Glass of Absinthe

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Drink it! (to-hit penalty? healing?)

Gives three points of goth fashion if held.


For sale for 2000GP in the Temple of Love, east from Fire City.


Fire 2AP Piece of Wood
Unit of Charcoal
Fire 3AP 2 Units of Charcoal 5 Units of Sand
Bit of Molten Glass
Air 3AP Bit of Molten Glass Earth 2AP Bunch of Grapes
Empty Bottle Crushed Bunch of Grapes
Water 3AP Empty Bottle Crushed Bunch of Grapes
Bottle of Wine
Fire 3AP 3 Bottles of Wine
Bottle of Vodka + 2 Empty Bottles
Water 2AP Bottle of Vodka Sprig of Wormwood
Glass of Absinthe
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