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Drink or eat from it for 5AP each, which gives you a random item of food or drink. Drinking and eating can only be done once every 12 hours. Further attempts will still cost you 5AP, but you'll get the 'dry' and 'empty' messages instead.

Available drinks: Bottle of Coconut Milk, Bottle of Lemon Juice, Bottle of Lime Juice, Bottle of Olive Oil, Bottle of Orange Juice, Bottle of Pineapple Juice, Bottle of Sparkling Water, Can of Red Bull, Cod Liver Oil, Dragon Blood, Mug of Coffee, Mug of Hot Chocolate, Pint of Blood, Pint of Cream, Pint of Milk.

Available food: After-Dinner Mint, Basket of Plums, Beef Steak, Cod, Egg, Flying Fish, Kraken Piece, Lemon, Lime, Lion Fish, Loaf of Bread, Magic Bean, Mushroom, Orange, Piece of Mutton, Piece of Toast, Pizza Slice, Pot of Kraken Klaw Koleslaw, Seaweed Frond, Slice of Bread, Sun Flower.

Also needed to make a Horn of Heimdall.

The Cornucopia is currently not a "sticky item".

Where to get it

Reward from the Magic Egg Hunt quest.

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