to get back to the mainland.


Another view, this one from Space and showing the Landslip:

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