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Alcoholic drinks, which make you drunk, heal you (up to 120% of your maximum health), and reduce your to-hit probability. Completing the Rock Soc Pub Crawl will reduce the to-hit penalty from drinking by half. Each properly-caffeinated Mug of Coffee you drink will restore 15% of your to-hit ability which has been lost from alcohol. Each AP you spend will also reduce your drunkenness by 1%.

For every -1% to-hit that an alcoholic drink gives you, you also gain 1 Exp. Completing the Rock Soc Pub Crawl will reduce the to-hit penalty by half (rounded down, so for example -35% becomes -17%) but does not affect the experience point gain. -Stelio 15:45, 9 December 2006 (GMT)

You can learn how to make cocktails at Ignatz's Retreat.

Please designate a driver whenever you indulge. For non-alcoholic beverages, see Drinks.


Beer and Wine

Bottle of Cheap Rose

Can be bought at any tavern, -50% to-hit.

Bottle of Ginger Wine

Good for keeping out the chill on a winter night.

Bottle of Romulan Ale

I can hear it bubbling. I'll give it to a friend to try at the FLU party. --Qazxcv 01:57, 31 October 2006 (GMT)

After testing, turns everything dark and turns 70% fists to -80% fists, which makes it -150% to hit. --Qazxcv 02:32, 31 October 2006 (GMT)

Bottle of Saurian Brandy

Bottle of Sprout Brandy

Bottle of Sparkling Wine

Given as a present on becoming a Doctor. Can be bought at the Royal Wine Bar for 1200 Gold.

Looks like it was an instant -50% to-hit (I was completely sober at first, and went from 70% to 20%). Stevie-O 23:13, 7 Feb 2006 (GMT)

Bottle of Wine

Gives 17 HP and reduces to-hit by 35%. Yields an empty bottle when drunk.

Can be made from a Crushed Bunch of Grapes and an Empty Bottle (Water 3AP).

Can be found in Ruins.

Can be made into a Bottle of Vinegar by Spoiling (Air 9AP, Water 9AP, Fire 3AP, Earth 15AP).

Can be made into a Bottle of Vodka by Distilling.

Can of Lager

Same as Bottles of Lager, but in a different packaging?

Apparently not exactly different packaging... you currently gain an Empty Bottle when you drink one! This bug may not last long though.
  • Available from the Dungeon Club in Fire City for 200gp each.
  • Separate four from a Four-pack.

Gives 7HP (does this go above max?) and lowers to-hit by 15%. --MuppetRabies 02:39, 1 June 2006 (BST)

Four-pack of Lager

Contains, oddly, four Cans of Lager. Purchaseable for 500 gold from all good General Stores.

"Separate" for 1AP, to get the cans plus the infamous "annoying plastic thing".

Glass of Polar Beer

Heals 7 HP. Dropped by Polar Bear. (Can you purchase this? Is it dropped by any other monsters?) Looks tasty. Don't let it get warm.

Glass of Wine

Reduces to-hit probability by 15%.

  • Buy for 200 Gold from Licensed Establishments.
  • Buy for 250 Gold from the Hobbit.
  • Buy for 300 Gold from The Temple of Love (east of Fire City)
  • Buy for 300 Gold from the Limbo Tavern.

Mug of Ale

Reduces to-hit probability by 10%, and heals 5 HP.

  • Buy for 100 Gold from most Taverns (4 for 350 Gold).
    • Dungeon Club in Fire City: 100gp for one, 350gp for four.
  • Buy for 160 Gold from the Hobbit in Windy City.

Mug of Ginger Beer

Good for the immune system, so they say.

Made by infusing ginger into a mug of ale.

Pint of Cider

Buy from Supplies in the K.O.T. Keep for 300 gold.

Pint of Cider and Black

Can be bought from the Temple of Love near Fire City or at the Limbo Tavern for 120 Gold. Reduces to-hit probability by 15%.


Made from four X's. Give to Tommy the Wizard to become an Apprentice. Drinking is reportedly the same as Ale. Don't waste it.

Look to Koalas to drop X's.

Are we sure it's Koalas? I've killed 12 regular Koalas, 2 Coca-Koalas, and 4 Killer-Koalas to no avail.
I got mine from Skippy's. -Kressida 22:45, 24 January 2007 (GMT)

Drinking gives +12HP MrFoo 22:51, 24 January 2007 (GMT)


Strong alcoholic drinks, which make you drunk and reduce your to-hit probability.

Bottle of Absinthe

Follow the green fairy! Invented in the 18th century, it was a scapegoat for Prohibition and was banned from many European countries and the United States around 1915. It has since been proven no worse than normal alcohols, and most of the bans have been lifted. Note that when crafting absinthe in the game from a bottle of vodka, you get a Glass of Absinthe, not a bottle.

Bottle of Anisette

An aniseed-flavoured liqueur. Good if you like hangovers.

Bottle of Brandy

Air City's finest. Tastes rather plummy.

...Because it's made from distilling 3 Baskets of Crushed Plums into an Empty Bottle (9AP Water).

