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Huge Manatee

2000000hp 300 damage. Returns the message "Ow, the Huge Manatee!!" when it hits you. Drops "Magic-Great"

I'm Just Mad About Cows...

Just some stupid Ideas I've had about COWS...

  • Some cows should only drop dice: perhaps this is cow or dice..
  • Cow-trap alt not quite sure what this is or means, but it certainly flings crap.. Actually, now a think about it, a weapon flinger, that does the damage of the weapon used, without any risk of attack from the monster, but you automatically lose that weapon(or item). well, maybe...
  • New item drop: a Bunga! (if you don't get it, well...) not sure what sort of holes a bunga would be good for plugging, besides the ones in my head...
  • Hey, what do you call a wizard doing the cattle ranching quest? .. C'mon, you already know this one! ugh! really?


  • Just as there are Killer Rabbits, there should be killer cows, but you can tell which ones they are, because of the random apostrophe in their name (c'ow) ... this is the worst kind of pun. No really? Okay, but you're go'ing to h'ate it:

Cow-tastrophe.. I mean yeah, that doesn't even work, right?

  • Cows drop a new type of hat: the Cow'l. Maybe you have to attack it with a letter "L", and maybe only c'ows drop them, who knows? Wearing the Cow'l allows you to milk a cow as many times as you like (or at least more than normal), and gives some sort of bonus: AP? HP? to-hit? damage? (I favour those last two) once in a, (are you ready for this?) once in a full MOOOOOOooo-n! Cow'l could only be goth fash of course (if any), well /maybe/ kinky...
  • why did the dragon bow to the cow before attacking it? Because if you're dragon a cow, you're gonna kow-tow. Omg it just keeps getting worse..
  • say, now I think about it, cows should also drop a "moo-moo" which you can wear, for anorak style fashion points. (unless you want to add "gran" as a style to the fashion equation. (reading glasses would be another "gran" style point. Maybe "Long skirt" would be at least one point of "gran" (probably 3). Also holding dried plums, or sheaf of wheat (gotta have yr fiber!) I mean gran would have to be a particularly rare fashion. And I don't even want to think about Kinky-Gran as a fashion. Or Goth-Gran. Gran-Industrial? I would totally rock the Pimp-Gran, or the Punk-Gran (hamster just gotta be Gran-Punk as hell!) ooh, what about "Gran-Punk-Railroad"? Ok, now I'm being silly. and speaking of Gran-style, we got hot swedish chick hair, why not blue hair? and fake teeth. Y'know what? Gran-style just needs to be a thing; everybody loves their gran, dammit! Oh, and x-mas wooly jumpers from yr Gran.
  • and speaking of milk-related issues, why don't we have the ability to milk big n0rx??
  • AND still speaking of milk related issues, milk should have teh option to 'shake' for a nice treat that might cool you off a bit while walking through the dessert. (well, maybe that recipe requires a bit of ice, and perhaps a few pinches of salt) Speaking of which; iced cream, for even stronger effects? why not?
  • and hey, maybe eating beefsteak occasionally gives you mad cow disease, (especially if the beefsteak in question came from a cow-tastrophy) which makes every monster hostile, and then eventually kills you (no known cure) but perhaps I've just gone a bit mad for cows at this point.
  • Okay, enough of this, time for me to take a nice va-cow-tion in the cow-rib-ean...

AmishRobots 06:53, 14 February 2018 (UTC)

  • Oh, but finally, the Sacred Cow, which drops a Cow-Swoard,,which works just like a sacrificial sword, except giving milk instead of blood. um, I mean it gives pints of milk instead of points of hp. [1]

New Monster: An Argument

Becomes stronger when you shout at it. Speaking the word "sorry" weakens it. May drop can of worms, Minty Python AmishRobots 05:15, 10 January 2018 (UTC)


monster, only shows up on bridge squares. "Answer me these questions 3; ere the other side you'll see!" only killable if you give the right answers, drops coconuts, doesn't like to swallow.

Conservation Of Ninjutsu

As per: say the to-hit/damage etc stats of ninjas go down a bit whenever there is more than one ninja adjacent to the square you stand in. For instance, 2 adjacent ninjas means the damage each ninja does goes down by 1; 3 adjacent ninjas, damage goes down by 3; four adjacent ninjas, it goes down by 5. then the numbers go back up as each ninja is eliminated.

What spell was that one again...?

I just checked the history box, and saw this:

You are at the cutting-edge of fashion.
You are at the cutting-edge of fashion.
You are at the cutting-edge of fashion.
You are at the cutting-edge of fashion.
You are at the cutting-edge of fashion.
You are at the cutting-edge of fashion.
You are at the cutting-edge of fashion.
A spell wore off.

What spell was it? This is confusing in general when I cast several spells and I'm not sure which one is done with. Now, I don't know how the spells are programed, so this suggestion could either be no big deal or next to impossible to implant, but whatever.

Can "A spell wore off." be changed to "Your rampage has come to an end.", "Your archer's luck has run out.", or even just a general message for each class of spell, such as "Your damage multiplier is back to normal."? - Cameron 00:41, 19 June 2010 (BST)

Fiddling Wizard Folk Club

It seems someone has put up a signpost above the Fiddling Wizard Folk Club. This means the Folk Club no longer sells musical instruments. The Folk Club doesn't buy musical instruments anymore either. Would it be possible to restore the Fiddling Wizard Folk Club to it's former glory? I hope so. Additionally I think that the Fiddling Wizard, being the musical hub of Cities, should buy back second hand CD-singles. 1 CD for 25 GP, 10 CD's for 230 GP's and 100 CD's for 2000 GP's gives them the same value set as the coffee mugs. --TerrorRemedy 20:20, 2 September 2009 (BST)

Simple Programming Change to Reduce Page Load Times

Hey, you know how about 80% of the Cities page consists of the Prototype JavaScript framework, which seems to never change? Instead of putting that into EVERY SINGLE PAGE RETURNED, put it into a separate file (say, "prototype.js") and change the <script> block in the output to be:

<script src="prototype.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

If you're using the Perl CGI module, the change to the HTML can be accomplished by changing the part that looks like:

start_html(-title => 'Cities', ... other stuff ... , -script => {-code => $prototype, -language => 'JavaScript'}, ... )


start_html(-title => 'Cities', ... other stuff ... , -script => {-src => 'prototype.js', -language => 'JavaScript'}, ... )

With this change in place, web browsers will request the JavaScript once and cache it, only loading it again after it leaves the cache (which will be far less often than every page load), thereby drastically reducing the amount of data that is transferred for every page and thus also reducing page load times & server load. If there's a reason why this shouldn't be done, it had better be a really, really, really good one. --Naimoigiant 17:30, 25 January 2009 (GMT)

I'd like to add a very loud "seconded!" to this. According to our internet usage logs at work I've downloaded over 100MB of data from Cities in the last month. But 100MB/140KB per page is only 731 pages, which is less than 40 pages a day. You guys must be burning through the bandwidth at your end! Jack NT Box 18:38, 20 April 2009 (BST)

Thirded. -- Ream 09:56, 18 May 2009 (BST)

Tequila Worm

just like an earth worm but gives you drunk points when it attacks. Technically its mezcal that has the worm, so, maybe a mezcal worm instead? AmishRobots 20:25, 12 December 2008 (GMT)

Wear Wolves infected

I think the Hard and Soft Wolves should have the ability to infect Lycanthrophy. Then Players could pick the time they would Transform. -- Payco 22:24, 23 November 2008 (GMT)

Lifts in the Mall

The Lifts in the Mall cheerfully announce what floor you are on when you arrive at that floor, but after that, there's no way to determine this. It would be convenient if the Lifts told you what floor you are on when you enter them, as well. -- Sertularian 22:24, 27 October 2008 (GMT)

