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The Armourers Guild - Getting Hammered So You Don't Have To!


Guild Members

Hammered Elders

The elders were here when the guild started, or near to it.

Smiths and Armourers

Our brothers and sisters that are not founding members, but as trustworthy and in no way inferior to the Hammered Elders:


Enchanters are honourary armourers who happen to be able to cast spells (i.e. apprentices and shamans). They use their spells and mana to enhance guild products (crafting blings, binding weapons, etc)


Pending Members

The following members are either pending a formal induction or have asked to join our ranks.

Honorary Members

The following members have done great service to Armourerhood in general or the Society in particular

Retired Members

The following members have gone on to The Hammered Anvil Retirement Home and Tiki Bar, where they can quaff beverages and perfect the "Hammered" part of the Hammered Anvil Society.

Rent a Hammer

The Hammered Anvil Factory Showroom

The Hammered Anvil Factory Showroom sells a variety of miscellaneous items (Books, Cabinets, Trebuchets, and so forth). Look for us on the 15th floor of Darth Mall by the northwest lift.

Custom Orders

We try to fulfill all requests as quickly as possible. Things we can make for you include:

If we don't have the item for sale in one of the stores, add your name, location, and the item(s) requested to the list below, and a guild member will get back to you as soon as possible.


Rates are as follows:

Item We Provide Materials You Provide Materials Double Materials
Silver Ankh 30,000 21,000 Free
Bronze Axe 10,000 5,000 Free
Misril Axe 20,000 10,000 Free
Cocktail Shaker 16,000 8,000 Free
Bling Bling 2,000 1,000 Free
New Cabinets 24,000 12,000 Free
Dogbots Not available 20,000 Free
Custom Weaponry 30 GP/AP required. Use the Arms Cost Calculator to give you the best guesstimate at what your weapon will cost (and how much time it will take)}
Guild Trading Post Kit 80,000 40,000 TBD
Guild Comms Room Kit 112,000 56,000 TBD
Guild Tunnel Kit 48,000 24,000 TBD
Guild Store Kit 80,000 40,000 TBD
Guild Temple Kit 240,000+ 120,000 TBD
Guild Teleport Kit Not Available 96,000 TBD
Guild Treasury Kit 126,000 48,000 TBD
Guild Ticket Office Kit 80,000 40,000 TBD
Guild Stairs Kit 50,000 (You provide Glories) 25,000 TBD
Suit of Leather Armour 16,000 8,000 N/A
Suit of Iron Armour 36,000 18,000 N/A

Note that rates may increase when raw materials are provided (Bits of Iron instead of Pieces of Mail, for example). If Gold Pieces are used up during the construction, those count as materials.

Custom Order Sign up

Sign up at the bottom of this table:

Name Item Status Armourer
Thog 1 Suit of Leather Armor

Join the Guild!

The guild welcomes all master armourers, armourers and smiths. Become a member today!

Anvil House

The HAS Guild Hall can be found here. In-game, it's just outside Earth City.

