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This page contains the events that happened in 2005, back when Dinosaurs not so much ran but sauntered around the earth. For events after 2005, see:

Historians retain the right to poetic license.


The before Time

'Elseware did play Urban Dead and got pissed off with it, and declared "I could write a better game than this, and indeed I shall! With blackjack and hookers!"

Some playtesting was done and the game officially opened August 15th 2005 after all characters were reset.

The Dawn of Time (Date TBD)

Cities was created.

August 12th 2005: News

New Monsters: Lions, Bulls, Angels, Eagles, GNUs, Thunderbirds, Fire Foxes, Penguins, Llamas

Change to XP rule: Now XP is Damage done * Monsters Damage * (1+int( Monsters Attacks / 3 ) ). So a monster which does 1 damage but has 12 attacks (ie. ants) will now give 4XP per point of damage done.

New Items: D4,D6,D8,D10,D12,D12,Magic Ball, Night Club, Breakfast Bar, Breakfast Club, Fire Cracker, Huge Fire Cracker

You can now flip Gold coins

September 1st 2005: News - Hats

Hats and Tags.

September 5th 2005: News - Interior Open

It is now possible to cross the mountains. The passes need to be discovered and braved.

Hats now do interesting things.

Added Jungle, Caves, Heath, Swamp & Desert.

New Monsters: (guardians of the pass...), Esquilax.

New Items: Wand of Anger, Vorpal Blade, Cruel Blade, Chalk.

Also added Garlic & Pointy Sticks. I wonder what those are useful for...

September 6th 2005: News - Snark Hunting Season Opener

Bows and Arrows.


New Monsters including Crocodile, Pheonix, Roc, Triffid, Bat, Rock Troll, Scissor Beast, Origami Ogre.

Bows and Arrows. water players can make arrows from feather+pointy stick. Air player can make pointy stick from wood.

Alignment knives and swords. Fire sword does 4 damage. In the hands of a fire player against earth it would do 16!

Water Quest: snark hunt.

Stats on: average idle hours, current idle hours, dragons killed.

September 8th 2005: Duck!

Ducks. So that air players can get feathers.

Shops now sell Bows.

September 10th 2005: News

Change to craft skills. Anbody can make anything. AP costs vary. I may have to wibble the numbers if any exploits show up.

Due to certain complaints about limbo, I've added another limbo teleporter which takes you back to where you were before entering limbo. This does not work for people who entered before today because I didn't think to log their old locations.

September 12th 2005: New Quests

Added New Air Quest.

The King will now make Knights into Barons and Earls.

When AP or HP get below 20% they go yellow. Below 10% they go red.

Fixed a bug that meant people kept getting sent to limbo after under 2 days.

September 13th 2005: News

Changed equipment lists from

3 x Something 


Something x 3 

Added Large Dragons.

Added Dragons Blood, Walking Sticks, Winged Boots.

September 14th 2005: News

Changed the equipment menu to be ordered: weapons (Sword, Bow), martial arts (Fists), handy stuff (GPS, Bandages), magic junk (stones, talismans), junk (D12, Grapes), booze (Cocktail, Ale)

Added dragon blood score table.

September 21st 2005: News - Caffeine Backlash

Trading Post and Alchemist items list are now alphabetically sorted.

Caffeine tolerance can now go to 100%, to prevent the coffee exploits people have been using.

There is *a* way to zero your caffeine tolerance. Nobody has found it yet.

Large monsters now have less gold. Hopefully this will encourage trading more.

September 22st 2005: Tarot Deck

Added Cards: Collect them all to get a deck. Newly spawned large monsters will start to have them from time to time. Collecting them all is a quest.

Added Fags.

September 27th 2005: Serenity Now!

Monks of the four cities offer the option of a retreat. This costs 500AP, but is handy if you're going away for a few days.

October 17th 2005: Gauntlet & Guild of Merchants

Those who have won a duel are invited to attempt to run The Gauntlet at the Temple of Fire.

