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Put it on the end of a Pointy Stick to make a Dragon Spear.

Drink it. The effect of Dragon Blood is random (a percentile roll against a table), but a 1 is added to the roll for each Dragon Blood consumed previously, and the effects get worse as the table goes higher. There is currently no possible way to detox the effects of Dragon Blood.

Please contribute to the Dragon Blood Probabilities page to help determine how useful Dragon Blood is. If interested in the extreme long term impact of Dragon Blood use, refer Duke Hobble MD's research.

Known effects to date:

  • Nothing. "You don't get anything off the blood". --Cube Boyd 20:08, 23 February 2006 (GMT)
  • Resets caffeine tolerance, poison and blood alcohol (drunkenness) to zero. "The dragon blood detoxes your own blood".
Does not reset spice tolerance.
This effect appears to drop out after about the 20th dose (latest recorded detox at dose 16)
I just had a detox at the 18th dose. Aww yeah! Rhapsodie
  • Gives 50AP and increases max AP by 5. "You feel motivated"
  • Removes 50AP and reduces max AP by 3. "You feel demotivated"
Minimum of 0
  • Gives 100AP and increases HP to max HP. "You feel stimulated"
  • Removes 100AP to a minimum of 1 and drops max AP by 5 "You feel really demotivated"
Rare for early doses, but becomes more common from dose 10
Got from 101 to 78max AP in using doses 15-33. Just something to think about before drinking :) paplaukes 15:30, 4 April 2006 (BST)
  • Gives 50HP and increases max HP by 5. "You feel stronger"
The +50HP goes over max HP Ream 15:04, 6 November 2008 (GMT)
  • Removes 50HP to a minimum of 1 hp and reduces max HP by 3. "Searing pain rips through your body"
  • Removes 100HP to a minimum of 1 hp and reduces max HP by 5. "You feel so very weak"
First recorded occurrence at dose 23
Occurred at dose 22 wfpsy
  • Increases max AP by 10. "You feel really good"
Roughly 1% chance
  • Increases max HP by 10. "You feel really healthy"
Roughly 1% chance
  • Reduces to-hit by 5%. "You feel clumsy"
earliest record on the Dragon Blood Probabilities page: dose 44 Kepler 03:28, 18 April 2006 (BST)
  • Increases the time taken to regain AP by 1 minute. "You feel slow"
This effect is only possible after drinking 60 Dragon Bloods.

Where to get it

Kill a dragon.

I was wondering do u always get dragon blood when killing dragons or is it randomised? bobtheslayer ^-^ 10:00 am pst

As far as I remember you almost always get one. Anyway, unless you want to beat the record of dragon doses consumed, you won't lack of dragon blood.
i just realized that i went on a dragon killing spree and i got only about 15 for the 25 dragons i have killed but i had to stop no because i had 12 hp and i used one now im out of hp and ap so im heading out to get healed. bobtheslayer 1:33pm pst sep. 2 06
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