(Hopefully) Satisfied Customers

Name Item
andrewsi A whole bunch of leather armour
spugmistress A New Cabinet
Jennyann A New Cabinet
andrewsi A New Cabinet
Pip A New Cabinet
Jon A New Cabinet
Tulk A New Cabinet
Ravensdance A New Cabinet
Merian A New Cabinet
Thog A New Cabinet
Scrumbucket A New Cabinet
Phw A New Cabinet - Indeed I am! Much thanks Phw
naath A New Cabinet
Tulk A New Cabinet
X-Himy A New Cabinet
Conzy A New Cabinet
Belkar A New Cabinet
Azuaron A New Cabinet -- WOOHOO! *kills everything* :-D Many thanks!
000 A New Cabinet
Isambard A New Cabinet
wfpsy A New Cabinet
macksting A New Cabinet
Flt 1 New Cabinet
Mowg A New Cabinet
Tred A New Cabinet - I'm so happy right now :D
Alan Jordan A New Cabinet
BruceStark A New Cabinet
Sir Garry A New Cabinet
lastaiaiai A New Cabinet
Unstenk A New Cabinet - Thank you very much Rockefellow!
Philipjfry A New Cabinet
bazauckland A New Cabinet
Corellis A New Cabinet
Verckel A New Cabinet
Gonzometro A New Cabinet
Qazxcv A New Cabinet
Sofonisba A New Cabinet
BlueFlame A New Cabinet
AdutisTM A New Cabinet
Hbookbinder A New Cabinet
Theendisnigh A Grass Sword (swish swish: 20, +10%, 1.2% break rate, rockefellow)
Misosumo A New Cabinet
JAD I was particularly pleased with the speed at which the HAS completed my order. They were willing to negotiate prices and complete a very large custom order in a timely fashion. I will certainly be doing a lot more business with this organization in the near future.
z0ltar A New Cabinet
Subdude2k A New Cabinet
Katerwaul A New Cabinet. Good job armourers!
harvestbird A New Cabinet. Thank you!
greycat A New Cabinet. Shiny!
Schwarz/Schwarz A new Cabinet. Thank you very much Armorer Ancev for the prompt delivery
Lidon A New Cabinet. And thank you very much!
kilgore A New Cabinet
Dragon A full set of Bronze Armour
Shaw A New Cabinet A+++ Gr8 seller! Would buy from again!
Biffo A New Cabinet. Thank you Armourer Rockefellow!
Cor 4 sharpened Silver Catanas, and 1 Dull silver Catana.
Yoghurt A New Cabinet.
Rembrandt A New Cabinet.
Harz A new cabinet
Thog A suit of iron armour
Riff Raff A new cabinet
Andrewsi A full set of Guild Kits
Ade Guild temple kit, guild store kit.
Billz8 A Guild Temple Kit
High Tower of Wizardry A full set of guild equipment
Dragon A custom weapon
Lidon A Cocktail Shaker
Schnorrer A Guild Temple Kit
Flt 5 Empty Books, Great Quality, fast Trade! A++++++
Jeffh 5 Empty Books
Jon A Custom weapon
Pri3st A new cabinet
Spacer One A new cabinet
Ade A Teleport Kit.
Earl Peterbluer MD A new cabinet
billwopeh A New Cabinet
Bluelemur A New Cabinet
Kaos Dragon A custom weapon
Tha'l Ghul A New Cabinet
Shan A New cabinet
luminux A New cabinet
Daveman a new cabinet.
Herakkis A custom weapon
Isambard 2 Custom Weapons
Thog The Hammer of Thog (a custom weapon)
Ravensdance 5 Sets of Iron Armour, 3 Miner's Hats, Brand New Dog Bot, Leather Cuirass, 2 Leather Gloves, 2 Leather Gorgets, 3 Leather Greaves, 2 Leather Vambraces, 13 damage custom weapon(s), 16 damage custom weapon(s), 17 damage custom weapon(s), 18 damage custom weapon(s), 2 20 damage custom weapons, 100 damage custom weapon, 20 empty books
Solune a Guild Teleport and Ticket Office
Twitcher A New cabinet
ScurvyPirate Guild Temple Kit, Guild Teleport Kit, Guild Ticket Office Kit.
ScurvyPirate Guild Store Kit
Zingopink New Cabinet
Wfpsy 5 Bascinets, 5 Aventails, 5 Haubergeon, 10 Bronze Vambraces, 10 Gauntlets, 5 Cod Pieces, 10 Chausses, 10 Army Boots, 5 64 damage custom iron weapons, 2 64 damage custom silver weapons, 5 25 damage custom iron weapons
Phw Silver Ankh
BortJr Guild store kit and guild locker.
Herakkis Full set of leather armour, 5 bling blings & 1 cocktail shaker
Corellis 5 bling bling, full set of leather armour, 1 cocktail shaker, 1 misril axe
Herakkis 5 bronze axes
Tha'l Ghul 15 bling blings and 1 misril axe
Corellis 3 sets of iron armour
Kaos Dragon 5 custom weapons
Belkar 1 Misril Axe
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