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Downers can, when attacked, convert items from your inventory into "lesser" items. The aim of the experiment is to answer the following questions:

  • What items can be downed?
  • Are there any items that can only be obtained through downing?
  • Are there any downed items that are more valuable than the original item?

List of items

Item Downed Item
<Aligned> Bow Piece of Wood
<Aligned> Catana Catana
<Aligned> Knife Knife
<Aligned> Stone Stone
<Aligned> Sword Sharp Sword
<Aligned> Wand Piece of Wood
Arrow Piece of Wood
Big Map Sheet of Paper
Bow Piece of Wood
Card: any Sheet of Paper
Clinic Invite Sheet of Paper
D20 D12
D12 D10
D10 D8
D8 D6
D6 D4
Dose of Magic Powder Unit of Sand
Dragon Stone Stone
Dull Catana Dull Sword
Glass Sword Bit of Glass
Knife Dull Knife
Lance Piece of Wood
Magic Emerald Stone
Magic Opal Stone
Magic Ruby Stone
Map Sheet of Paper
Night Club Piece of Wood
Night Stick Piece of Wood
Pointy Stick Piece of Wood
Repeating Bow Piece of Wood
Sacrificial Sword Sharp Sword
Short Bow Piece of Wood
Silver Sword Sharp Sword
Stranger in a Strange Land (Hardback) Sheet of Paper
Summon Stone Stone
Sun Stone Stone
The art of the Stone Fist Sheet of Paper
Vorpal Blade Rusty Sword
Walking Stick Piece of Wood
Wand of Anger Piece of Wood
Wand of Illusion Piece of Wood
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