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This is just out of curiosity. Where are people from?

Please leave your city. Don't leave info on other players - that's not fair.

Also check out the Player Picture Page



Players who drink in the Hobbit

It's a real pub in Southampton (

Players who live in Southampton but don't drink in the Hobbit

  • darksatanic (Heh heh heh...this will change)
  • Rackmount ...well, I have drunk in the Hobbit. Twice. Also, do I live in Soton? Well, sort of. But sort of not.

Other UK

Rodders from Wigan

Complex from Portsmouth (Which is NOT better than Southampton)

Quantum is from Brighton and an old friend of the 'king- LONG LIVE THE 'KING!

Alexa was at Southampton University for many years, and occasionally drank at the Hobbit. However, she is now living in Oxford.

Dent from Greenock

Harlequinade worked in Southampton and used to drink at the Hobbit. And go to indie night on a Wednesday at Thursdays. Now he lives in Copehnagen.

Havelock from Edinburgh area but now in Northampton

unlike ELeeming who has not escaped Edinburgh yet.

Douro Playing in London, from Dublin originally.

I am Ant (of Surrey): hear me roar. And such.

Tim is from York. He is not a sorcerer, and has never been to Southampton.

MrFoo is in Liverpool. But not from there. I'm not scouse. No.

Vashka is from Lancashire but currently lives in Berkshire.

Ocular Sinister is playing in North London. He did a gig once at the Hobbit in Southampton though!

Teacake lives in Bristol, but has occasionally changed trains at Southampton on the way to other places.

Chad lives in Lancashire

Hi I'm Muffinthraka from Windsor but at the moment I'm at MARJON college in plymouth, I have been to Southhamptom and I think I know the Hobbit (although I may be mistaken).

Ludwig Vega lives in London and has never been to Southampton.

PlanetNiles is from London, lives in Aberdeen with Quisitrix and two children. He used to pass through Southampton on the train while he was at university in Bournemouth; he's teatotal but knows of the Hobbit by reputation. Elseware once sent him a large number of Smarties lids in the post. He likes talking about himself.

Emmanovi who lives in Bristol. That's all he's saying.

Ravensdance is in Canterbury. As a teetotal egalitarian vegan, he has a nagging sense of guilt over the actions of his ennobled monster-slaying, alcohol-drinking, meat-eating character in this game. He assuages this by talking about himself in the third person and hoping for soya-based food items to be added to the game.

Mick Sterbs is currently playing from Shropshire, but grew up in the frozen wasteland that is Ayrshire. He has never been to Southampton, but may journey to the deep south one day.

Tyto Dragged from the frozen north into deepest darkest Shropshire. Will remember the Hobbit if ever I venture to Southampton.

Tred is originally from North West London, currently playing from uni in Bangor, North Wales

Naius Hails from Edinburgh. Has never been to Southampton, depite having relatives in Winchester.

Stelio used to live in Southampton and drank (ir)regularly at the Hobbit. But as a hardy Northerner (Geordie with Shetlander/Orkadian ancestry) he has moved back "oop North" to the joyous glory of York. Oh, "Stelio" is also his real name; he's also half-Greek.

naath is from Essex (help!) but has long since moved to Cambridge, a fine city with many lovely pubs (oh, and a university or two...).

Theendisnigh is from Somerset but currently resides in Manchester, doesn't know Southampton but will make it to the legendary Hobbit someday.

Duke angelsk MD currently resides in London, but is originally from the Midlands. Has been to Southampton, but never drank in the Hobbit, though did get drunk with the 'King and 2 Great Lords ;)

Herbacious now licks tigers in the South West and drinks at the Half Moon.

RockHawk is from Hertford, but mostly drinks in the Stag in Enfield.

Zacharias was once an extra for a commercial on Southampton docks but has no idea where the Hobbit is, and otherwise hides in East London pretending to be normal.

bel3338 picked up the game whilst at Imperial College in London, but originally from Hereford - note the second 'e' any postmen - and if any British folks have never heard of it before I'll be happy to explain its precise location, history, culture etc. whilst lamenting the woeful standard of geography teaching in our schools



Baezurt is from Oulu, Finland. Here-there

Suchros is from Lahti, Finland.


Solune is from Paris, France


Peskil entered the Cities from Duesseldorf, Germany

Eusebia is from Germany

alex is from Wuppertal, Germany

Snarfer hails from Germany, from somewhere around Karlsruhe (though born in Heidelberg, which more of you might have heard of)

Flt and his evil twin Rockefellow are living somewhere in the woods of Southern Germany.

