History of the World - Part IX

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This page contains the events that happened in ????, back when then was now. For events in other years, see:

Historians retain the right to poetic license.

The Dark Age

End of the World

After a period of turmoil and Schism, the world was plunged into darkness. All souls (and the citizens who owned them) were lost to the void. The entire realm disappeared into a plane of non-existence. In short, the whole game was b0rked; players were forced to get on with their lives, IRL. The horror was unimaginable. This seems to have gone on for about 4 years or so...

Post-Apocalypse: The Resurrection

"Great Lord Andrew had some inspiration and dug the VM out of the pile and 'King Elsewhere got some of the bugs sorted.

No promises, but it might be up for a while. Rumour has it that Lady Caroline has been sighted."

The game is once more a foot. Possibly a whole yard, or even nine.
The schisms seem to have disappeared for good, although the vaporous nutrition they provided to pets still seems to permeate the atmosphere. Mayflies have been reported to have reached 3 weeks in age, possibly more! All of the Guilds seem to have fallen into a state of total, and possibly permanent disrepair. Creation of new guilds seems to be borken. No word as of yet whether this will be fixed. New players have been spotted, and several heroes of olde have certainly re-emerged. Activity on the monster kills table seems to indicate that there are certainly a decent number of brave souls still active in the realm, surviving in this harsh, post apocalyptic world. A few shoppes were open in the Mall for a time, though they seem to have closed now. Several other shoppes have been opened in and around of Windy City. Merchant seems as determined as ever to make a profit.

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