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Prerequisite: Variable cost
Reward: Increased maximum HP
Location: School of Hard Knocks 9E 44S DSSGCM
AP Cost: 50AP each training session

Offers training to give you an increased maximum HP. After you complete a level you can return and get more training at the next level, with an increased cost. Each level gives you +30 Max HP and takes 50AP to complete. As far as it is known, there is no limit to the number of levels you can complete.

It also hurts. The bastards.

You get trained. It largely involves being hit repeatedly over the head with bits of wood. 
When you wake up you do feel a bit tougher.

Your health is set to 5 when you train. (This is done at the beginning of the training. If you regenerate HP with time, then you may have a bit more than 5 HP by the end of the training.)


Level Gold Pieces Triffid Stings Roc Rocks Crocodile Scales Phoenix Feathers
1 500 1 1 2 2
2 1000 2 2 4 4
3 1500 3 3 6 6
4 2000 4 4 8 8
n 500*n n n 2*n 2*n

If you don't have the proper items for tuition, you can't train:

You have to pay. Level 31 training costs:
15500 Gold Pieces (got)
31 Triffid Stings
62 Crocodile Scales
62 Phoenix Feathers (got)
31 Roc Rocks (got)

You don't lose the 50AP in this case.

As it takes time and effort to get to the school, you might want to save up the required items in advance and only visit the school when you can advance a number of levels without needing to go and collect any items in between each training session. So, to work out quickly how many triffid stings or crocodile scales you'll need to train up to level n:

Triffid Stings and Roc Rocks: 0.5 n (n + 1)
Phoenix Feathers and Crocodile Scales: n (n + 1)
Gold pieces: 250 n (n + 1)

A more advanced formula, if you take x as your current level and n as the level you want to become, would be:

Triffid Stings and Roc Rocks: 0.5 (n - x) (n + x + 1)
Phoenix Feathers and Crocodile Scales: (n - x) (n + x + 1)
Gold pieces: 250 (n - x) (n + x + 1)

The Hard Knocks Calculator

Calculates the number of levels you can complete at the School of Hard Knocks with your current equipment.

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