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Using the Sketch Book reward from the Blue Prince quest, Smiths, Armourers and Master Armourers can create customised weapons.

This a three-stage process. First the weapon template (independent of material) has to be made using the Sketch Book, then this sketch, if acceptable, must be turned into a piece of metalwork (consuming a chosen metal), and then work must be done to turn this into a real, usable weapon.

Etch a Sketch

A Custom Weapon has three values that influence its use and worth:

  • Damage: The base damage a weapon does per hit (before any modifications such as damage multipliers).
Smiths can craft Weapons up to 8 damage
Armourers can craft up to 20 damage
Master Armourers can do up to 100
  • To Hit: The accuracy the weapon adds to your personal to-hit value.
Smiths craft in the range of -100% to +0%
Armourers in the range of -100% to +50%
Master Armourers -100% to +100%
  • Average Lifetime: The expected value of (successful) attacks before your weapon breaks. The reciprocal value is the probability the weapon breaks.
Smiths can craft weapons up to 25 expected lifetime
Armourers can craft up to 100 expected life time (equivalent to a sharp sword)
Master Armourers can do 1000 (equivalent to a Daemonic weapon).

It takes 10 AP to create a sketch (even if you fail from putting in out-of-range values).

The values Damage (DMG), TOHIT and Break (BRK) equate to the Bits of Metal (MET) needed to make a custom weapon.
Smiths can only craft from Bits of Bronze, Armourers can also process Bits of Iron and Master Armourers can choose from these two and Bits of Silver.

For positive TOHIT:
and for negative TOHIT:

There's a calculator on-line, too.


A sketch is turned into a piece of work for 0AP, consuming a quantity of a chosen metal.

  • Silver weapons receive 1 extra attack.
  • Bronze weapons have 20% increased accuracy (a weapon crafted at +10% would actually be +30% when completed).
  • Some people theorize that iron weapons have increased durability, but it is not known how much (if any).

Craft a Weapon

Smithing then requires the use of AP to work on the weapon until it is done. The Units of Work (UoW) are twice the number of Bits of Metal (MET) used. AP can be invested only once in 22 hours; trading the weapon to other armourers doesn't shorten this timespan. Trading only works if the soon to be Custom Weapon is within skill range. Otherwise you only see a message like "This item needs a qualified Master Armourer to work on it."

  Smith ArmourerMaster Armourer
Tinker (25 AP) 40 UoW 50 UoW 70 UoW
Work Hard (50 AP) 60 UoW 75 UoW 105 UoW
Extreme Smithing (100 AP) 80 UoW 100 UoW 140 UoW

You always have to invest at least 25 AP even if there are only 5 UoW left. From 200 UoW down keep an eye on efficient smithing.

  • A piece of work in progress sorts under "weapon".
  • If you decide to do no (further) work on the item, you can "scrap" it (for 10 AP) and the Bits of Metal used to make it are returned to you.
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