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A new mall has opened in the 'kingdom, and hopes to attract the many currently independent trading establishments under its one roof.

Spread over 25 floors, each with its own distinctive theme, Darth Mall caters for your every consumer whim.

The Mall appears to be mostly abandoned these days.

For a more exciting consumer experience, the hottest new trend in in shopping can be found in the not-so-empty roadside lots East of Windy City,

AmishRobots 22:18, 24 April 2018 (BST)

How to Get There

'Kingdom entrances:

Suburban entrances:

Oz entrances:

You can also break a mall talisman to get in.

However you get there, for 1 AP "you are absorbed into the mall".

Does this mean you can use the Darth Mall to travel basically anywhere? For instance, can I enter in Earth City and exit to Oz? Azuaron 13:26, 25 April 2007 (BST)
You seem to exit to the place you went in, even if you go out an exit that you didn't come in by. Not sure what happens if you broke a talisman though. - Gabor Kiss
If you enter with a talisman, the exits on the lobby level do not work at all. You must talisman back out. --Greycat 18:54, 25 April 2007 (BST)
A Talisman will get you to the corresponding Temple in the 'Kingdom, no matter if you entered the Mall from Oz or anywhere else. Flt 12:57, 5 May 2007 (BST)
Seems this has changed, as I entered the mall through a talisman from Oz, and exited via the lobby into Fire City. --yehman 03:34, 2 September 2007 (BST)

Sometimes the label on the mall entrance changes to read "Hell Mouth". This seems to happen randomly. I've never managed to be on it at the time, so I'm not sure if this changes the actual operation of the portal in any way. Greycat 13:33, 30 May 2007 (BST)

Tested. It does not. -Scrumbucket 02:42, 13 August 2008 (BST)
greycat> Why does the label on the mall entrance sometimes change to
         "Hell Mouth"?
darksatanic> Why not? :)

You can't smoke Fags in here:

No smoking in enclosed spaces. Ain't it a bitch?

Darn, now I have to do that "waiting for AP" thing... - Cameron 14:18, 21 December 2007 (GMT)


Each floor is a 5x5 area, with at each corner a lift to the remaining floors. The ground floor contains four exits, which all take you back to the place from which you entered (unless you used a Mall Talisman). The Lobby squares on the ground floor display a directory of the shop names on each floor. The centre space is taken up by a Statue on the ground floor, and a fountain or open space on the others. Shops and Stalls cannot be set up on the ground floor, but all unused squares on the remaining floors may be used.

A detailed floor plan of the entire mall showing all the shops is also available.

Lift Lobby Exit Lobby Lift
Lobby Lobby Lobby Lobby Lobby
Exit Lobby Statue Lobby Exit
Lobby Lobby Lobby Lobby Lobby
Lift Lobby Exit Lobby Lift

Riding the lifts all day, while fun, is not free - 1AP to any floor.

Please do not use lifts in the event of fire.



As in every mall, there are unwelcome elements hanging around.

  • Mall Rats
  • Sisters
  • Mothers
  • Zombies


Please enter your shop in the floor plan for easy access. The following shop listings are fairly accurate. If you find one is no longer live, please remove it from the list below:

0 Lobby

there are no shops (no empty lots to put them in) here. But walking on any lobby square activates the mall directory, which lists what shops are on which floors (but not their location within that floor)

1 Basic Weapons

2 Collectors

3 Ranged Weapons and Ammo

4 Rare Weapons

Dealing in: Vorpal Blades, Glass Swords, Rainbow Blades, aligned swords, lances, sharp swords, daemonic letter openers, black powder, and a few odds & ends, like Acles, Pocket Watches, and Knives. Free toy unicorns to go with your implements of violent death! (One per customer, please.)
  • LOG IN - Sells vault talismans and magic beans, buys those as well as lots of other produce and Hard Knocks supplies.
  • Mackie's Keen Glassware - specializing in glass swords, glass knives and glass forks as well as vorpal blades, buys cucumber sandwiches

5 Food Court

For all your fruit & veg needs.

Rare fruits in stock! Now stocking herbs!

  • Draconic Sandwiches Return - Sells Fleece, Cream and Wool, buys Cucumber Sandwiches as well as the ingredients.

6 Lingerie

7 Quest Items

  • Hard Knocks and Weapons
  • Aligned Catanas - Pretty self explanatory
  • Kendrick's Bargains - sells a wide array of equipment

8 Pets

9 Farming

10 Travel

11 Nautical

12 Picnic Area

13 Disused

  • Jon's Shop (next to the SE lift) has a complete stock of books and cards which we buy and sell. We buy most types of common weapons and what we don't, our neighbors at Wyrd's Thyngs do. Also, always buying records, time warps and vorpal blades. For a limited time we are also selling Fashionable shirts at the same prices you'd find in Oz.
  • Wyrd's Thyngs (just above the SE lift)specializes in spell reagents, items crafted by wizardly hands and (coming soon) items from the Wizard's Retreat.

14 Flea Market

15 Arts and Crafts

16 Magic: Spells

  • The Drunken Wizard - selling consonants, X's and mugs of ale, buying same and molten glass, a few spells and pints of blood.

17 Magic: Supplies

18 Imports

  • Fine Food and Fare is your one stop for food and drinks from here, there and back again. As soon as we straighten out our permits and upgrade to a full shop, we'll be expanding.

19 Clothing

  • Ferret's Furrier. Fur Coat: 7.5k. Anyone caught with paint on their person will be asked to leave. (also have some cheap bling)

20 Armour

21 Books

  • Merchants Shop has relocated to the new mall. 213E 2000N DSSGCM
Buying Tarot Cards at 850, selling for 1150.
Buying Heinlein Books for 4500, selling for 6000.


  • Cabal HQ has moved.
  • The Cabal Public Relations Dept. may still have temporary offices here (as of this date)

22 Music

23 Offices

24 Mining

25 Festival Gallery

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