Eldred is coming from Erlangen into the lands of Cities.

Petra is from Munich.

wfpsy shares a cave with Flt.


Deva is from Greece


pirgelman is from Budapest, Hungary


JMB hailed from the Southampton area once, but is now living in Kildare, Ireland.


Bibi is from Reykjavik, Iceland


Emerald is from the REAL Eternal City... Roma, Italia

LaughingBull was born in Boston and lives in Italy, but is secretly from Neptune.


agzu from Vilnius, but right now I'm staying in Sweden, Linkoping (:


OleAli is from Oslo, Norway

JohnTClark is from Norway. And fighting polar bears on my way to work NOT


Zach is living in Skövde, Sweden.


MtB is from Istanbul, Turkey



JohnnyRogers is from Fairbanks, Alaska, USA.


Hardware is from Arizona, USA.

alfer is from Arizona, USA

UltimateCow is from Arizona, USA.

Flashman is from Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Leveret is an Englishman living in Arizona

palindrome lives in Phoenix, Arizona, USA


Rhapsody is from Rogers, Arkansas, USA.

akash06375 is from Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.

Jatt is from North Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.


Kerr, who plays aethelready, is from California, USA.

Markous is in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Stien is in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Spacer One is From California, USA.

Gaccm is from Santa Cruz, California, USA

Starliner is from Lancaster, California

Jeffh is from Oakland, Republic of California, USA


Geayzus is from Willimantic, Connecticut, USA. As an ex-vegetarian, he relishes every piece of Mutton his haphazard Sheep shearing gives him.

District of Columbia

redsnare is in the Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, DC.


Vendan is from Florida, USA... the land of 10 billion egos.

Kenndogg is from Melbourne, Florida, USA.

Kilgore is from Tallahassee, FL

Gretchin lives in Titusville, The Cultural Mecca of Florida


Sharpeyes lives in Athens, Georgia, USA.

AliceJ is from Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

cheese is from Atlanta, Georgia, the dairy aisle!

King1216 resides in Lawrenceville, Georgia, USA. you can't even find it on a map its so small

OmertaLanois knows the shadows of America's most haunted city.


Celane is from Boise, Idaho, USA.

Pi rho sigma is from Meridian, Idaho, USA.


Billz8 is from Villa Park, IL, USA
Mr Pants is in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Cenwarde and Kaka22 are in Zion, Illinois, USA.


Marsali is from Iowa, USA.

      • so are Enigman and Fabbofred.


zellthemedic is in Oak Grove, Kentucky, USA (Or, Clarksville, Tenneessee, whichever seems the most famous),


Sertularian is from Maine, USA. He would dearly love to drink in the Hobbit, but it's a bit of a walk home from there.

Yes Sound is from Maine, USA.


dmonx is from Maryland, USA.

vloodo is from Baltimore Maryland, USA.

Rembrandt is also from Baltimore Maryland, USA. and though he has never drank in the hobbit, lived in Notts. for a handful of years - and often visited the "Man in the Moon" pub for packets of crisps.

Duke density, MD and armorer skold confess that they are the same person from Frederick. But they're not frednecks, honeset.


Thog is still from Boston. Elan, Belkar, and Durkon are as well, which should be no great surprise, since they're played by the same player.

Maaaweee also hails from Beantown, as does her husband El Kappytan, her evil twin Denny Crane and the ever illustrious friendly gypsy who comes over to use our computer: Shatattack.

Scrumbucket has just moved to Boston as well.


Hamelin is going to college at Oakland University in Rochester, MI.

Scary Mike is ostensibly from Ann Arbor, but spends a lot of time in the more post-apocalyptic areas of Detroit.


Soelo does not believe she is the only Minnesotan.

ScurvyPirate is from Minneapolis

Daveman is also from Minneapolis


GargoyleBoy is in Mississippi, USA.


Tiltowait proves there are venerable gamers in the Missouri backwoods.

New Hampshire

Valora is a born-and-raised New Englander currently hiding away in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Ade casts his dark and rather spooky transmutation spells in Concord, New Hampshire.

New York

donkey is from New York, New York, USA.

Prthivi is from the tiny little speck on the map called Kingston, New York.

Dithat is from New York City, New York, USA.

