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Several Hats are in play - a fixed number? Each gives certain bonuses (and possibly disadvantages) and can be stolen from players wearing them by clicking on the hat. If a hat is not visible, for example at a party or in the Golden Condor control room, the URL http://cities.totl.net/cgi-bin/game?act_stealhat=1&victim=NAME can be used.

You gain one Hat Point per hour of wearing a hat. Hat Points are tracked here.

HP and AP granted by hats go over max limits. Discounts apply to both selling and buying to participating retailers.*

*Hats work at general stores and wizard's shops, but not healers, coiners, markets or stalls/shops owned by players.
seems that you offer a discount when selling equivalent to what you'd recieve as a buyer, as i have just discovered trying to sell an emerald athame to a wizard's tower. apparently this is due to your hat making you happy, which i am currently somewhat less than owing to having lost out on nearly 5k GP, the swine. supergumby 18:17, 31 March 2008 (BST)
Well, yeah, what did you think "Discounts apply to both selling and buying" meant? - Cameron 20:57, 25 April 2008 (BST)

The hats worn by the Great Lords cannot be stolen.

All hats are sticky.


Stealable Hats

Baseball Cap Urban Fashion 10

Awards a 2AP bonus if you are wearing it on the hour. Gives a 10% Discount at shops. Gives 10 points of Urban fashion.

--oddly enough, JohnEveryone is currently wearing one with no points for fashion...cheese23 January 2011

Bonnet Cute Fashion 10

Gives 1AP and 3HP on the hour, and a 20% discount at shops. Also gives 10 points of "Cute" fashion

Bowler Hat

Awards a 1AP and 1HP bonus every hour. Gives a 50% discount at shops.

Christmas Hat

Comes out of a Christmas present gained on Christmas day from the 'King.Awards 20 kudos when gained from a present. Gives 20% discount at shops. Talks to you at midnight.

Your hat says 'Ho Ho, Dirty Ho!'


Awards a 3AP and 3HP bonus if you are wearing it on the hour. Gives a 30% discount at shops. Awards a 50AP bonus if you are wearing it at 12 noon.

Hot Swedish-Chick Hair Cute Fashion 10

Gives 10 Cute Fashion points. Keeps you warmer pretty much anywhere (You are very warm, You are hot). Note that this includes places like the Great Desert - if heat effects are ever added, beware!

Jesters Hat

Awards a 2AP and 1HP bonus if you are wearing it on the hour. No discount at shops. Makes you feel like a dork at 3am. Great Lord Ignatz wears an unstealable Jesters Hat.

Legendary Hat

You can change what it looks like, hence no image, for 20AP. Awards a 3AP and 3HP bonus if you are wearing it on the hour. No discount at shops. No other known bonuses.

Party Hat

Gained by winning when you pull a Christmas Cracker with someone. Can be destroyed. Comes in Blue, Yellow, Green and Red. Gives a 20% discount. Can be pulled with monsters, giving them a hat and the prize if they win.

Pirates Hat

Can be destroyed. Takes away 2AP if you are wearing it on the hour. Gives an 50% discount. Triples damage dealt against one kind of monster . . . .

Red Hat Fedora Urban Fashion 2Pimp Fashion 5

Gives you 9 points of Urban-Pimp fashion (5 Pimp, 2 Urban) . No AP/HP bonuses or shop discounts. Every six hours it tells you a Slashdot headline:

Your hat says '158 Million Records Exposed (And Counting)'
Your hat says 'Voyager Spacecraft Celebrate 30th Anniversary'

It also works like a gold bling. All your AP costs are halved.

Great Lord Andrew wears an unstealable Fedora.

Straw Hat

Gives a 30% discount at shops.

Top Hat

Awards a 2AP bonus if you are wearing it on the hour. Gives a 20% discount at shops.

Has this been changed? duke limbobound has been wearing one for several hours, and noticed a distinct lack of messages regarding AP bonus from this hat. AmishRobots 04:52, 8 February 2018 (UTC)

Wizards Hat

Awards a 3AP and 3HP bonus if you are wearing it on the hour. Gives 20% discount at shops. It gives a 50AP bonus at midnight. "At the midnight your wizards hat gives off strange energy. +50 AP!!!" Gives a mage 3 extra spells at midnight, and increased mana regen (3x). Great Lord Yendor wears an unstealable Wizards Hat; so does the Dark Knight.

Wooly Hat

Awards a 4HP bonus if you are wearing it on the hour.

Unstealable Hats


Worn by Great Lord Boris.

Bot Hat

Worn by the marketwatch bots for Citiesberg.

Guard Hat Military Fashion 5

Worn by the esteemed City Guards. Can't be stolen. If you want one, just put an application in at City Guards. We're recruiting!

You can't wear another hat if you're a city guard. You can't be summoned. You can't nick another hat.

Can you *ever* take the hat off? Can't be stolen, can't be taken off = always stuck with the hat? -palindrome

It was once mentioned on Fashion that the guard helmet "must be worn to affect fashion, just having it in the inventory shows the helmet but does not change fashion". So you can apparently do something with it. Not sure if you can wear other hats or get summoned, though. Random4518 22:52, 25 October 2006 (BST)
Guard Hats also don't give any hat points to their wearers.

Lady Caroline Hat Cute Fashion 1

Caroline's only cities birthday present from 'King elseware for this year. Has absolutely no benefits other than being pink and sparkling. Unstealable (anyone else would look daft in it).

Currently worn by, of all people, Lady Caroline. <Gasp!>

Last I checked (a few days ago), she is wearing it, she's just in the limbo, and you don't come up on the leaderboards when your in the limbo. - Cameron 19:20, 19 February 2008 (GMT)

Naughty Hat

This hat is given by the 'king or the Great Lords to naughty people who have committed crimes (ie exploits) in Cities. It will be removed when the Lords think you have done your time. While wearing this hat, you can't buy or sell at shops and markets. You can't trade with other players either. The hat can't be stolen. Instead, clicking on the hat image will make you point and laugh at the wearer (still costs 5AP).

Panama Hat

Hat worn by Great Lord Ruthven.

Pimp Hat Pimp Fashion I would Imagine

Hat worn by Great Lord Harvey.

Ameri-Corn Hat

Hat worn by Great Lord Corn Dog.

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