The Guild of Merchants has opened near Earth City. There's a really handy skill to be had there.

October 18th 2005: The Great Desert

A Great Desert has been discovered to the South, with strange new creatures and perils. Not recommended for new players. Ideally complete the gauntlet fire quest and/or the "on call" water quest before entering.

There are rumours of two new cities and an ocean beyond the desert.

October 21st 2005: Water Skin

On call doctors.

Water Skin available from hospital to very senior doctors.

November 16th 2005: Monster Kill Leagues

Monster Kills League Tables

This shows on your info page how many of each monster you have killed (since today!). There is also a chart of who has killed the most of each monster.

Every midday you are given an AP bonus if you are top of one or more monster-kill-tables.

BONUS = 10 * int sqrt( number-of-tables-you-are-top-of)

This is intended to encourage the hunting of all monsters, not just the ones with useful stuff. If there are 2 players competing to be top of the eagles kills list then it should cull eagles, allowing the occasional Roc to spawn.

This will eventually result in some people being so far in front as to be not worth challenging, at which point there will be some limiting factor. Maybe the number of kills halves on the first of each month... Let me know when you feel this need implementing.

--...or tables could reset entirely each month.

--Maybe make another table, one for "total", another for "this month" and only count "this month" for the league.

-- Is 0 half of 1 in terms of changes on the first of each month?

November 17th 2005: News

Ever tried getting drunk in a graveyard?

November 23rd Nov 2005: News - Boats

You can now make glass swords. Of course it requires enchanted charcoal, which can only be made from ancient wood.

Rumours of boats! There is now a way to make boats. If you actually *do* make one mention it on the wiki so that I actually implement some islands!

Beware: sea gulls are nasty.

Sulphur and Saltpetre have been added. I wonder what they're for.

It's probably worth starting mining. A spade will really improve your chances.

November 24th 2005: Thieves!

Several thefts reported in the western forest.

November 24th 2005: First Blueprints Found

Congratulations to zandet for finding the first boat blueprint.

December 1st 2005: Auctions

Started some Auctions.

vi keys now also work for all those with s nethack fetish.

December 7th 2005: Islands

More development work on the islands. It's a pity nobodies got a boat.

New class of boat. ditto.

so... Tar Babies no longer regen's hp, and normal Tar now only regenerates 5 HP per time.

December 7th 2005: Cows

New magic potion: The White Russian.


December 8th 2005: News: Ruby Slippers

Two new divisions in your inventory: food and resources (sand, silver, wood etc.). This makes things much easier to find IMO.

Javascript counters.

Ruby Slippers. Kansas

December 11th 2005: Jons Kraken Shack

Kraken Bar and Grill.

Merz Bow.

December 11th 2005: News

Disguise kits now cost AP to maintain (1 per hour).

December 12th 2005: Dojo & Master Thief

Two new quests today! But I'm not going to tell you what they are. They both start in the Western Forest.

Ain't I a stinker? (feel free to post 'em when you find them).

They turned out to be Martial Arts Training at the Dojo and Training from the Master Thief.

December 21st 2005: Rock Soc Pub Crawl

New Earth quest: Rock Soc. tavern crawl.

December 23st 2005: News

Navigation arrows are now buttons not links. This means you should get a warning when you click "back".

In firefox alt-p now reloads the page with no acutal action- handy for conversations. This may work in other browsers. Note you can navigate with alt-n/s/e/w and alt-h/j/k/l

December 30th 2005: Invisible Monsters & Insurance Offices

Invisible Monsters. The details you can find out for yourselves but there are now some invisible monsters.

Prior to this, the only invisible monsters were ghosts. Among the X-mas present choices was the ability to 'see invisibles,' which allowed the player to see wisps & mists.

Insurance Offices. These should make people very very happy.

December 31st 2005: The Bomb Squad

The Bomb Squad is recruiting on Bombadiers Den.

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