Guild Auto-Maintenance Centre

A new guild square. You drop items off at the Centre (stones, wood etc.) and it automatically maintains every other square in the guild, assuming it has the items needed. It would work very much like pet autofeeding, maintaining squares when they're one week away from collapse. This would save people a lot of bother (and the server a lot of hits). - Isambard 02:17, 22 September 2008 (BST)

Alternatively, even a square where someone could push a button to add a week's maintenance to all guild squares (at standard AP/resource costs) would work for this as well. Either way, it sounds like a good use for Glory -- Thog 02:20, 22 September 2008 (BST)
Teleports wear out faster than other guild squares, so adding a week to all squares wouldn't work too well. Also, it's not very automatic. :) - Isambard 17:39, 22 September 2008 (BST)
Just to add a bit more detail: It would be nice to be able to specify how many weeks are added when the Centre does its stuff. Also, it should tell you some useful statistics about your guild, such as weekly costs. - Isambard 05:39, 28 September 2008 (BST)
If the Centre has insufficient materials to maintain a square, a warning should be announced using the comms room (but only if the guild has one). - Isambard 23:24, 10 November 2008 (GMT)

Flying Party H2G2-Style

I think the flying party could stand to be more Douglas Adams-y. The party function runs on booze & only lasts while there is alcohol. People are only allowed in if they have booze, & 1 random drink is taken to be added to the party's drink-pool. Maintaining the party obviously means consuming booze, making the party-goers drunker & depleting the party's reserves. When the booze runs out, people can add more themselves, or, by steering the flying party to a nearby city, make a "beer-raid" at one of the 'Kingdom's taverns. Gonzometro 00:53, 6 September 2008 (BST)

Express Mail Service

Be able to use the post office to send Items to other players like the "Box of Parts" Payco 01 Sept 2008

I like this idea, but it should be quest related. you do a "going postal" quest (no idea what it could be right now) and you get a P.O. box. If you have one you an recieve items there, and leave items in other's people P.O. boxes. You can pick up your parcels at any post office (a few more around hard to reach places would be needed).--Che-T 22:34, 27 October 2008 (GMT)

art museum

with all this art being created for the festival's art show, i imagine that afterwards there will be some sort of permanent art museum structure built somewhere (in Windy City of course)? just a nice tile with a link to a gallery page on the wiki would suffice? AmishRobots 22:39, 12 August 2008 (BST)

Shop Closure Warning

Any chance of being warned "Your shop hasn't been visited in a while" ... before it just closes? - jmb 20:21, 9 June 2008 (BST)

Panning For Gold (and other metals)

A simple suggestion that would benefit the many players who cannot mine mountains/crags, go into space to mine asteroids or have the cash in order to purchase it. It would involve stepping into a body of water (a river would be in the spirit of this, but I suppose any body of water can do that isn't an ocean) and clicking a panning option. Once selected, the player has a chance to find gold, be it in a flake (bit of a gold) to a nugget (which could be 10 bits of gold).

This could also be expanded to other metals, such as iron, bronze or, very rarely, silver.

I would very much suggest that if this were included, it wouldn't need a big quest to learn how to pan. Perhaps it would be an innate skill, or you need to purchase a pan to do it, or at the most you simply have to find a prospector in a tavern who can teach you. --Prthivi 01:22, 22 May 2008 (BST)

Holiday Trading Post

I'd like to help the BRIDGE MASTERS with donations of wood and think it would be a great boon to have a trading post on Holiday Island. The present bridge tender would stay there and take donations, and then only spend AP's on actually making/fixing bridges -- Payco 05:30, 23 March 2008 (GMT)

Ice Worms AmishRobots 01:23, 26 February 2008 (GMT)

But what would they drop? Spice cream? Spice slushies? -- Thog 05:30, 26 February 2008 (GMT)


i'd like to know when my birthday is; (the day my char was created). Maybe asking for a present would be a bit much, but perhaps a little note, maybe an addition to my title, so other players could see that it's my b'day. how bout a little sign on my char that tells ppl its my b'day, and the other chars get an option to give me 1gp? girls from the hood around here pin dollars to their shirt when its they b'day, and then other ppl know to give them a dollar for their birthday, so, thats kinda whaat i gots in mind.

failing that, just a little handshake from the king for sticking around for another year, would be an awesome touch to an already awesome game. (excuse my butt-kissing) AmishRobots 08:52, 28 January 2008 (GMT)

Mayfly Uses

It would seem to me that a good use for mayfly corpses (and eggs and indeed live pets) would be to be able to feed them to your goldfish. It would certainly reduce the numbers at the pet cemetary and will encourage their use and breeding. Perhaps 2%, 25%, 15% for egg, live, dead... Phw 21:56, 23 January 2008 (GMT)

flat n0rx

1hp, 50-100 Damage, invisible. Large damage range to account for the possibility of anger of being not-so-endowed. (Credit to my roommate for thinking this up.) Azuaron 03:29, 15 December 2007 (GMT)

Perhaps it should be "flat norx" instead then? -- Sertularian 13:54, 15 December 2007 (GMT)
"flat n_rx"? -- Cthu1hu 22:14, 25 January 2008 (GMT)
"flat nvrx"? -- Thog 22:23, 25 January 2008 (GMT)

Terrain: Stables

Feeding a pet is expensive, which is why I was so reluctant to graduate from my goldfish. Therefore, I propose a new city-terrain type. It would work like a hospital, except with a Feed Pet option. Gonzometro 04:51, 13 December 2007 (GMT)

Spelling Bees

Spelling bees and spelling flies should drop letters, why not. Gonzometro 21:55, 7 December 2007 (GMT)

Triffid Stings

The number consumed should show up on the "me" page. markles (the now +1 to AP regen ) 13:59, 6 December 2007 (GMT)

Scaredy Cat

Scaredy Cats should be frightened easily by firecrackers.

Alternate name for Killer Koalas?

I've always wondered why these weren't in Oz. Perhaps they'd make a good alternate name for the Killer Koala(like Fete Bear/Bear), or alternately be an invisible version of the Koala? -- Thog 01:12, 21 November 2007 (GMT)

A new monster for the frosen north

Scrat Perhaps you could give it an acorn and win its eternal gratitude Mr.Monk 00:34, 21 November 2007 (GMT)

Some XP reduction whilst a high body temperature

Just like some HP is removed when spending AP with a very low body tempertaure.
Adds some balance the the scheme. --Bubba_the_Shy 22:31, 20 November 2007 (GMT)

Inactive Guild Membership

As a recent incident shows, there's a problem with inactive guild members. Once somebody is in limbo you can't summon them, but require their presence in order to initiate new members. For the sake of guilds with less active players, is there a way to remove guild members temporarily from the member list when the gods take them to limbo? Flt 16:42, 13 October 2007 (BST)

Record Drop Rarity Fix

Big Brother hasn't recorded a Record drop in months. This has the benefit (?) of making parties a rare and special thing, or at least more precious than they were, and shall continue to do so... but it's really, really annoying.
Picture it. Every single player having rigs 90% assembled, just waiting for that next (or first) record half a year from now to bring them to about 92%. Every single player. Tell me that wouldn't cause a little jealousy.
Now picture the load evenly distributed. Everybody has 50% or so rig completion, but differ in what they lack. Ten people could come together to make a party occasionally, but one solitary person might never find that slip mat, or that deck, or that... well, that record, for that matter. Parties would become more fun to organize, more group-oriented and filled with compromise, and you wouldn't have hundreds of people eyeing eachothers records with avarice. Parties would be just as rare, but considerably less frustrating not to be able to create.
I'm not sure how well I'm presenting my case. Consider doing this soon, though, just so you don't end up with a neverending stockpile of unusable slip mats and decks and amps which, were you ever to let records flow again, would lead to a neverending stockpile of rigs. Best implement the suggestion soon. S. Mackie 01:18, 13 October 2007 (BST)

