History of the World - Part VIII

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This page contains the events that happened in 2012, back when then was now. For events in other years, see:

Historians retain the right to poetic license.

March 17th, 2012: Cities Returns


Well, he's not actually dead, he's just badly maimed. Well, not even maimed to be fair. In actual fact, the 'King has never been fitter or healthier. He's just taken a leave of absence to "spend more time with his open data."

The Council of Great Lords have been in exile in Oz for many months. Where 'exile' actually means they've been lapping up the sun on the emerald beach, the lazy gits.

In their absence, the 'Kingdom fell into disrepair. The almighty Linux upon which the great 'Kingdom was built started to crack and many Database Rows were lost! Markets failed, pets died and foul monsters respawned unchecked!

However, out of the chaos stepped Great Lord Alvane, youngest of the Council. Alvane looked at the 'Kingdom and saw that it was shonky. Using his remarkable powers of persuasion (and a couple of dodgy Summon Stones he acquired illicitly) he managed to enlist the services of Great Lord Andrew and between the two of them, they began to restore the 'Kingdom to its former glory!

The Great Lords have returned the 'Kingdom to its former glory: taming the wild beasts, resurrecting the dead, even raining manna from the aether.

Please note that due to a fault on the 'Kingdom, the air has temporarily become remarkably nutritious. Your pets may feed on this air for a short while, but we expect these nutrients will dry out soon enough!

However, their powerful magic has also opened strange Schisms in each of the Four Cities.

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