Bottle of Creme de Cacao

Chocolate flavoured liqueur.

Bottle of Creme de Menthe

Mint flavoured liqueur.

Bottle of Gin

Earth City's finest. Tastes of hedges.

Bottle of Grog

A miniature bottle of grog, the mariner's friend. There's a faint amber glow about it in darkness.

Grants you the ability to Toast the wind, similar to the 3rd Open Mic Night Reward.

Bottle of Herb Liqueur

A liqueur flavoured with herbs (you're just sure sure which herbs).

  • It takes 2 herbs, and Aniseed is one of them. PotatoEngineer 06:15, 12 April 2006 (BST)
The other one is a Vanilla Pod. Syagrius 16:01, 19 April 2006 (BST)

Bottle of Kahlua

Gives +5AP, +7 HP (can go over maximum) and reduces to-hit chance by 15%.

  • well it didn't give me plus anything YFM
The AP effect of Kahlua is subject to caffeine tolerance (although the effect of tolerance is not as sharp as it is with coffee). As for the HP effect, I've heard that there's some maximum alcohol will take you to (your max HP + 10?) but I don't know specifics. --Dragon 01:10, 1 May 2006 (BST)
The last time I got sloshed for Earth initiation, you could only go over by 10HP. PotatoEngineer 04:44, 12 May 2006 (BST)

Bottle of Rum

Navy Rum. Arrrgh. Gives 40 HP and reduces to-hit by 80%.

Bottle of Sloe Gin

Made by infusing a Bottle of Gin with a Sloe.

Bottle of Tequila

Fire City's finest. Made from crushing three Cacti into a bottle.

Bottle of Triple Sec

Made from crushing an Orange into a Bottle of Vodka.

Bottle of Vermouth

A wine-based herbal infusion.

Bottle of Vodka

Can be made from 3 Bottles of Wine by Distilling.

Bottle of Whisky

Swift Gulping Whisky. Not the smoothest you've had. Gives 50 HP and reduces to-hit by 100%.

Can be Distilled from 10 Mugs of Ale into an Empty Bottle (9AP Water).

This is incorrect. Making Whisky requires grain mash, not Ale. Yes, in the game, too. -- Sertularian 17:18, 23 March 2006 (GMT)


Tasty alcoholic drinks made from mixtures of the above, which can really sneak up on you if you're not careful.

For the special effects (beyond drunkenness), it seems that while under the effects of one cocktail, successive cocktails wait their turn then take effect.

See Quest:Mixology#Drinks_Table for effects table.

Bloody Mary

Vitamin C and Vitamin V.

Brandy Alexander

Brown Cow

This drink made me fire-aligned and turned me into a Toad! (I got better...)

Champagne Cocktail

Chocolate Mudslide



Dry Martini

Slightly heavy on the vermouth.

Egg Nog

Erotic Cocktail

Distributed at a certain wedding party. Gives 20HP and reduces to-hit chances by 40%.

Exotic Cocktail

Gives you 15HP and reduces chance to hit by 30%. (can go over max HP, to a maximum of +10HP (tested on a 50HP character))

On sale in the Happy Camper Club casino in Earth City for 400GP, and at Wallbangers in Harvey Farm for 500 Gold.

Unlike most kinds of booze, the exotic cocktail is dropped by monsters.


A classy cocktail. Shame there are no bitters.

Gin and Tonic

Available to buy in taverns. Known to slow the effects of Malaria, should it ever come back.

  • Available from the Dungeon Club in Fire City for 800gp.

Glass of Absinthe Goth Fashion 3

Can be bought from the Temple of Love near Fire City or at the Limbo Tavern for 2000 Gold. Reduces to-hit probability by 100%.

Probably makes the the heart grow fonder.


Harvey's Bristol Cream

Can be bought at Wallbangers at Harvey Farm for 2000 Gold.

Heals 20HP, and causes your to-hit to go down 40% (20% with the pub crawl).

Jäger Bomb

Bought from Rosie's bar on Caroline Island for 2000gp. Drinking gives 10hp and moves you (was moved 5 squares - 3 east, 2 south) probably randomly. Also sometimes found on a Jason.


Margherita [sic]

Appears to make you cold for a number of AP. Be careful!

Mint Julep



Pina Colada

Planter's Punch


Sloe Gin Fizz

Pink! Drink!


Tequila Slammer

Tequila Sunrise

Tolkien Cocktails

Buy for

Bilbo Cocktail

Frodo Cocktail

Gandalf Cocktail

Gollum Cocktail

Hobbit Cocktail

Legolas Cocktail

-36% to hit.

Tom Collins

Simple, yet effective.

Vodka Martini

Stirred, not shaken.


Can be bought from Wallbangers in Harvey Farm for 2000 Gold.

Adds 20HP.

As of April, 26, 2007 the price is 100,000gp. So what exactly does this drink do? -Duke Calculon

Whisky Mac

White Russian

Created using Pint of Milk, Shot of Kahlua & a Bottle of Vodka (which is not used up).

Drink it to gain 47HP and lose 35% accuracy.


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