I am completely behind this initiative. Azuaron 05:53, 14 October 2007 (BST)
Concurred --Bubba_the_Shy 22:31, 20 November 2007 (GMT)

Space Slugs

Okay, so I'm in Space, and there's Earth Worms everywhere, and I'm thinking, "Wait a minute... Earth Worms are so weak they get sick and die on the ground. How do they live up here?" So, I propose that Cans of Worms, when opened in Space, do not release Earth Worms. Instead, they release Space Slug Eggs. When a Space Slug Egg comes in contact with an asteroid (either by the Can of Worms being opened next to an asteroid or by an asteroid dispersing into the egg) the asteroid and Space Slug Egg fuse into a Space Slug Infested Asteroid (the name of the asteroid, as visible to the players, would not reflect its Space Slug status). The Space Slug Infected Asteroid would have the same amount of life as the original asteroid (Really Large has 200, etc.) but would gain an attack equal to 1/5 it's original life (so Space Slug Infested Really Large Asteroids would do 40 damage, Space Slug Infected Large Asteroid would do 20 damage, etc.). When a Space Slug Infested Asteroid is killed, it splits into smaller asteroids as normal, and the Space Slug does not split with it (it's dead). Space Slug Infested Really Large Asteroids would have drops comparable to Space Invaders, with gradual decreases as the asteroids get smaller.

For those who don't know what a Space Slug is, think Star Wars and Han Solo in the asteroid field around Hoth. Space Slugs

At the very least, I think it'd be cool to have Really Large Asteroids randomly have Space Slugs in them. Azuaron 17:00, 30 September 2007 (BST)

Cities Faire

Cities should have a Faire. Where Guilds can sell their crafts. There could even be jousting, with Horsies and Lances. -- Sertularian 04:33, 22 September 2007 (BST)
For jousting, see Ideas for Quests. S. Mackie 04:49, 22 September 2007 (BST)

Lazy Holiday Island

To make going to Holiday Island less of a hassle for those of us with pets, how about putting pets into hibernation while on the island? They wouldn't gain AP, but wouldn't get hungry either. -Scrumbucket 02:48, 9 September 2007 (BST)

We've got some infrastructure for dealing with this issue in a different way. I just haven't had time to look at it. (There's about three other Cities things to sort out on my todo list before I get to it, and quite a few other non-Cities things. Sorry). Darksatanic 16:09, 9 September 2007 (BST)
Hey, no problem. Running Cities is basically just a hobby, right? Just the fact that you've got a Cities todo list is good for us players. It's not really that much of a hassle anyway. I'm just lazy. -Scrumbucket 18:30, 9 September 2007 (BST)

Angry Jabberwocks

Shouldn't such a manxome foe be burbling with rage by default? It seems strange to have to anger it manually. Gonzometro 01:09, 6 September 2007 (BST)

Improve the Bottomless Pits

Dust is probably the best example for things you want to get rid of permanently (instead of putting it on the Dump). The Bottomless Pits could work like a dump or vault, only that items put inside get deleted permanently. Flt 16:01, 27 August 2007 (BST)

Which of course could have other amusing consequences... --BortJr 01:02, 20 September 2007 (BST)

League for goods produced?

I note that as a rule, armourers don't end up on many of the leaderboards (certainly not the monster boards, and not many of the others either). Any chance "AP spent producing goods" or "goods produced" or something can be tracked? It'd be interesting to see who the most proficient producers are out there -- Thog 22:12, 1 August 2007 (BST)

Monster idea

Ice Weasels in the Frozen North - same HP, damage etc. as Fire Foxes but ice aligned. --naath 10:23, 11 July 2007 (BST)

KoT Outposts in Oz

Any chance we can add at least one or two Knights of Tubthumping outposts in Oz? I've come upon a corpse, have nowhere good to drop it, and the original owner doesn't have a palantir yet. Making me go back to the 'Kingdom just to do the right thing seems a bit extreme -- Thog 13:49, 6 July 2007 (BST)

Space Rocket Message

I think it would be pretty cool if, when you launch a Space Rocket, characters on your square see a message like:

The air is sucked from around you and Duke ABC123 MD disappears in a towering cloud of smoke and flames.

Snare 05:40, 10 June 2007 (BST)


I really cannot believe we don't have these monsters already as wizard-only kills.

I mean... what else are wombats for...? Stoo 23:57, 7 June 2007 (BST)


Suggestion for a new monster to inhabit the cricket grounds:

  • Umpyr (150) does 10 damage and subtract experience points! but can be passed by wielding garlic, or killed with a pointy stick (and you lose the stick).
You'll note that there's already Vampires stood in the right places on the pitch... Darksatanic 17:27, 7 June 2007 (BST)

Garbage Sifters

I think that taking stuff from the Earth City Dump should give you one of those [stinky] labels.

Inverted alignment damage

Add a way so that instead of

Water quenches Fire scorches Earth displaces Air above Water

you have

Fire boils Water disolves Air erodes Earth disipates Fire

markles 16:01, 6 June 2007 (BST)

Shrieking Eels

The North Ocean could use some exotic fauna. I'm not familiar with any arctic sea-monsters in mythology, so in accord with the other Princess Bride references, I suggest shrieking eels. Gonzometro 22:01, 2 June 2007 (BST)

Pets, ferrets

Pwnies grow into War, Water, Flying Horsies, etc. Kittins grow into Kats and the like. Ferrets should have a grown up form. Being the D&D geek I am, I suggest Dire Weasle (distinct from the weasel). Weasle works, too.

Voodoo Corpses

Probably difficult to code, but it would be fun if we could use a player's corpse like a voodoo doll. Perhaps we could make it move around or stick pins in it (and the corresponding player would move involuntarily or lose a small amount of HP). Naturally, playing with the voodoo doll would cost you a bit of AP and kudos. Still, I think it would be fun. Not to mention another reason to avoid death! --JAD 23:04, 25 May 2007 (BST) (though I'm not sure I should sign this one)


It would be amusing to gain extra issues when attacking a Sister/Mother with items of the kinky fashion class, like bull whips. To keep it balanced the items could be consumed in the process. --Ade 22:39, 25 May 2007 (BST)

That's disturbing... Azuaron 16:44, 30 September 2007 (BST)

Monster Idea

Just a random thing I thought of:

Trading Post at the Mall

some form of trading post, at the mall. in the lobby. and btw, where's the bathrooms? and the cinema? AmishRobots 21:29, 16 May 2007 (BST)

Party Aftermath

The parties have been 'blinded' to avoid lag, but as soon as the party's over, everyone's visible again. It could be changed so that it turns into an Aftermath square for a few hours with the same 'blind' effect so that the game doesn't start lagging again as soon as a party ends. Maybe a Forage/search button to find leftover snacks or cool junk too. Kaos Dragon 04:00, 9 May 2007 (BST)

Perhaps forage/search should be named "Clean up" and cost a whole mess of AP? Fags, empty containers and the occasional full booze item would be neat to gather. Maybe a Cities recycling service at one of the dump squares? --Ade 22:36, 25 May 2007 (BST)

Ocean Fishing

So, I'm out on my Survey Vessel with a Fishing Rod and a Fishing Net wondering, "Why can't I fish here? I'm sure there's stuff I could catch down there." Azuaron 01:04, 3 May 2007 (BST)


i'm a very paranoid person and it's kind of getting to me that i haven't changed my password in 3 years? any chance that we can get this option? Zoological 10:26, 27 April 2007 (BST)

