Golden Gun

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Weapon: Golden Gun
Damage Attacks To Hit
gold/2 ×1 ≡100% 33%

Does damage equal to half your gold. Damage multiplier does not apply, but you can double damage by aligning foes as usual. Gold is used up in the attack. Drogna and Shillings are also used up, but they don't add to the damage. Will not work on Vampires, Ninjas, Vindaloo Monsters or the Undead Dragon.

Sell to Seb's Stuff in Bentnob for 10000 gold.

Where to get it

Buy one from Seb's Stuff in Bentnob for 60000 gold.

Buy one from Mendoza's in the Mysterious City of Gold and Lead for 20000 gold.

Rarely dropped by monsters.

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