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How to get there

Option 1: walk. The entrance is at 1W 36N, so expect to spend about 35AP if walking from Windy City.

Option 2: blow a Goat Horn. This costs 20AP, and will deposit you at Harvey Hall.

  • I blew one whilst wearing a hat, and "BWAP! Nothing seems to happen." Twice. 40AP down the drain! cheese April 30, 2009 8PM EST

Option 3: Catch a train.


Field Plains Hills Plains Image:Station.gif
Farm and Castle Station
Ramparts Ramparts Ramparts Ramparts Ramparts
Ramparts Farm Farm Farm Wallbangers
Dungeon Entrance Farm Farm Farm Harvey Hall Trail


Ramparts Staircase Farm Farm Animal Sanctuary
Ramparts Ramparts Ramparts Ramparts Ramparts
Plains Harvey Gallery Harvey Photographics Pet Registration Office Go West

Things to do

The Farm area in the middle is initially inaccessible. To gain access, you need to complete the Animal Sanctuary quest.

  • When you can enter the Farm, you can do the Smelly Pete quest.
  • Start the Paparazzi quest at the gallery (buy Film at the photo shop).
  • Use the staircase to reach different areas of the Farm:
    • G - Goats and Sheep
    • 1 - Pigs and Cows
    • 2 - Chicken
    • 3 - Koi Ponds


You can buy various Cocktails at Wallbangers:

Go West

Sells pets and pet supplies:

  • Kittin Kibble - 500 gold
  • 10 Kittin Kibbles - 4000 gold
  • 100 Kittin Kibbles - 30000 gold
  • Kittin Egg - 25000 gold
  • Ferret Egg - 25000 gold
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