Not in an automated way, no. However, if you mail, and quote your username, desired password, and an IP address that you've connected to the game from, we can change your password. Darksatanic 12:02, 27 April 2007 (BST)
Speaking as a paranoid person, I'm not a fan of emailing people my passwords...  ;) --Dragon 18:04, 27 April 2007 (BST)

Fed Ex Service

Arranging trading has just got much more complicated with no trading at parties. Maybe a new shop or functionality for the post office where you can send another player a package? A Western Union service where you can send money to another players Market Office account. Hbookbinder 19:10, 22 April 2007 (BST)

I noticed that Darth Mall doesn't have any trading posts. It should. Then, make the party double as a Mall entrance and you've got an omniaccessible trading post with the convenience of not having to leave your current area. Gonzometro 02:39, 3 May 2007 (BST)

Melting Snowballs

I think snowballs should have a probability of melting when walking through the desert (giant snowball becomes snowball; snowball becomes puddle). I know it would make the game harder, but it just seems fair. :) --JAD 06:46, 19 April 2007 (BST)

But then they would have to make more things perishable. Like mugs of ale and baskets of plums. I like the idea of the 'you are hot' type messages actually doings something though. I'll look the other way when a slice of bread can maintain freshness for 2+ years, but I still don't think hanging out in the desert can be good for my health. Gonzometro 04:26, 9 May 2007 (BST)

Smashing Dice

The gygax can smash my die, but I can't smash his. Hardly seems fair. I think it would be fun to have a "claim die is loaded - Smash it!" option for 10AP. Perhaps it does nothing in reality (except waste 10AP), but it would be nice to have the option when they roll a 20 three times in a row. --JAD 06:46, 19 April 2007 (BST)

Toad Licking

toads should be lickable, causing hallucinatory effects. 03:11, 14 April 2007 (BST)

New Monster Space-Time Continuum

The Space-Time Continuum would be a new monster found primarily in places not of this earth (astral plane, space, cloudland etc.) not Alternate Ocean or Kansas. The Continuum would have 100 HP and would teleport you in a random direction a random distance between [(maximum health)-(current health)] and [(maximum health)-(current health)]/10. That is, between the damage the continuum has taken so far and one tenth of that damage the teleport would also cause you to lose 10 HP. The message would be something like

 You attack the Space-Time Continuum.
 You cause 12 points of damage, and gain 120 experience.
 You have ripped a hole in the space-time continuum!
 The world seems to turn inside out... then you realise it was probably your eyeballs
 You regain consciousness a short distance  away, you think.

If killed the Space-Time Continuum could drop time warps and occasionally (15% chance) a wormhole kit.

On Call Poison Healing?

Given the difficulties finding any poisoned folks for the Cure Poison Quest, is their any chance we can add On Call support for curing poison, just like we do for healing? I'd suggest either having the price scale by the level of poison or only curing a few levels, so you don't have people with 16 levels of poison abusing the system. -- Thog 16:04, 6 April 2007 (BST)

On Call sliding charges

As a possible solution to the problems encountered by players who wish to stay on call past the completion of the water skin quest I suggest that the cost of on call healing be tied in to the amount of HP healed (and therefore AP spent). At the moment it costs 50gp which seems fair for the 25ap it would take to heal a newbie, so perhaps a scale of 1gp per hp healed would encourage veteren players to use fixed cost NPC healers rather than on call players. It would also be nice if kudos were automatically given as this is largely a charitable act rather than a money raising operation.

As someone who has used on-call doctors to heal many many hundreds of HP in a single shot before it ever came up on the wiki, I second this. If it seems like too high a cost, maybe 1 or 2 GP per HP healed above a certain threshold (anything over a full 100 HP healed or something) would be fair. I'd be completely happy to pay a convenience charge when there's no Healer square nearby. -Jon 14:49, 6 April 2007 (BST)
The problem with veteran players is that we have too much stuff, so dropping 1000 GP for a full (~1000 HP) heal isn't really that a big of a deal. I agree that it should cost more for a big heal, but defraying the AP cost among both healer and healed would be a better deterrent. I also like the idea of auto-kudos. Now, if only kudos did anything. . . On a somewhat unrelated note, as a Shaman, I recently used a Dragonstone to heal myself. Is that supposed to be legal? Gonzometro 15:32, 6 April 2007 (BST)
I'd also vote for Jon's idea - sure it's not a huge cost for veteran players, but 500 or 1000 gp for healing a wounded vet is a LOT better than 25 gp. It's more about compensating the healers than punishing those who ask for it. -- Thog 16:01, 6 April 2007 (BST)

Keef's Dad's Ashes

Grinding these in with some magic powder should have some kind of effect, shurley?

Armourers "Break Down" Weapons

Smiths and Armourers should be able to convert metal items into bits of their base metal. Like Wizards can do with Blings for Mana.

Toad Movement Modifier

I think you'd see a lot more toads hopping around if they had a negative movement modifier. As it is the two places being a toad is most useful Oz (to avoid monsters) and the Fire Swamp (for flies and spells) cost way to much to move. It might make life a little easier for apprentices in search of spells.

Lower foraging costs in the Wizard's Retreat?

As you can see by the current Conversation about the Wizard's Retreat, the sales of fruit only available there (Pineapple, Coconut, Pomegranate) aren't really taking off the way expected. From the sounds of it, most Wizards don't want to bother harvesting because of the extreme AP costs of foraging.

Would it be possible to reduce these costs, either naturally or via a spell or item? The former would make it easy to make sure only wizards could harvest the fruit easily, while possibly making it a little more realistic for these to show up for trading and other purposes. -- Thog 18:54, 29 March 2007 (BST)

I take it that fruits are not actually gotten through foraging, as there are some mixology drinks that could help you with that. -- X-Himy 19:07, 29 March 2007 (BST)
No - the fruits are gathered by harvesting wood. 100AP for 30 wood and 2 fruits (which could also be limes, oranges, or lemons). Syagrius 19:11, 29 March 2007 (BST)
How about a Viagr*n Bling - works the same as misril bling but lowers the cost of getting wood. (Hangs head in shame for making such a lame joke). ...By the way, a spam filter prevented me from posting the actual word, hence the asterix. Use your imaginations Zingus 19:18, 29 March 2007 (BST)
Alternately, a way to create Little Blue Pills (not to be confused with Morpheus' Blue Pills) would solve the same problem -- Thog 19:21, 29 March 2007 (BST)

New monster suggestion: Snake Plissken

Another type of Snake monster, that shows up as 'Snake Plissken' (once you gain the ability to distinguish them ofcourse). May move to an adjacent square after a successful attack with the message: "Escapes from the Great Plain." As for special drops... an eye patch, maybe?
P.S. For those who didn't get the reference. --Bubba_the_Shy 22:52, 19 March 2007 (GMT)

I thought he was dead...

Trophy Room

Since there already exists one in R'1yeh, why not fill it with trophies? A colossal golden statue dominates the room. On the marble plinth is carved "Dragon's 80th generation Phoenix." Or something more personal, "A tiny statue dedicated to the 20th generation phoenix that you slew." Gonzometro 01:41, 18 March 2007 (GMT)

Well, the game doesn't seem to keep track currently of what level of a phoenix you killed, so I mean if the implemented it, Dragon would have to go and kill another 80th generation phoenix, is that what you want? Is it?! Well?!

Hey, just let me know when....  ;) --Dragon 07:32, 18 March 2007 (GMT)

Um... I guess. Anyway, it would give him something to do. Or maybe you have to take your record-kill to a taxidermist to have it mounted. Gonzometro 03:32, 18 March 2007 (GMT)


I'm now an Armourer, with the ability to make armour and weapons. The downside to this is that I can't really smite creatures anywhere near as well as I used to be able to. This also means that it really cuts down on getting XP, as creatures I could take easily before are suddenly take a lot more hitting.

