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Notes on the Herman the Hermit quest. Some of these notes may be considered spoiler material.



When you collect herbs, they are initially known only by a descriptive name, like "a Bunch of Curly Green Leaves". On completion of the quest you will discover their real names, but in much of the discussion and notes below it is easier to stick to the former names.

Not all herbs are found equally in all places where you might forage. The location table below shows what can be found where.

As Herman will take all of a given kind of herb when you offer one, secreting spares may be useful, and it's worth teaming up with someone (or several someones) to avoid losing your hard-earned crops. There's a Trading Post a few steps away from Herman at 19E 58N DSSGCM, on the Trail just before the Dark Mountains.

Another table is given here showing the real names of the herbs.

AP Cost

AP costs are given for non-sickle wielding foraging. If you use a Golden Sickle, AP costs are reduced by half. The AP cost when you are under the influence of a Gimlet is a bit odd: if you have no sickle, costs are reduced by three-quarters; if you have a sickle, costs are reduced by five-sixths.

Location AP cost AP cost with Sickle AP cost with Gimlet AP cost with Gimlet and Sickle
Green squares, Forest, Badlands, Cut Jungle 24 12 6 4
Desert 96 48 24 16
Jungle 48 24 12 8

Herb location table

Please use unidentified names. Things not required by the hermit (but still obtained by foraging) are marked as bold

Location Herbs found
Plains (aka Fields, Glade, Golf Course, Graveyard, Ground, Hills, Meadow, Pasture, Sand Trap, Track, Valley)
  • Pinch of Small Brown Seeds
  • Bunch of Small Green Leaves
  • Bunch of Curly Green Leaves
  • Bunch of Pointed Aromatic Leaves
Forest (aka Thieves Forest, Woods)
  • Small Black Berry
  • Handful of Papery Flowers
  • Piece of Bark
  • Brown Fleshy Root
Wilderness (aka Clearing, Downs, Heath, Hills, Trail)
  • Red Seed Pod
  • Small Blue-black Berry
  • Knobbly Root
  • Bunch of Pale Hairy Leaves
Badlands (aka Dusk Plain, Dust, Tundra)
  • Bunch of Dark Green Needles
  • Pointed Red Fruit
  • Bunch of Long Silvery Leaves
  • Bunch of Small Yellow Leaves
Jungle (aka Primeval Jungle)
  • Large Hard Seed
  • Elongated Seed Pod
  • Fleshy Seed Pod
  • Yellow Fleshy Root
Dragon Spire
Thick Jungle
  • Cannot be foraged
Cut Jungle

Note: once you begin the toxicology quest, foraging results in some terrains will change.

Table of real names

Item foraged Herman identified it as Where to find it
Brown Fleshy Root Ginseng Root Forest
Bunch of Curly Green Leaves Sprig of Parsley Plains
Bunch of Dark Green Needles Sprig of Rosemary Badlands
Bunch of Long Silvery Leaves Sprig of Sage Badlands
Bunch of Pale Hairy Leaves Sprig of Wormwood Wilderness
Bunch of Pointed Aromatic Leaves Sprig of Mint Plains
Bunch of Small Green Leaves Sprig of Oregano Plains
Bunch of Small Yellow Leaves Sprig of Thyme Badlands
Elongated Seed Pod Vanilla Pod Jungle
Fleshy Seed Pod Cocoa Pod Jungle
Handful of Papery Flowers Handful of Hops Forest
Knobbly Root Ginger Root Wilderness
Large Hard Seed Nutmeg Jungle
Piece of Bark Piece of Chinchona Bark Forest
Pinch of Small Brown Seeds Pinch of Aniseed Plains
Pointed Red Fruit Chilli Pepper Badlands
Red Seed Pod Rose Hip Wilderness
Small Black Berry Juniper Berry Forest
Small Blue-black Berry Sloe Wilderness
Yellow Fleshy Root Mandrake Root Jungle

Herb exchange

See Foraging Swap.

Other Notes

(I've tidied these to here from scattered comments above, and have added a few lines for context where separated from e.g. an original poster listing themselves as foraging) - jmb 22:16, 7 June 2006 (BST)

Some of this would be better on the discussion page.

