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Guild Store


Bag (Books)
Bag (CDs - incomplete)
Bag (Tarot Cards)
Big Machete (5 48%)
Bind Elemental Spell
Bind Spirit Spell
Book (L1 Crafting Tome)
*Compressed Air Spell
*Compressed Earth Spell
*Compressed Fire Spell
*Compressed Water Spell
Book (L2 Crafting Tome)
*Dissolution Spell
*Map Spell Pro
*Frankenwiener Spell
*Enchant Air Sword Spell
*Enchant Earth Sword Spell
*Enchant Fire Sword Spell
*Enchant Water Sword Spell
*Void Calling Spell
Book (Level 1 spell book)
Book (Level 1 spell book)
Bowling Ball
Contract Palantir x 6
Copper Axe (Lost and Mutated Treeman bane) (8 90%)
Earth Wand (68%) x 7
Fire Wand (68%) x 6
Fire-Ball Spell x 10
Gold Bling
Murder Bow (4 25x48%) x 2
Murder Bow (Morpheus bane) (8 25x48%)
O x 7
Pentacle x 2
Piece of Leather x 2
Possible Sword (4 10x48%)
Sheep Eye x 6
Sheet of Paper x 101
Sod Spell x 4
Stone (2 88%) x 862
Vorpal Blade (Water Dragon bane) (6 90%)
Water Bomb Spell x 16
X x 21
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