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Your horoscope in Cities is dependent on the characters in your username. There are twenty-four different horoscopes.

Your horoscope is known to be a part of five different quests to date:

The Gauntlet Which Gauntlet you tackle (one of twenty-four) is determined by your horoscope.
The Standing Stones Which items you will have to offer, and what times you will have to offer them at, are determined by your horoscope. This is the big use of your horoscope.
The Fortune Teller When you complete this quest you will be told your horoscope.
Totems At which totem you start the quest.
Animal Sanctuary Which type of baby animal you are assigned.

The 24 horoscopes are:

  1. The Worm (Kaos Dragon, LordAsriel, S. Mackie)
  2. The Sparrow (Cthu1hu)
  3. The Toad (Domentzia, Durkon)
  4. The Glow Worm (Bebe, Daveman)
  5. The Gnome (Nick, parking_god)
  6. The Sylph (BruceStark)
  7. The Undine (Jon)
  8. The Salamander (Tialaramex, Celane)
  9. The Bull (Shador)
  10. The Eagle (trad_chad, Sertularian, Alan Jordan)
  11. The Angel (dragon)
  12. The Lion (BlaisedeC, bel3338)
  13. The GNU (BlueFlame, Corellis)
  14. The Thunderbird (Solune, Flt)
  15. The Penguin (Syagrius, JADW27, Rhapsodie)
  16. The Fire Fox (Spacer one)
  17. The Triffid (Plat, