Gorgan-zola Sandwich

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Making a Picnic Basket.

Eat it for +MaxHP. The formula is (20/number of sandwiches eaten), so the progression is +20, +10, +6, +5, +4, +3. Only six sandwiches can be eaten.


Earth 3AP Sheaf of Wheat
Bag of Flour
Water 1AP 3 Bags of Flour
Handful of Dough
Fire 10AP Handful of Dough
2 Loaves of Bread
Air 1AP Loaf of Bread Neutral 1AP Pint of Milk Head of the Gorgan
8 Slices of Bread 1 Slice of Gorgan-zola Cheese
Water 3AP 2 Slices of Bread 4 Slices of Gorgan-zola Cheese
Gorgan-zola Sandwich

Catalysts are italic.

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