So how about giving Smiths and Armourers XP for making armour and weapons? It's our job after all.... Of course, what would be really nice would be if we got XP when people used kit we made. Andrewsi 12:24, 20 February 2007 (GMT)

Given that, above about 1M XP, there's absolutely *nothing* that your XP level affects, it's pretty pointless, unless you have a fetish for large numbers. :) Darksatanic 13:06, 20 February 2007 (GMT)
As much as anything, I was thinking it would be a nice way to keep score, really - how many HPs armour you've made has saved people, how much damage your weapons have done.
And as to fetishes for large numbers - doesn't everyone? ;)
Andrewsi 15:28, 20 February 2007 (GMT)


The city of gold and lead already has a condor made of one the elements, why not another vehicle made of the other? Kaos Dragon 22:51, 16 February 2007 (GMT)

Like a Led Zeppelin? :) Syagrius 18:55, 20 February 2007 (GMT)
I don't know about you, but I'm not going anywhere NEAR a vehicle that bursts into flame before you land :-) -- Thog 19:31, 20 February 2007 (GMT)
This does already exist, you know. Or have you not examined the required components for an Air Ship? :-) -Stelio 21:00, 20 February 2007 (GMT)
I expect this was aimed at Kaos Dragon, but I had an Air Ship. Er, it burst into flames and sank in the swamp... -- Thog 04:05, 18 March 2007 (GMT)

Shouting in the Library

i've screamed hollered, and generally made a ruckus in the library, to no effect whatsoever. if anyone else were there, i'm sure it would have made reading difficult for them, yet no little old lady slapped me with a ruler, kicked me out nor even asked me to stop. what's up with that? i'm sure i should have at least been kicked out, or lost a kudos or 2 --AmishRobots 07:12, 11 February 2007 (GMT)

More Undead

It seems to me that Cities comes from a long tradition of fantasy games, which are often rife with undead. While the dynamic of Cities is deliberately and delightfully different, it seems to me that a complete lack of skeletons or zombies, despite the presence of vampires and undead dragons, is rather a pity. So I thought I'd recommend putting them in somewhere, even if only in limited number. That said, I had another, related, idea in Quests which might be a good application. Doc Mackie 20:25, 8 February 2007 (GMT)

We did have some ideas about wotwolves at one point. (And wywolves, howolves, wenwolves and huwolves). I'm sure we'll brush the dust off at some point. Darksatanic 20:30, 8 February 2007 (GMT)

City Dump

The more items of a certain sort in the dump the easier it should be to pick it up. For example, if there are 5000 sheets of paper and two needles you would have a hell of a time finding those needles (more AP) while the paper would just probably stick to your shoes (or bare feet if your magic boots just wore out). vloodo 02:58, 31 January 2007 (GMT)


It would be nice if Beards and Stuff (in the mines) would carry spades. Gonzometro 03:19, 30 January 2007 (GMT)


The SE mines will eventually be completely cleared. That may be your intent, but if not, periodic cave-ins could refill the tunnels. Getting caught in a cave-in would be quite injurious, but Tommyknockers would warn you when a cave-in is imminent. Since they are helpful, killing Tommyknockers would reduce your kudos. Tatzelwurms would also be pretty cool. BTW, why are there no Kalidahs in Oz? Gonzometro 04:13, 24 January 2007 (GMT)

The tunnels will eventually (a couple of weeks or so after being mined) turn back into rock. Darksatanic 12:28, 24 January 2007 (GMT)

Wolf 359

I would like to see wolves with 359 hit points. Killing this wolf would yield starship debris (and possibly Tea. Earl Grey. Hot). The debris could then be used to construct a Starship, or Rocket. This specific wolf would hit really hard, and possibly steal other starship debris or starships on your person (if feasible).

Perhaps casting a sleep spell would be an instant kill, such as Impending Kick to Imps.

If this is implemented, they should only be found in space ;)


I'll not be eating a BLT without it.

2 eggs,
1 Bottle of Olive Oil,
1 Bottle of Vinegar,
and an air player to emulsify.

Hey now, don't make it hadrer then it already is!!

Fish Kennel

Since goldfish can die, what is one to do if they need the real-life equivalent of a Long Retreat? Perhaps an animal park (or Harvey Farm?) where pets never get hungry could be added? Or Holiday Island could have this effect? How about a monastery like the one in Asia where they train cats - free your mind and somebody will shake the flakes for you?

Perhaps it would be a wise idea to have vacation feeders. You know, those little cubes you put into fishtanks if you're going to be away for 4 days or so. Could be a monster drop, or bought in one of the general stores for a good amount a money. To prevent abuse using it would cost double the AP to regularly feed your goldfish.

But a kennel would be ideal

Lucky Smells Goldfish Kennels at your service :) Spugmeistress 02:07, 13 March 2007 (GMT)

Bottomless Pit

An option to drop a Stone through the grating into the bottomless pit, with appropriate effects, would be fun.  :) --Dragon 03:51, 2 January 2007 (GMT)

Kick off

An option to kick an individual off your airship/carpet/etc would be nice so you could drag one person along without messing up someone who just boarded for the "skybox" effect.

Wizard's Tower

All of the other wizards have towers. I want one.

It could be something like a Shop or a Hill Fort. Ability to create and subsequently furnish and maintain it would require several rare drops and possibly additional questing. The result would then offer some sort of entertainment to those that visit your tower. ATC 15:36, 20 December 2006 (GMT)

Now that we have actual Wizards, this should be implemented. Could function like a shop, but specifically for Wizards. Azuaron 19:08, 9 November 2007 (GMT)

Invisible Field Guarding

I don't think it's reasonable that someone who is invisible can guard their field, stop you from harvesting and cost you Kudos without even revealing their identity. I have no way to detect invisible, and even if I could, why should I expect someone to want to guard their crop but not be seen doing it? At the very least remove the Kudos penalty if the guard is invisible.

I agree. If a field is unattended (and there are not other fields nearby with a player in them) the assumption is it is up for grabs. It's incredibly lame some people would cloak themselves while sitting on their field.
On the other hand, what with the new Brooms being able to kick people off their fields, this is probably a good thing.

RSS Feed

How about an RSS feed for when the database goes down or the game is otherwise unavailable, and then to let people know when it is back up, or updates or stuff? Would stop people having to check all the time. Or even updates about the game in general? Like the new stuff page or the wiki front page news. This might already exist and I just don't know about it, or it might have been considered but deemed unwelcome or something but it would be really handy and seems to me, pretty easy to implement. Spugmeistress 15:22, 22 November 2006 (GMT)

Armourers and Rare Weapons

Maybe this is planned for upper level armourers, but giving them the ability to make rare weapons previously available as Seb's like Glass Swords and Vorpal Blades would be nice.


I think it would be an interesting aspect to add river terrian ingame. Of course it'd be pretty illogical to have very many, but one or two major rivers per continent would suffice. Perhaps one could jump in at an upstream point with a raft or boat and be carried along in the current for a reduced (or free) AP cost. If that'd be too difficult to code into the game, one could always use it like the ferrying service near Bentnob. Ade 01:10, 09 November 2006 (BST)

Sage Advice

If I were to go and study under the direction of Herman (the hermit), and then find myself in possession of some sage, should I be able to consult the Sage in order to figure out what I need to do next (ie. it would give the same information as asking the guy in the tent at the city shrine, not very useful, but amusing.)Density 17:32, 11 October 2006 (BST)

Experience Points

I realize that experience points don't really serve a purpose, but given the many things besides killing monsters that can now be done in the game, I think exp. pts. should be given for completing other activities. Gonzometro 19:51, 27 September 2006 (BST)

They are. At least for ticking monsters in the creature survey, and for worshipping in the time and space quest. I didn't check for the other quests, ut I guess they add points too. That means you might be able to become a Knight without killing any monster--Solune 21:55, 27 September 2006 (BST)
I was thinking more along the lines of AP intensive activities not quest-related like farming or making armour.Gonzometro 21:05, 29 September 2006 (BST)
You can take the name "experience points" and even the counter spot as you play the game, but please leave a relatively unadulterated "damage done to monsters" specific leader board. Hendsch 22:06, 27 September 2006 (BST)

Ear infections and rocking out

I was thinking tonight, just after rocking out on my harmonica, it seems a bit odd that my ear infection didn't flare up while I was playing (or at least it didn't mention the loss of 2 HP). Note that this is an actual ear infection from the foul treatment I recieved at the tentacles of a dianoga, not the bitch slap effect unleashed on me last week. It seems to me that if I'm rocking (and the game says I do!) that it'd be making some noise. Should practice affect you negatively during an ear infection, or is this a freebie? Jon 07:33, 2 September 2006 (BST)

Recipes and Research using common items

Although the alchemist is a decent way to get rid of unwanted materials and derive some small benefit, it would be nice if future recipes used up some of the items that don't see a lot of use anymore. Only non-Doctors need a Magic Ruby, and anybody with a Tarot Deck doesn't really need a Magic Opal. But the construction (or more realistically research) of some new items could use large quantites of them, and possibly raise their values over 1GP. Same for Clocks of Invisibility etc. Something like 10 Clocks, 100 Magic Opals, and 100 bits of Gold (and plenty of AP) could make a Rhinestone Bling that functions like a Diamond Bling but breaks far more often.

Or maybe just turn it into Rhinestone, and then you can attach it to the straw hat and it would become a rhinestone cowboy hat. That would be funny.

Castrating Bulls

Maybe I've just been drinking. But it might be fun if you could attack a bull with scissors to make it a cow. Then again maybe I'm just cruel and unusual. --AmishRobots 13:32, 18 August 2006 (BST)

That'd make it an ox, anyway. You certainly shouldn't be able to milk the resulting creature! --Dithat 07:50, 2 September 2006 (BST)
Also, two "Rocky Mountain Oysters" should be gained. Azuaron 13:24, 30 March 2007 (BST)

Useful Alchemists

It might be cool if they could convert either ore, or bits of metal into different types.

Like 2 Bronze Ores = 1 Gold Ore

Or 60 bits of iron = 40 bits of copper.

This would make them more useful...and isn't that what they originally tried to do? CornMaster 22:22, 26 July 2006 (BST)

Er... We need to go from Lead to Gold, I think. But I'm no philosopher.density

fork as a weapon

You stick a fork in the cow.
You cause 10 points of damage, and receive 10 experience.
The cow misses you.
It's not done yet.


You stick a fork in the cow.
You cause 10 points of damage, and receive 10 experience.
You slay the cow.
It's done.

Density 14:49, 19 July 2006 (BST)

Replicator credits

Simple enough. Onboard the space station there could be a replicator. Using the replicator would use one replicator credit, a rare drop item from higher level monsters.

A replicator credit allows one to scan and reproduce any item in their inventory. Although the producion of items that could lead to intoxication should be banned. Instead of a nice brandy, why not a frosty Synthale? Ade 12:48 AM, 11 July 2006 (BST)

I'd like to have such a thing clone some Clinic Invites :) 21:30, 14 July 2006 (BST)

Space Elevator Mini Game

I've visited the space elevator for the first time this afternoon with a friend. It's suggested that one brings some materials to process, as the journey is 11 hours long. Even longer if you miss the departure.

What about in the lounge area, one can opt to play an actual, physical game of chess/checkers with another player there? Such an action could cost 10 AP to set up, and 1 AP for every move. It'd help pass the time if you're there with a friend. Perhaps even waging items/gold on a game could be possible too. Ade 10:20, 28 June 2006 (BST)

Crop Posts

Now that we have plots with crops growing on them, I think we should be able to at least put a sign up saying whose it is and maybe leave instructions on who/when is supposed to harvest it. I imagine it would work in a similar fashion as writing on roads with chalk, from a code perspective. vloodo 03:14, 13 June 2006 (BST)

Hailing Taxis

It would be most helpful if, when you were standing at an empty Taxi Rank, you could spend a few extra AP to Call or Hail for one. Stevie-O 20:59, 11 June 2006 (BST)

N0rx behaviour

Not sure which suggestions page to put this under- it's practically a bug IMHO! Not only small n0rx, but even perky n0rx, are quite unaffected by the ancient incantation "Matron, take them away!". I think the gravity of this situation is already substantial enough for me not to wait until I find some big n0rx just to test it on them. --MuppetRabies 04:04, 1 June 2006 (BST)

Magic Boots Wearout

Would it be possible to make it so movement items like Magic Boots only have a chance of wearing out if they actually lower the AP cost of moving? I'm just unequipping and reequipping them constantly currently to avoid the chance of wearing out on moves where it only costs me 1 AP to move anyhow.--Hamelin 21:11, 22 May 2006 (BST)

Character Reset

There seem to be a decent number of players who have taken one too many dragons bloods, and have nerfed their tohit%... Now elseware has said that there will be no way to reset the dragons blood effects, but I think it might be interesting to have a way to reset your character, and when I say reset I mean everything. You get to keep your stuff, but all your stats are reset to the base level for your alignment and you have to do all the quests over again. It might also be an interesting way to change ones alignment, and get the benefit of the new alignment. The drastic nature of this would insure that very few people do it. Any Thoughts? DWE 16:20, 26 April 2006 (BST)

Extremely powerful "new" player, because they still have all their stuff? Where's the challenge in that? A total reset, including resetting all their stuff would be more detrimental. Of course, then one would have to consider all the stuff a person has placed on the market, gold not collected from the market... Syagrius 16:28, 26 April 2006 (BST)
This isn't very different from starting a new character and transferring your old loot. The only advantage being you get to keep your name. Maybe if Cities let us really delete our unwanted characters, that'd be nice. -- LittleHamster 16:32, 26 April 2006 (BST)
At low levels it sounds easily exploitable. Do all the things for your alignment that you are capable of, and switch. There is no need to do quests to grow wheat/cucumbers etc... Plus if you keep all your stuff, you can just wait to complete some quests(treasure hunt/standing stones) or not complete them at all(waterskin) Spacer one 21:25, 22 May 2006 (BST)

Mars Attacks


No one would have believed, in the last years of the whatever century, that human affairs were being watched from the timeless worlds of space.

No one could have dreamed we were being scrutinized, as someone with a microscope studies creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water. Few men even considered the possibility of life on other planets and yet, across the gulf of space, minds immeasurably superior to ours regarded these Cities with envious eyes, and slowly and surely, they drew their plans against us....

Ark! Ark! Ark ark ark! Arkark! ARK!!


