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a.k.a. the mages' guild

a.a.k.a Magic: The Gathering. badaboom-tish... (I'll get me coat...) Stoo 00:13, 6 June 2007 (BST)

Welcome to the Tower of Wizards. We're here to help our non-magic people with their magical business.

Our Guild is located under our shop in Crimson City in Oz at 80E 219S DSSGCM.


Custom orders

Any kind, really


Client Order Wizard
Your in-game name here Your order Our Member will contact you
Gimlet Cast about 50 Week Ends Our Member will contact you


Client Order Wizard
Thog Resurrect my poor dead horsie for 15,000 and 2 acles Stoo via palantir
JoolsHolland Resurrect 2 Ferrets alanda via talk
Isambard 1 Flaming Sword, 5 Fire Catanas, 1 Silver Puzzle Box (will provide all materials) alanda via IRC
Thog 4 Onyx Swords alanda - via IRC
Billz8 5 Onyx Swords alanda via talk
Belkar Kat resurected for 15,000 gold, an acle and a metric ton of spells Solune
Kressida Eye Pod - I have the sheep eyes, and 2 Astral Plane spells- I need to get to the Alt.Ocean Completed by S. Mackie
Durkon Eye Pod, loaded with any spell that will get me out of Space Solune
ScrumbucketResurrection (Sea Horsie) S. Mackie

Suggestion of services and prices

Our items and services, as in most businesses, are always negotiable!



Several of our members are currently resurrecting pets. Availability is based on the current Pentacle status; a member might have a leftover pill, however. Pills are 30K GP each as of 00:20, 28 September 2007 (BST).


  • Portal: materials plus 30K. Can go for less if the common interest is obvious.


Magical artifacts

Guild Layout

Conclave (Comm Room)
Guild Store

Members are invited to propose names for each building--Solune 07:49, 14 August 2007 (BST)

Our members' shops

Hbookbinder Junk and Disorderly - Tanks, Gold Bling, and more exotic goods - Located in the City of Gold and Lead
Feeling Fruity . . . For all your fruit & veg needs.

Located on the 5th floor of the mall, next to the north-west lift - 51E 2004N DSSGCM

alanda High Tower of the Interior - very limited stock...for the time being. 74E 35N DSSGCM


members may discuss our projects here

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