History of the World - Part X

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A New Hope

Cities has truly returned; new shoppes near Windy City, New players, truly the future looks bright!

A Whole New World

New lands! New Cities! Just across the pond, lies a whole new continent, with fascinating possibilites! Chicago? San Fransisco? Miami? Washing Town? New item: rubber chickens, avalilable at your local Sven Ghoulies shop. Cruise the Dan Ryan Expressway, catch a show at Thalia Hall, visit J.J. at Dyno- mite!. Almost seems like someone who grew up in Chicago had a word with a certain GL... (it was me) So much to explore! So little to do! the future looks bright indeed!


Oh fuck, what now??

Well, they say hindsight is 2020. Plague stalks the lands, a new virus has appeared, and nobody seems to know how to fight it. rumours and mis-information abound. How will this affect the economy? Is it just a hoax? Part of the Literal Agenda??

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