Topic says it all. e.bstan 14:18, 12 April 2006 (BST)

I did make a suggestion a while ago regarding Easter Bunnies / Santa type quests that were only in play for a limited period.
Perhaps we get a new monster the easter bunny who if you give him something nice (or have a certain level of kudos) will give you an Easter Egg (consumable for HP / AP?). You could then re-use the code for other notable holiday /events (Valentine's Day: Cupid, Thanksgiving: turkey, Xmas: Santa's Elf etc)? Of course its a lot easier to say "wouldn't it be nice...." than it actually is to code the changes.
It would be cool to get a Santa quest ready in plenty of time where you need a stocking and to post a letter to Santa with what you'd like for Xmas (predefined form?) and a certain level of kudos (which could be obtained somewhere) so on Xmas morning you either get a nice present or a piece of coal ('cos he knows if you've been naughty or nice). Havelock2 15:28, 12 April 2006 (BST)

Hat Swapping

I can understand why I cannot steal a hat while wearing one as this will take a hat out of play, but I would like to take another players hat and leave mine in its place. All the hats stay in play and I get to take a hat I like better. Didbert 23:13, 7 April 2006 (BST)

Ghouling/Looting Deterrents

I hadn't really thought much about this until one of my characters was killed. After it happened, I posted on the K.O.T. page and got a quick response. Quick as the response was though, someone else had arrived there first and nicked my corpse. I've followed the posts on the K.O.T. page, and it seems pretty clear that there is a class of players who seem to be patrolling the interior (and the K.O.T. page) looking for the recently deceased - racing the the Paladins to the booty. As lame as this is, I'm aware that this is part of the game, some will play honourably, some not so much. Truth is though, there isn't much incentive for people not to do it. I'm not sure what the best solution is -- if there isn't a chance you could lose all your stuff to someone else, it can take the "edge" off the game; things can't be too "nice", or it isn't as fun. My suggestion though, is to do something to add an element of risk to those who loot corpses, that engaging in that behavior can be as dangerous as it is profitable. A couple ideas:

-Institute a new insurance policy. This policy causes your corpse to explode if anyone attempts to remove an item from it. Sure, all your inventory would be destroyed, but at least the offending player doesn't get their mitts on it. Maybe the explosion even kills the looter as well!?

-Creating "Curses" that you could place on items, or enabling players to create or purchase Cursed itmes. These items would appear normal on the corpse, but when looted would have adverse effects (looting would activate the curse). For example, a Midas Wand that causes a player to regen AP slower, or a Mysterious Envelope that transforms into a giant rabid hyperactive Tribble (with malaria).

-A cumulative chance that the looting character be turned into a ghoul (it's what happens when you feed off the dead), making it possible for other players to hunt them down.

This one sounds like fun. I could see people becoming ghouls on purpose just to be able to do a bit of pvp. Definately not much of a deterrent. Syagrius 23:21, 30 March 2006 (BST)
Heh.. good point.. a side effect have to be that they are claws only - no weapons or wands, etc. until the effect wears off. Spending some time on the lam. -- 23:33, 30 March 2006 (BST)

OK, maybe my ideas are extreme, but I think there needs to be a bit more deterrent to the corpse nicking and looting. It just seems like it is getting worse and worse. --Pi rho sigma 20:30, 30 March 2006 (BST)

There already is a way to not lose anything when you die. If you want to take the "edge" off the game, go take out the full insurance policy. I have one, because I think my stuff is worth 2 days of AP. Since this safe guard is already in place, people who don't take out a policy is either 1) ignorant, or 2) willing to take the risk. Because of this, I believe if you leave a corpse behind, your stuff is fair game to other players. It sounds like you already know about the insurance policies, why haven't you got one? Would you take a booby trap policy out if it is also 2 days of AP? -- LittleHamster 22:17, 30 March 2006 (BST)
Understood. I am not talking about just losing your stuff when you die - clearly if you don't take out an insurance policy, that is the risk. The focus of the suggestion is to add an element of risk and danger to those who loot the corpses. Currently there is no real downside for doing so. -- 22:26, 30 March 2006 (BST)
Sure there is! You lose a Kudo! :rollseyes: It'd be nice if the game would tell you who looted your body, just like it tells you who destroyed your sandcastle on the ocean beach. Then you could react as you like to the offending person. Syagrius 22:30, 30 March 2006 (BST)

Game Balance

Sorry, this post is going to seem like a bunch of unrelated suggestions but they all have to do with game balance. It's pretty obvious that the Fire alignment and it's quests give the most advantage while the Earth alignment gets the short end of the stick. I would like to see a few more Earth quests since it currently has the least. I would also like to see the reward for completing them as something that advanced players would find valuable. After completing so many Fire quests many of the other quests don't seem like they are worth doing anymore. Maybe Earth players can have or get higher tolerance to alcohol (get drunk but not lose hit ratio) along with increased damage multiplier when drunk.

I will try to suggest something in the Quest Suggestion area later but I don't have very clear ideas right now. I'm thinking of playing some type of "Hunter and the Hunted" game where the player would have to play both roles at different times. You start out as a hunter searching for their prey. Once you find your prey and kill it, you become the hunted. Your job as the hunted is to visit the four cities and maybe some other locations by foot. If you get killed, you go back to being a hunter. If you actually make it, guess what? You're still the hunted. You're gonna die. Another version of this might just involve hat snatching but I like the extra effort of having to beat someone that has a fighting chance. Another quest might be something like "Hellhounds on my heels!" Where Hellhounds with a faster AP recovery chase you down.

Maybe Earth can have +100HP instead of +50. That might give an Earth player a fighting chance in a fisticuffs duel with a fire player.

Air could stand to have another quest or two as well. Question: Why are angels Water creatures and not Air creatures?

Air and Earth both miss out on having any titles to give. I think that Air could give out titles as well. I would suggest a religious theme that might might include: bishops, saints, cardinals, ministers, preachers, gurus, yogis, lamas, or monks. Of course, we have to maintain a seperation of church and state so you can't be a duke and a bishop at the same time. You can keep the abilities you gained but you have to decide on a calling. Earth is a little harder but I think I would make them guild members. You would have apprentices, journeymen, and masters. Masters of what, I don't know. Craftsmen I suppose. DiscoBean 23:18, 28 March 2006 (BST)

It would be interesting if there were quests specific to alignment. Air characters could have a quest that is only for them and gives them 1min faster AP regen. Fire Characters could have a quest that would give them +1 damage multiplier, Water Characters could gain +10 first aid, and Earth Characters could ?what? The school of hard knocks sorta takes the obvious one away. Two ideas:
  • cheaper Hard Knocks for Earth Characters (problem is what to do with the Earthies who have completed Hard Knocks perhaps recalculate their level?)
  • Free/faster movement over land, ie another -1 on their movement modifier but allow them to actually reach 0. DWE 23:52, 28 March 2006 (BST)
I was thinking maybe Earth could have or offer 1HP regen per hour
Neither here nor there, but I'd argue that Earth has it almost as easy as Fire at the beginning of the game. Sure, Fire has a better to hit chance, but Earth can take twice the beating Fire can. Leads to a different style of play, sure, but why should every alignment have to play exactly the same?
They probably are more even in the early game but I was thinking more of the later game and overall balance, not just the players. Compare an Earth character who has completed all alignment quests to a fire character that has completed all alignment quests. Or compare an Earth character that has completed all Earth quests to a Fire character that has completed all Fire quests. Air and Water don't come up as much becuase they are both so unique and offer valuable rewards. I agree that the style of play should be different for each alignment but their advantages should somehow be comprable in value. One problem that I am seeing is that after completing the Fire, Air, and Water quests, there isn't as much incentive to complete any Earth quests. DiscoBean 15:15, 29 March 2006 (BST)
Oh, and while Fire may beat Earth in an even fight, the only time this makes a difference (the Duel) it doesn't matter if you hit the Fire player with an overwhelming display of force :-)
-- Thog 00:01, 29 March 2006 (BST)
Also, remember that different alignments can grow different things. Something from every alignment is needed for the treasure hunt. Produce is sellable. Each alignment can also produce different things for a different AP cost. See the Making stuff page for more details. It's not 100% balanced, and won't be. Syagrius 00:07, 29 March 2006 (BST)
Increased alcohol tolerance is already the reward for the Rock Soc Pub Crawl, which is an Earth Quest. -- Sertularian 01:55, 29 March 2006 (BST)
Yes, but I'm not really sure what that means. Does it allow you to be drunk while losing less Hit Ratio? There are a few alcoholic beverages that can help you out but I believe that to a real alcoholic a few drinks of any kind of alcohol will increase your damage multiplier.  ;] DiscoBean 15:15, 29 March 2006 (BST)
That gives me an idea. Perhaps there could be a quest so that when you are drunk your damage modifier increases but you also take some damage upon yourself. DWE 15:26, 29 March 2006 (BST)

New monster for the Thieves Forest

The name ferret is derived from the latin furonem, which means "thief." Perhaps we should have some ferrets wandering round in the thieves forest?

