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Cucumber Sandwiches are needed for becoming a Duke. It is much easier to make them in a team (one person of each alignment) than it is for individuals; thus, this page is devoted to helping people find said teams.


How to Make Cucumber Sandwiches

A step-by-step guide to making cucumber sandwiches, including the optimal alignments for performing each step, can be found at the Cucumber Sandwiches Table (thanks Sertularian!). You may also find the BeansTable helpful.

If you're making them entirely from scratch, 20 Cucumber Sandwiches (enough for a team of four to all become Dukes) requires 6 Pieces of Wood, 15 Units of Sand, and 25 Magic Beans. And quite a few AP.

Instructions for Using This Page

  1. Review the Cucumber Sandwiches Table so that you're familiar with the process.
  2. Look at the People Needing Groups/Groups Needing People section below. See if there's a partial group that could use someone like you.
  3. If there is, reply directly under their heading (click "edit" on the level of their name, rather than for a larger heading or the whole page). Tell them your alignment, your name, and (if appropriate) what components you already have. Please do not use the below template, as it will create a new heading.
  4. If there isn't, create a new heading at the end of the page. You can copy and paste the following template, filling in as appropriate:
=== ~~~ ===
*Stuff I already have:  
  1. Once you have a full team, coordinate the logistics of meeting, distributing materials, and actually make the sandwiches (remember, you need five sandwiches per group member!). Also place a note that the team is full.
  2. Once you either have made the sandwiches, or are well on your way to doing so, please remove your entire group's entry so that the page does not get cluttered.


  • Do groups have to have four people?
No. If, for example, you already happen to have three Bags of Flour in your inventory, you might decide you really don't need an Earth player. You should specify this sort of thing in your comments. (This is another reason why it's good to explicitly add a note when your group is full.)
An earth player is actually quite important to the team as you need 3 garlics per sandwich. The only person you don't need is a fire player. They can't contribute anything but AP to the process. LittleHamster 09:11, 26 February 2006 (GMT)
It's true that you need a bunch of Garlic. The point is moreso that even Earth, Air, and Water players are not strictly necessary if the rest of the players already have most or all of the required produce (dropped from monsters, bought in the Markets, etc.). If you already have a bottle of olive oil, you don't strictly need an Air player--a Bunch of Grapes is pretty cheap in the markets, and you only need one of them. (However, you still might want that player just to save AP, since slicing bread and cucumbers is AP-intensive.) Dragon 16:58, 26 February 2006 (GMT)
I completely understand your point. Cooperation between players is always a good thing. I'm just a bit annoyed that the only thing you don't need in a fire quest is fire produce! How unfair is that! LittleHamster 17:13, 26 February 2006 (GMT)
  • Do I have to be an Earl already to participate?
No--if you have the basic craft skills, that should be enough. You'll need the cucumber sandwiches eventually if you plan on becoming a Duke sometime later (and who doesn't?).
  • It looks like several groups could use me. Which one should I pick?
If you have a specific reason to prefer one, you can go with it. All things being equal, you should probably pick the first one in the list--since new groups are added to the end of the list, the people at the top have been waiting the longest.
  • Are Fire players good for anything, really?
I sure hope so.  :) It is true that there's a bit of an AP imbalance between the alignments in the optimal method of making cucumber sandwiches, and your group is free to resolve this however you choose. You could ask the Fire player to provide a greater share of the basic components, or take over a few of the duties of the other players (even if it will cost them more AP). If you are a Fire player, you can offer to do either of these, or to give kudos to everyone else, or...whatever you like.
The balance works even better if you combine it with the Treasure Hunt and make everything that can be made for that as well. See Cucumber_Sandwiches_Table for details. BlaisedeC 14:45, 11 April 2006 (BST)
  • I'm a Water player, so I'll be making the sandwiches at the very end. What's to stop me from taking the 20 Cucumber Sandwiches and running?
Basic human decency. And you'll find out the mystery of what having bad Kudos does, because having three people continually dis' you until the end of time is going to hurt your Kudos a lot more than it hurts theirs.
  • Are you just making this page because you're a Fire player who is having problems getting all the stuff together?
Mostly, yes. However, I hope it will be beneficial to other people as well.