Corellis studies in New York City, New York, USA. (But finds himself in Singapore from time to time)

AltoidAddict is from Buffalo, NY (on the other side of the state from NYC).

Azuaron is kinda from Rochester, NY (for school, anyway)


Amishrobots lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Ceramist is in Toledo, Ohio, USA.

Pageturner lives in Southeast of Nowhere, in New Concord, Ohio.

Vainglory lives in Dayton, Ohio.

Sam of Death lives in Beavercreek, Ohio.


rea1 is from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA.

CreekLord is from Norman, Oklahoma USA

linusboo is from Norman, Oklahoma USA


Sheyona and macksting are from Oregon, USA (and they are a cute couple).

Syagrius and Domentzia are in Oregon, USA (Also quite the cute couple).

Hbookbinder is from Corvallis Oregon. Sadly he has no better half.


Stevie-O is from King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Sarcastodon is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

South Carolina

xcorduroyx is from Rock Hill, South Carolina, USA.

Schauspieler is from Columbia, South Carolina, USA.

South Dakota

Sir Garry is from the Northeast corner of Nowhere, South Dakota, USA.


Heyus2 is from somewhere in Washington, USA


Morannon is from Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

Ammalamma is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

God of Fear is from Osceola, Wisconsin, USA.

Mintaka is from La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA.


BortJr and BitchinBetty Now both live in Fairfax, VA.

Kaos Dragon is from Richmond, Virginia, USA.

BlaisedeC is in Springfield, Virginia, USA.

razorblade is from Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA.

ajaswa is from Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

Thog was from Centreville, Virginia, USA, but he escaped.



LordAsriel is from La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Che is from Lanus, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Capt23n is from Sydney, Australia

Erinne is from Australia... the erye peninsular actually

Bigprick is from Melbourne...

Cthu1hu is from Canberra, Australia

Phw is from Canberra, Australia

Fad is from Canberra, Australia

Chlamydia is from Canberra, Australia

Rhapsodie is from Canberra, Australia

Kressida is from Canberra, Australia (detecting a pattern here?)

Pri3st is from Wagga, Australia

Anoki is from Canberra, Australia but is currently in Berkshire


ancev is from Santa Catarina, Brazil


Dendrast is from northern Ontario


Kymil is from Edmonton, Canada (that cold place)

Tofumage is from Ottawa, Canada

RosutoEnzeru is from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, eh!

Gruther4 is from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

bazauckland is from Hamilton, Ontario

Heggs is from Ottawa, Ontario.

CornMaster is from St. John's, Newfoundland.

BoganX is from Toronto, Ontario

tulk is from St. John's, Newfoundland

Gibmeister is from Kingston, Ontario

Qazxcv is from Lethbridge, Alberta, the only place where its sunny, then snows, then is sunny again

Peterbluer is from the Burlington, Ont.


Chicuco is from Valparaiso, Chile ... in the far.. far south America.


DWE (and DWE2) is from North Carolina, USA but currently lives in Ecuador


Cube Boyd: Embra

Embra is a nickname for Edinburgh, Scotland.

Hong Kong

LittleHamster 係香港人


Nuru nuru lives amongst rice-fields and mountains in rural 日本.

GrumpyNick used to live in London but is now in Akasaka, Tokyo.


Tirchan From Kuala Lumpur (close enough), and has a love for food like a typical Malaysian

New Zealand

harvestbird is from Christchurch, New Zealand

Weaver is from New Zealand

Zorticus is sadly in Hamilton

Places Not On This Earth

Alberta is from planet IRC.


Nick Tomsit is a replicant and doesn't know where he was created.

Peculiar Cases


The curious case of Lalumi
Dragon, a long time player, summarizes in IRC:

[19:16] <dragon> There was a very early bug that enabled Lalumi to complete the air
init twice, for -5min each time.  Lalumi then sat on holiday island for months with
an apregen of 3.  After the char had racked up tens of thousands of AP, the 'king
confirmed with the original player that they weren't coming back, and auctioned the
character for real money for charity, IIRC.
[19:16] <dragon> With the caveat that you can't use the char to mule or do something
to benefit your alts, etc.
[19:17] <dragon> BlaisedeC won, and completed the Totems to bring the apregen to 2.5.


User Jane Everyone is everybody's mule and best friend, her username and password freely available. Seldom able to hold to a single agenda. Should you choose to hijack this character, if you could call it such a thing, do consider acquainting yourself with the current quests and intentions of her other players.

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