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Upload spells to it for later use. The cost of loading a spell is 10AP, the spell itself, the reagent item(s) and the normal amount of Mana squared. The normal AP cost of casting (or that stated in the dropdown) is not used. Note - you have to use scrolls - you can't upload things from your spellbook!

You have to have completed the relevant quest both to make, and to upload. If you try uploading without having completed the quest, you are told:

You don't know how to work this.

The Eye Pod can be played for 1AP, and all the spells are played and deleted, however you do not lose the now-empty Eye Pod.

Eye Pods are unique items and can be named; a separate description can also be applied.


Wizards gain the ability to make New Eye Pods after completing the Trail of Trials and choosing door #2. They can be opened for 1 AP to give you an Eye Pod.

Apprentice 10AP 3 Sheep Eyes 8 Mana
New Eye Pod
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