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These are open to discussion. I'm interested to see what the community can agree on as good manners.

This is different to the playing guidelines, which will be enforced. Neither is it necessarily a community-agreed preferred way of playing, although it might be slowly moving towards that - it only takes one person to add something to this page. Please use your own common and moral senses.



Good Etiquette

  • Finding a player's lost inventory (on a monster) and returning it.
  • Helping out players who've lost all their stuff.
  • Correcting typos and spelling mistakes in the wiki. (But not Elseware's in the game!)
  • Healing weak players even when all your medical quests are completed.
  • Checking the damage level on a big one-off monster (e.g., The Giant or Sir Tim) with a magic opal before attacking to make sure that it isn't being fought by another person present.
  • Killing someone else's ooze.
  • Giving gifts to players who host free parties.
This is not so easy to do now you can't trade at parties anymore.


  • Stealing a hat. It's not *good*, but nor is it bad.
Try and figure out if the person is doing a quest. For some quests like the Gauntlet, or the Undead Monster taking a hat is rather rude, since that person may be counting on the benefits to finish the quest.
  • Finding a player's lost inventory (on a monster) and returning some of it.
  • Harvesting crops from an abandoned field.

Bad Etiquette

  • Looking for monsters which have killed players and killing the monsters without returning the stuff.
  • Complaining when you lose a hat.
  • Removing somebody's hat solely for the purpose of tearing it up.
  • Hiding in a locked square of your guild hall so no one can steal your hat (you know who you are).
  • Killing a very weakened monster, with a player next to it (clearly they've run out of AP). (also especialy if it has been changed in its alignment.)
This is ESPECIALLY true with the Undead Dragon.
  • Killing a weakened monster that someone has dibs on.
  • Finding an exploit (some way to make unlimited money or AP easily) and exploiting it so that the council of great lords notice and disable it.
  • Healing people in Limbo that are likely to never return to the game to fulfill the healing quests (I didn't see people last time I was in Limbo, shortly after Elseware's changes to it Syagrius 23:25, 6 March 2006 (GMT) )

I don't see why this is bad... or is this a moot point now? Jeffh 11:04, 9 June 2007 (BST)

  • Summoning someone (without warning) to a location.
  • Summoning an on-call doctor (without warning) to a location, using them for healing, and moving on (but it is funny).
Except for members of Thee Hippocratic Order of Flying Doctors. BlaisedeC 21:25, 10 March 2006 (GMT)
  • Summoning or brooming someone off of their field in order to steal their crops.
  • Using a spare character to do tasks which would earn your other character negative kudos (looting corpses, etc).
  • Summoning an Earl (without warning) to a trading post, giving them five cucumber sandwiches, and moving on (but it is funny).
Discussion moved here.
  • Kicking over someone's sand castle!
  • Killing a more than Gen 1 Phoenix - Especially when the player busting it up is stood next to it obviously lacking AP. When the phoenix is above Gen 10 it is just spiteful!
What if the players isn't there? I killed a Phoenix someone had been building up who came and grumbled about it to me afterwards. The thing is, he wasn't actually standing next to it, so how was I to know?
The player most likely either ran to a nearby healer to get patched up, or was killed by the Phoenix. A magic emerald will tell you which. Grow your own! -- Sertularian 13:57, 10 February 2007 (GMT)
  • Setting off a fireworks display, building a fort, or casting a spell with a localized environmental effect on a party. Any of these actions will override the party's AP regen reducing effects and cause everyone there to dis you, snowball you, poke you, and general make you feel like the biggest jerk in the world (which you are). -- X-Himy 14:28, 13 November 2006 (GMT)
  • Asking someone on call to heal you for many hundreds of HP when there is a healer near by (especially in a city). An MD can heal 10 HP for 5 AP. If the amount of AP required greatly exceeds 50, heal yourself using a Dragon Stone or use the healer.
This point is by no means a consensus. See the discussion here
  • Hitting a jabberwock 6 or 7 times, then leaving without finishing it off - thereby screwing up other people who are trying to find them using a tarot deck.
  • Giving another player at a party a bunch of Tribbles then running away.
  • Killing Golems clearly intended for people trying to complete the Military Service quest when you have already notched up a Golem kill of your own.
  • Dissing someone with an alt. If you're going to do it, do it yourself (yes, I mean you)!

Good Wiki Etiquette

  • Posting/updating on the Wiki, esp. when you discover it lacks something.
  • Using the DISCUSSION option to talk over a point in the wiki!
  • Always using four tildes (~) to sign the wiki so we have a user name and time stamp!
  • Removing long lists of items after the topic is outdated.
  • Checking for a possible alphabetical order before adding new entries to monsters or items.
  • When adding a new entry to the Trading Post, searching for somebody whose needs are symbiotic.
  • Liberal use of the Preview Button
  • Reorganizing areas which wholly lack organization
  • Plugging holes in data when you find them
  • If the data does not exist, yours is the kingdom if you put forth the effort to discover in the name of SCIENCE!

Etiquette and Kudos

Some things which are good/bad etiquette may effect your kudos. Just because you don't get an in-game penalty for it doesn't mean that you're not a jerk for doing it. Suggestions on what should cost/give kudos are welcome.

  • Only having one character <grin>
  • Being an active member of Koot (every corpse donated)?
  • Being generous with information on the wiki (i.e. releasing info)?
  • Being in the top X of HP healed league?
  • Helping a character kill slime on the Pandora's socks quest?
  • Removing spam from the Wiki <grin>
  • Summoning people to hard to reach locations (Islands)
Is that one really a good thing? You're shortcutting the experience someone would have by being able to get there by themselves. But, this is just a game, so it's not like it's a big deal. --Gaccm 21:05, 20 February 2006 (GMT)
  • Adding locations to the wiki

Havelock2 14:22, 15 February 2006 (GMT)

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