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Guilds: Bringing Craftspeople (and other people, and secret world-domination societies) Together

This page is serves as an explanation of the guild system in Cities, a place for the advertisement of guilds in Cities, and a source for information on how to start your own guild.


How do guilds work in Cities

To create your guild, you have to buy a guild permit at the Guild Registry for 200,000. Then you can create your guild hall underneath any(?) terrain.

Guild Halls cannot be created beneath Asgard terrain squares

Creating a Guild Hall will generate an Entrance Square. To add more rooms, clear out spaces using Mining Tools and use the Kits below. Each guild seems to be created in its own subplane and it is not possble to tunnel from one guild hall to another. (At least this is the case between the Stonecutters Guild and the Forbidden Guild, which are only about 70 spaces apart but seperated by a void)

What guilds exist already in Cities

In the order in which they appeared...

Guildmaster: Sgt. Duke dragon MD
Location: 4E 98N DSSGCM
Facilities: Trading Post, Store Room, Temple, Comms Room, Teleporter (Interior), Teleporter (Base of Oz Mountain Trail), Ticket Office, Treasury, Tube to the Catacombs
Guildmaster: Master Armourer Rockefellow
Location: 89E 3N DSSGCM
Facilities: Trading post, Store Room (x2), Temple, Comms Room, Bathroom, Forge, Teleport (Entrance to R'1yeh)
Guildmaster: Sgt. Duke BortJr
Location: 14E 94N DSSGCM
Guild Location: Temple, Store Room, Stables, Treasury, Communication Room
Branch Beneath Fire Shrine: Ticket Office (x2) Teleporter (School of Hard Knocks), Teleporter (Ninja Island), Den of Golden Fleece (Hat Resale)
Guildmaster: Sgt. Duke Billz8 MD
Location: 11E 5N DSSGCM
Facilities: Temple...much more once I finish the Master Armourer Quest, or one joins the guild.
Guildmaster: Sir Schnorrer
Location: Under the The Crown 96E 5N DSSGCM (coffee proved too crippling)
Facilties: Lobby, a Humidor (on loan) and close to a bevvy.
Guildmaster: Andrewsi
Location: 10E 90N DSSGCM
Facilities: Cool Stuff
Guildmaster: Sgt. Duke Phw MD
Location: 95E 1N DSSGCM
Facilities: Trading Post, Store Room, Temple, Comms Room, Ticket Office, Teleporters (Goodyear Pimp, HoGo and Haunted Farm), Treasury
Guildmaster: Sgt. Duke Azuaron MD
Location: Royal Wine Bar DSSGCM
Facilities: Entrance, Temple, Store Room Treasury, Comms Room.
Guildmaster: Wizard ScurvyPirate
Location: 84E 5N DSSGCM
Facilities: Entrance, Temple, and a Guild Teleporter to Brighthelm
Guildmaster: Unknown
Location: 11E 31S DSSGCM (Yes, inside the forbidden city)
Facilities: None
Guildmaster: Denny Crane
Location: 91E 96 DSSGCM
Facilities: Entrance, Trading Post, Fortress of Guilitude, Treasury, Teleport to Church of Rodney in Bognor
Location: 95E 100N DSSGCM
Guildmaster: User:JaneEveryone ?
Location: ???
Facilities: ???
Members: JaneEveryone, ???

(information plz??) AmishRobots 08:40, 7 September 2017 (BST)

Guildmaster: Master Armourer Amishrobots
Location: Windy Surburbs: 9e 1n DSSGCM
Facilities: A Rocky Horror.

What do I need to start my own guild

A guild permit

Bought at the 'King's castle for 200,000 GP

Player built items

Item Mana Au Stones Wood Fe Bone Paper Relics Contract Palantirs Antennas Cu Power Crystals Career AP
Guild Temple Kit - 50,000 50 100 - - - 10 - - - - M. Armourer 400
Guild Tunnel Kit - 10,000 50 50 - - - - - - - - Armourer 100
Guild Trading Post Kit - 30,000 50 100 - - - - - - - - M. Armourer 200
Guild Store Kit - 30,000 50 100 - - - - - - - - M. Armourer 200
Guild Teleport Kit - 40,000 50 100 - - - - - - - 5 M. Armourer 300
Guild Comms Room Kit - 30,000 50 100 - - - - 10 1 - - M. Armourer 200
Guild Ticket Office Kit - 30,000 50 100 - - 20 - - - - - M. Armourer 200
Guild Treasury Kit - 30,000 50 100 - - - - - - - - M. Armourer 200
Guild Locker 8 5,000 - - 100 - - - - - - - any 20
Guild Namer 8 5,000 - - - - 1 - - - - - any 20
Guild Decorator 8 5,000 - - - - 10 - - - - - any 20
Relic 4 - - - - 10 - - - - - - any 20
Antenna - - - - - - - - - - 500 - Armourer 20


The following are weekly upkeep costs for individual guild squares. Each maintenance costs 1AP. Guild rooms can be pre-maintained in advance, building up a number of weeks grace before the rooms require further maintenance.

MaintenanceGold PiecesPieces of WoodStonesOther
Temple200020201 Mana
Trading Post20003010-
Comms Room200030101 Contract Palantir
Teleport200030101 Power Crystal
Ticket Office200020105 Sheets of Paper

Maintenance time is not affected by Time Warps.

What Guild items do

A Guild Permit will start the guild off by creating:

  • Lobby: The entrance hall of a guild.

Each of the kits builds the associated terrain, which does the following:

  • Tunnel: Basic room with no special functions.
  • Temple: Allows others to join the guild. Pretty much a requirement for almost any guild
  • Store Room: Acts just like a vault.
  • Trading Post: Standard Trading Post.
  • Comms Room: Allows messages to be sent to all registered guild members
  • Teleport: Allows teleporting to a fixed location for 1 AP.

The other items have the following uses:

  • Locker: Prevents a square of Guild Terrain from being accessed by non-Guild members when it's surrounded by other guild terrain..
  • Namer: Renames a square of Guild Terrain
  • Decorator: Decorates a square of Guild Terrain with a background image.

Leaving a Guild

You can leave a guild by using a Guild Resignation Letter, purchased at the Guild Registry for 5000 gold. Leaving a guild takes 1 AP.

GUILD: Master Armourer Cor has resigned!
GUILD: Master Armourer Cor is leaving!

If you enter Limbo while still in a guild, you can be ejected by the guildmaster (or oldest active member, if the guildmaster is in Limbo) at the next Guild Initiation.

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