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  • Please note that all contributions to Cities may be edited, altered, or removed by other contributors.
  • Not to be used for investment purposes.
  • Do not poke Cities Wiki.
  • Do not taunt Cities Wiki.
  • Cities Wiki may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds.
  • If Cities Wiki begins to smoke, seek shelter and cover head.
  • This disclaimer is not legally binding.
  • Cites Wiki is not for everyone. Please speak with your physician before using Cities Wiki. Side effects may include compulsive play, poor taste, loss of social appetite, and missing time. If you experience any of these symptoms for more than twenty hours while using Cities Wiki, discontinue use and seek alcohol assistance immediately.
  • Cities Wiki is the whole donut.
  • Cities Wiki is the donut hole.
  • Do not stare directly into Cities Wiki for extended periods without safety goggles.
  • Prolonged exposure to Cities Wiki may result in unusual dreams and abnormal waking thoughts, such as, "What would happen if I used a Glass Sword on a Mirror Monster?"
  • Cities Wiki will not get you the girl.
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