People Needing Groups/Groups Needing People


  • Name: gimlet
  • Alignment: Fire, .(
  • I have: Look in my [Inventory].
  • I need: Either a Full Team, or about 32 Air AP + 45 Water AP to assemble pieces for me
  • PAYG me or talk April 22, 2008


  • Name: Tirchan
  • Alignment: Fire, .(
  • I have: Look in my [Inventory].
  • I need: A Full Team
  • PAYG me please! I'll try to help with whatever I can


  • Name: grogman
  • Alignment: Water
  • Stuff I already have: look in my [Inventory].
  • I need:a full team
  • Contact


  • Name: nanamin
  • Alignment: Earth,
  • I have: Look in my [Inventory].
  • I need: A Full Team
  • PAYG me please. September 2, 2010

Industrial sandwich makers and philanthrops


  • Name: parking_god
  • Alignment: Fire
  • I have: Magic Beans, 6 extra slices of bread, empty vial, bottle of olive oil, bottle of vinegar, 15 garlic, knife
  • I need: Nothing, really, as I've already made my sammiches and gotten Duke-ificated. Just payin' it forward for the next Earl with ambition...


  • Name: Verckel
  • Alignment: Air
  • I have: Look in my [Inventory].
  • I need: A Full Team
  • Contact


  • Name: Corellis
  • Alignment: Earth
  • I have: Look in my [Inventory].
  • Like Conzy, I have already finished the quest, but I'm up for helping others with the sammiches of goodness. :)
  • Contact


  • Name: Conzy
  • Alignment: Earth
  • I have: Look in my [Inventory].
  • I have already finished the quest, but I'm always happy to join a team that needs an Earth player for part of the yummy sandwiches ;-)
  • Contact


  • Name: gruther4
  • Alignment: Fire
  • Stuff I already have: Everything
  • Comments: I already have my sandwiches, but since I just finished and I know how difficult it is I'm willing to help others with crafting (in particular making salad dressing, since I already have the vial, oil, and vinegar) for a small price. :) Gruther4 15:51, 8 March 2006 (GMT)

sS Jun Ss

I decided to become a "Cucumber Sandwich Seller" I have enough to make over 20 cucumber Sandwiches. Plz put your offer if u wish to buy some frome me. I already have 32 sandwiches and I have enough to make about 9 more. I will be stocking more :p

How much for 5? - Cameron

Well, I have it at 15000 ea but we can haggle :p
32 ??? How long did it take you to make that ???
Over 1 week :p


  • Name: Teacake
  • Alignment: Water
  • Comments: OK I did the duking sandwich thing, but if anyone wants a water player for collaboration and cooperation, feel free to get in touch.


  • Alignment: Air

Duke Snarfer is done with that, but always glad to help.

None of the alts below (or Snarfer for that matter) wants any compensation for services rendered. It's just for the "good of the (pseudo-) humanity". :)


  • Name: Phw
  • Alignment: Earth
  • I have: finished! But I'm happy to help...

People who have finished the quest but didn't refresh this page

Spacer one

  • Name:Spacer One
  • Alignment: Fire
  • Stuff I already have: an Empty Vial...2 Bits of Molten Glass...2 Bottles of Vinegar...a Cucumber...32 Cucumber Slices...a Bottle of Wine
  • Comments: please contact me via palantir

Spacer one 00:54, 27 March 2006 (BST)

contacted by Schwarz 21:41, 23 April 2006 (BST)


  • Alignment: Water

Another of Snarfer's alts. Earl now. He's in Earth City at the 97E 5N TP. He'll be joined there by Snarler and Snarfie down there (my own partial sandwich-making group... for a bit (don't really know what to do with the AP atm, so might as well waste it on Sandwich-Making)).

Oh, and anyone who brings ingredients that I lack (mostly Magic Beans), I'll make as many sammiches as you need (Earls preferred).


  • Bottle of Vinegar
  • Bottle of Olive Oil
  • A surplus Cucumber or 2, but no Magic Beans (but can grow plenty if someone has)
  • Some surplus Slices of Bread


  • Alignment: Earth

Yet another ready-to-become-Duke alt of Snarfer :P


  • 20 Cloves of Garlic
  • 5 Magic Beans
  • 2 Sheaves of Wheat -> together 32 Slices of Bread, good for 16 Sandwiches


  • Alignment: Fire

Guess whose alt this is? Yup, Snarfer's :)

Has nothing... just AP (and since Fire are hardly useful for the whole, except for the bread-making...) :(


  • Alignment: Air
  • Haves:

basket plums(4) bunch Grapes(7) empty bottle(4) Empty Vial(1) Empty Jar(1) and some magic beans

  • Needs: a team of commando sandwich artists

Contact Via Palantir

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