Whats and whys

  • I'd guess you can forage for "Herbs" in Gardens once you have learned how to identify them. And might be able to make boozes, juices or foods using those "Herbs"
    • I understand that once a Herb is identified, it'll be identified as such when foraged in future and Herman won't "relieve" you of it when you next visit him. This goes for foraging in all different terrain types, not just the Gardens. Chad 13:10, 15 February 2006 (GMT)

(from Ade)

A question I cannot seem to get answered anywhere. Each time I turn in a herb, it shows up on my Me page as I can indentify it. So my guess is foraging in the future will result in a Ginseng root instead of a brown fleshy root. Which means I can more accurately make things with the things I find.
However, I only need to turn in twenty to complete the quest. There are more than twenty herbs. Will I be able to indentify everything when the quest is completed 100 percent?
Yes; there are only 20 herbs that you can't identify before you start the quest.

What exactly is "Dust"? It's listed in the table as a terrain type but it's not in the terrain section of the wiki. Anyone know? I seem to remember that at one time it said on the Kansas page there was dust all around the garden, but it didn't say anything about that when I checked, so I don't know whether I just imagined it or not. ;-) Jatt 03:22, 5 May 2006 (BST)

Naming conventions

I noticed that a couple of entries in the above table (A sprig of Oregano and a sprig of Mint) seem to herbs that are now identified, rather than unrecognised goods. May I suggest we just use the above table for unidentified items which will make it easier to source what Herman asks for? Please add to the table below once you've learned to identify new Herbs. Chad 12:45, 15 February 2006 (GMT)

Not required en voyage

Has anybody been looking for herbs that DO NOT appear on the above list or in the market? ie Elongated Seed Pod? Eyepeel 13:01, 18 February 2006 (GMT)

Yes. Yellow fleshy root. e.bstan 13:05, 18 February 2006 (GMT)

Foraging Probabilities

See also Big Brother.

Location Herbs found
  • a Bunch of Dark Green Needles: 16 (32.7%)
  • a Pointed Red Fruit: 2 (4.1%)
  • a Bunch of Long Silvery Leaves: 11 (22.4%)
  • a Bunch of Small Yellow Leaves: 20 (40.8%)
  • Total: 49
  • a Red Seed Pod (Rosehip): 13 (32.5%)
  • a Small Blue-black Berry (Sloe): 15 (37.5%)
  • a Knobbly Root (Ginger): 8 (20.0%)
  • a Bunch of Pale Hairy Leaves (Wormwood): 4 (10.0%)
  • Total: 40
  • a Pinch of Small Brown Seeds (Pinch of Aniseed): 13 (31.0%)
  • a Bunch of Small Green Leaves (Sprig of Oregano): 5 (11.9%)
  • a Bunch of Curly Green Leaves (Sprig of Parsley): 15 (35.7%)
  • a Bunch of Pointed Aromatic Leaves (Sprig of Mint): 9 (21.4%)
  • Total: 42
  • a Yellow Fleshy Root: 7 (43.75%)
  • a Fleshy Seed Pod: 6 (37.5%)
  • an Elongated Seed Pod: 2 (12.5%)
  • a Large Hard Seed 1 (6.25%)
  • Total: 16
  • a Bunch of Pointed Aromatic Leaves: 6 (25%)
  • a Bunch of Curly Green Leaves: 8 (33.3%)
  • a Pinch of Small Brown Seeds: 4 (16.7%)
  • a Bunch of Small Green Leaves: 6 (25%)
  • Total: 24
  • a Piece of Bark: 2 (25%)
  • a Small Black Berry: 3 (37.5%)
  • a Handful of Papery Flowers: 2 (25%)
  • a Brown Fleshy Root: 1 (12.5%)
  • Total: 7
Cut Jungle
  • Blue Flower: 7 (17.1%)
  • Fern: 29 (70.7%)
  • Yellow Flower: 5 (12.2%)
  • Total: 41
  • wormwood: 4 (15%)
  • sloe: 8 (31%)
  • ginger: 8 (31%)
  • rose hip: 6 (23%)
  • total: 26
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