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I've don't want to make any money out of cities. It's run off my work webserver so that's kinda a bad idea.

If it gets too popular, I've considered asking for donations to buy a box to run it on. The bandwidth is not significant, it's the server load that kicks.

But.. until then I've been considering running some charity related auction.

I don't want to give away huge advantages as I don't approve of buying status.

Possible rewards:

  • get to design (within game fairness) a new monster/quest/item/locaton etc.
  • get to have a modified character view
  • a vantiy location. ie. a location which is "***'s house"
  • suggestions welcome

My idea is to run it as an ebay auction with, say, 3 places. Or maybe 3 auctions.

So my questions are:

  • does anyone care?
  • do you trust me not to just keep the money. I'm not willing to provide any proof that I passed it on. I can possibly (with their agreement) get respectable references as to character. I'm not rich but I am not a scammer. If I was worried about income I'd be leveraging citise in a more straight forward way.
  • what should the rewards be? As I said above, they should not get significant game benefit. Ideally they should be fun for everyone or just give you warm fuzzies without actually improving stats.
  • What charity is good? I was thinking of donating to the victims of the Boxing day tidal wave of last year. If people aren't comfortable with that my usual charities are wikipedia and FSF. I'd consider allowing people to specify.
  • have you got other fun ideas for cities related events? They don't have to be charity related. ie. a certain monster spawns for one week only, the people who kill the most get some reward (as above).
    • Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, pick me (Havelock waves like a demented monkey) - can we have a Grinch killing competition or a Santa's Elves killing competition for the Scrooges amongst us? (Cos I'm sure you've nothing better to do at this time of year :>) Havelock2 11:21, 1 Dec 2005 (GMT)

A promise. will never be used as a source of income for me. I might sell the code or something (hah!) but I want give any meaningful advantage in return for money.

ps. I know I still owe someone a lighter. You _will_ get it. At some point.

pps. Another idea: Cities t-shirts. I considered making an image of the map from 0,0,to 99E,99N and making a cafepress t-shirt. (at cost, not profit). Would people want one?

Elseware 01:21, 1 Dec 2005 (GMT)

I would dig a t shirt, and having a vanity point would be cool too.. "Whose house? JON 'S HOUSE!" ahem.. yeah, all of the above sounds neato to me.


The T-shirt would be great. I am still kicking myself for missing the Lemur ones a few years ago. As far as charity goes, you may raise more in some other format, where everyone pays but X "high bidders" get X prizes. Additional prize suggestions: statues (like ***'s house, but more public). Could be found near towns, or carved into the side of crags or mountains. Perhaps they would give some small bonus to the benefactor, or to anyone, but only when they are there...10% chance each hour of +1AP, 50% chance of curing poison or inebriation at noon and midnight, etc. If this were reasonable, perhaps the benefactor could specify the bonus. Droll 03:03, 1 Dec 2005 (GMT)

The entertainment I get from it is certainly worth a few quid so I'm in for whatever you decide, just make sure paypal is ok would be my suggestion! (Dave Douro 03:26, 1 Dec 2005 (GMT))
If I can find a reliable way to pay into the charity from paypal that would make it all really easy.

Aha - ebay offers a way to list an item and get it donated to charity....


Ideas for Prizes

All prizes subject to negotiation. ie. You can't ask for something too annoying or unbalanced. Some ideas may be too complex to implement. The final say is elseware's.

  • Vanity Location
  • Vanity Location with custom feature
  • New Quest
  • New Item
  • New set of Items
  • New basic monster (ie. like bees, firefox, etc.)
  • New complex monster (ie. triffid, thief, tar baby)
  • New Common Location (wells in the wilderness could be replaced with something more interesting)
  • Custom background image for your character.

Feedback on Ideas

Rather than have an auction I'd be happy to pay £5 or £10 via paypal or ebay for a special item only available to those who donate - letter to Santa? (To reduce you workload this item / donation is only run once a year) Then everyone who has a letter to Santa gets a Xmas pressy. Or a charity red nose (which reduces monster damage / increases total HP / AP etc) this means that you could sell 50 or so items at a tenner each and raise £500 as opposed to a single auction which might not reach that much (but then again who knows?). Finally one of the concerns was that the Asian Tsunami generated an awful lot of money as it was so spectacular - perhaps the recent Earthquake in Pakistan would be more deserving (or even Shelter in the UK who usually run a Xmas appeal). T-shirts or Mugs would be good Havelock2 11:02, 1 Dec 2005 (GMT)

I concur with Havelock2's comments on the charity; DEC ( are currently coordinating the Asia quake appeal, which is seen as a more pressing acute problem than the tsunami. Failing that, I agree that Shelter would be a good recipient. Nick 11:07, 1 Dec 2005 (GMT)

Auction Feedback

OK, I'll kick off the bidding I'm hoping for something along the lines of "A bronzed colossus stands astride the road here with the legend 'I can see your house from here' carved into the granite plinth" or alternatively "A small sad pile of bricks has been clumsily placed on top of each other in this place, you begin to wonder why... then realise that you don't really care." (ebay: Otto_Chriek) Havelock2 12:41, 1 Dec 2005 (GMT)

Spam Prevention

The wiki seems to be getting increasing amounts of spam on certain pages - all of which are empty anyway. Is it worth protecting these pages to stop this 'batch' of spammers? Or possibly having an 'I am not a spammer' checkbox as part of the editing process? Moj 13:58, 18 Dec 2005 (GMT)

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