Suggestion: overkill

Amusing messages, or extra bonus, if damage done on the killing blow is much in excess of required. e.g.

You attack the Worm.
You cause 28 points of damage, and receive 1 experience.
You slay the Worm, which EXPLODES in a tiny cloud of blood. Go you.
You gain a Gold Piece.

As it is, I think if you need 1 point to kill the Worm, and your weapon is doing N>1 points of damage base, it just reports "You cause 1 point of damage".

Also I wonder whether multiple attacks (dual wield, bows etc) should really stop after the blow which kills? If you choose to put huge effort into something, it should cost you the AP.

I disagree with this last statement.
  • One of my new players had as his only weapons a fist, and a brave star. Should he be penalized just for using the brave star just because it is his best weapon?
  • Frequently I will attack a dragon and get it down to say 40HP. If I use a normal bow I can kill it with 4 arrows, maybe 5 if I am unlucky. Certainly no more than 6. If I use a sword then it will take me at least two attacks, meaning I probably get another 10 damage done to me. What you are suggesting is that the individual must chose between taking an additional 10 points of damage or wasting 5AP they know that they will almost certainly not need. DWE 23:05, 21 March 2006 (GMT)

Suggestion: Dropping Items & Notes

I want to ditch stuff other players might find useful without waiting at a trading post for days or leaving it at Market, for instance some molten glass or other things co-operative play encourages. How about a drop-box or table at trading posts to leave stuff on? I also want to stand around at trading posts when offline, next to a pile of molten glass with a note around my neck saying 'WILL TRADE MOLTEN GLASS FOR X' or whatever, to make it easier to do that- I've got a pen and paper, how about it? Mind you, I've a zillion empty bottles so not a lot of point in that example unles I can melt them into a glass sword... 18:22, 12 Sep 2005 (BST)

So.. a "Donation box" (would that be different to leaving things at Market for 0GP? Can you do that?) and a "Noticeboard" in towns to advertise services? (should advertising cost nGP/day to avoid spam?) Jmb 12:37, 8 Nov 2005 (GMT)

There is a tip near Earth city....

Not Fun

Using giant amounts of resources and AP to build something, only to have it break within five moves sucks hot, steaming vindaloo monster balls. 'You feel slow' is donkeytacular. I suggest someone adds a page to the wikki which is 'Not Fun', where people can list the things that take away from the experience of playing Cities. Some of the things which make the game harder make it more fun. Some of them are going to drive people away. Let's have some discussion about that which bums us out.

this is why some of the big items are being moved into breaking into parts, rather than being lost for good. I lowered making boats down to 100AP each. I think the golden sickle is a bit brutally expensive, but that's up to Lord Ignatz. I don't make all the rules anymore. Elseware 00:23, 21 February 2006 (GMT)
I've explained the rationale behind the cost of the golden sickle elsewhere, but I'll repeat it here. Foraging with a sickle costs half as much as foraging without one. If you collect all the herbs you'll need for the Hermit, without using a sickle and without any lost or duplicate herbs, you'll spend 480AP. You'll spend only 240AP if you use a sickle. The total AP cost of making a sickle, including sharpening but not including the cost of acquiring the materials, varies with alignment: 200AP for earth, 300AP for air, 400AP for water and 300AP for fire. However, if players cooperate, the total cost can be as low as 100AP (earth makes a dull sickle, air sharpens it). Set against the 240AP reduction in the *minimum* cost of foraging, 100AP is a minor investment.
Golden Sickles *already* break into Dull Golden Sickles. If you think you're going to be able to do much damage to a monster with a soft gold blade, you're sadly mistaken - Golden Sickles deliberately get dull quickly if you use them for something other than that which they're intended for.
As for the materials cost of building a sickle (10000 Gold + 1 Ancient Wood), it's really the ancient wood that presents the biggest hurdle, since Treemen are hard to kill if you don't have a copper weapon. Gold is easily come by, since monsters drop it (or other currencies which can be exchanged for Gold). Compared to the material cost of making an aligned weapon (500 Silver for a knife, 1500 for a sword ,and 3500 for a catana), when there's only a 30% chance of getting a single Silver Ore (which yields 100 Silver on smelting at a cost of 4-20AP) each time you mine in a Mountain (at a cost of between 36AP and 18AP each mining attempt), Golden Sickles are *incredibly* cheap! Nick 10:50, 21 February 2006 (GMT)
I agree with the "You feel slow" comment. That possibility alone has kept me from drinking any dragon's blood. The russian roulette factor is cool, but not when there's a chance of something happening that is irreparable (which is why I don't play russian roulette IRL either). If a dragon's blood detox or some special item could remove the effect, that would be a different story. Even if it was hard to undo, it wouldn't be impossible. Billz8 03:26, 21 February 2006 (GMT)
"You feel slow" only happens after 60 dragon bloods (and even then it's random). For most players, this is fine (looking at the leagues, I see only 9 people who are able to get this effect at the moment). Drugs are bad, m'kay? Moj 10:57, 21 February 2006 (GMT)
In that case, why not display something along the lines of "You feel like your dragon blood addiction is catching up on you" once it starts getting dangerous? 50th dose or something similiar? Srboneidle 20:17, 4 March 2006 (GMT)
I'm sorry Moj, but after a few days thought on this, I have a problem. "Drugs are bad" is one of those arguments you can't disagree with, but that really has nothing to do with the subject at hand. The "You feel slow" effect is terribly damaging and _irreversable_. So damaging that for some of us, we will forgo any potential benefits because of the risk. Whether it can happen after 6 dragon bloods or 60, it's reason enough to never try the stuff; which is tantamount to not having it in the game at all. Frankly, I really don't dare drink it after 4, on the off chance you could be wrong about the 60 figure. If you want something to have heavily negative effects, there are plenty of ways to do so that can be reversible, while still incurring terrible, terrible penalties. I realize this is not up for a vote, and this is a kingdom, not a democracy, but I _still_ vote to either eliminate the "You feel slow" effect and replace it with something incredibly heinous but undoable, or implement some incredibly expensive way to reverse it. -- Sertularian 03:34, 5 March 2006 (GMT)

Wiki Logo

This wiki is a wonderful thing, but it would feel much more polished if it didn't have a placeholder image in the upper-left for the logo. (Granted, that image isn't in every wiki skin.) I'd like to suggest this one over here: Elements. (Alas, it's a framed site, so you'll have to select the link Elements on the left.) I've played with the image in Photoshop, and it shrinks reasonably well. The main catch is getting permission of the artist, via begging, pleading, or purchasing. PotatoEngineer 21:43, 8 March 2006 (GMT)

Cities on your mobile

Would a WAP interface to the game be any use?

Oh, sure. In the same way that a portable heroin dispensary would be useful.  ;) -- Sertularian 17:52, 30 April 2006 (BST)
But really... it gives you the real-life benefit of being able to use up all your action points at times when you're not in a situation to do anything useful. Like on a train. Moreover, I happen to think that the mobile phone games market is pitifully misguided in so many ways, and I'd like for someone to sort them out by demonstrating genres that can actually work on mobile phones. I'm sure someone stands to make a lot of money. I don't care who, I just want the point made.
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