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Festival Map

Bad Lands Hills Dragon Field Stone Circle


Shrine Hills
Tor Station
The Downlow


Trash City Green Field

Trading Post

Healing Field Lady Caroline's Turrets
Bad Lands Hills Kings Meadow Field of Avalon Green Field Crags
Healer Forest Market

General Store

Joe Bananas

General Store

The Glade Bad Lands
Alchemist Ruin Ruin Parking Field

Taxi Rank

Hills Lake

Things to do at the Festival

  • Visit the Stone Circle 83E 65N DSSGCM at dawn (04:00-04:30 GMT) as part of the Quest of Time and Space.
  • Spot a Stoner and a Hippy.
  • Offer a Stoner a light.
  • Beat up Hippies for the free beer.
  • Gamble the night away at the Lost Vagueness casino.
  • Catch a train from Tor Station (requires a valid ticket or Oyster to enter).

Local Attractions

Joe Bananas will sell you a Pair of Wellys for 2000GP.

Pick up a tash at Trash City and check out the exclusive mustache club Downlow.

removing your tash while at the Downlow will not get you kicked out of the bar, quite the opposite, in fact.

Getting There

You can take a Taxi for 1000 GP. Or see Talk:Festival for the fastest overland route, if you're walking.

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