Fire Sword

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Weapon: Fire Sword
Damage Attacks To Hit
4 ×1 +10% ?%

Break for 1AP. Teleports you to Fire City (or Crimson City if you're in Oz).

Shamans can make a Flaming Sword from two Fire Swords.


Attack a Fire Dragon with a Silver Sword.

Wizards can create Bound Salamanders using the Bind Elemental spell, which can be used to align a Sharp Sword. Anyone can use a Bound Salamander, but it is unlikely that anyone but a Wizard would have one.

Fire 4AP Iron Ore 4 Units of Charcoal
100 Bits of Iron
Earth 20AP 500 Bits of Iron
Dull Sword
Air 20AP Dull Sword
Sharp Sword
Fire 30AP Sharp Sword Bound Salamander
Fire Sword
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