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City Map

Badlands Wilderness Wilderness Brighthelm Gate


Badlands Lake
Rankin's Coiner Jude the Healer Unknown Star


Brighthelm Station
North Lanes Rich and Rae
Plains Mall Crouching Nerd Custom Wands Pavilion

Trading Post

Fortune Tellers
K.O.T. Donation Point Engine Room


Rock Shop Hagstone Casino South Lanes Navel Gazing
Beach Burnt Pier


Beach Beach Pier Beach
Ocean Burnt Pier Ocean Ocean Pier Ocean
Ocean Burnt Pier Ocean Ocean Pier Ocean
Ocean Ocean Ocean Ocean Pier


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While in Brighthelm, visit these fine establishments...

Engine Room

Goth-themed tavern. Gain 10 points of Goth fashion while you're there.

North Lanes

You are in a maze of twisting lanes, all different.

The North Lanes sells the following items

The North Lanes buys the following items

Rich and Rae

Buys a Whole of the Moon for 250,000 Gold.

South Lanes

You are in a mazy of twisty lanes, all the same.

A reference to the original Adventure [[1]], I believe (also known as colossal caves). You have killed the dwarf with your bare hands. --Gabor Kiss 13:13, 12 April 2007 (BST)

Rock Shop

You may sell the following items

Crouching Nerd

Custom Wands



Jude the Healer

(Awwww she's so nice)

Offers services:

  • Cures Poison (20 AP) (400 gold)
  • First Aid (1 AP) (20 gold)
  • Full Heal (10 AP) (100 gold)


  • a Dose of Antidote (5000 gold)
  • a Clean Bandage (50 gold)
  • 12 Clean Bandages (500 gold)

Navel Gazing

  • Sells Grappling Hook (3000 gold)

Unknown Star


Things to do in Brighthelm

Aerial view of Brighthelm Beach, with the Burnt Pier in the background
The Thunderchild, just West of the Pier
The Burnt Pier, burning
Brighthelm Station, with its noted roof
  • Marvel at the miracle of engineering that is the Burnt Pier. Speculate on the likelihood of further cases of arson.
  • Go shopping like crazy
  • Mope around with the other goths at the Engine Room
  • Buy a stick of Brighthelm Rock (or any other stone) at the Rock Shop
  • Find out your horoscope at the Fortune Tellers
  • Have lunch at Jons Kraken Shack, just down the beach
  • Build sand castles on the beach with your newly purchased spade and bucket. You'll also need a sheet of paper and a pointy stick to put a flag on top of the castle. (Actually you can build a sand castle anywhere on the beach, not just in Brighthelm).
  • Knock down other people's sandcastles (AP-variable, depending on the size of the castle). Be aware - they will know who knocked their castle down.
  • Catch a train from Brighthelm Station (requires a valid ticket or Oyster to enter).
  • Fire your Heat-Ray at the Thunderchild from the pier (?)

Local Attractions

  • The Betty Fnord Clinic, to the west of Brighthelm and north of the main east-west road. Possibly stretching the definition of "local".
  • The Isle of Fright Ferry takes you to Bentnob, leaves from the west of Brighthelm at 42E 48S.
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