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Your damage multiplier reflects your ability to hurt or kill monsters with weapons (or unarmed combat). As the name implies, your total damage dealt per hit is the product of the weapon's base damage, and your damage multiplier.

A new character begins with a damage multiplier of 1. The following quests will each increase your damage multiplier by 1 as long as you remain on the Knight career path:

Completion of all these quests gives a (current) maximum possible damage multiplier of 8.

Temporary boosts to your damage multiplier can also be attained with the aid of certain equipment and consumables:

  • Bacon Sandwich
  • Brown Cow
  • Strange Powder

Wizards have a base damage multiplier of 1 regardless of how many nobility or military service quests have been completed, but certain spells will temporarily give them a higher (in some cases very large) damage multiplier.

Armourers have a base damage multiplier of 1, or 2 if they have completed the duel, but no other nobility or military quests completed can raise this higher.

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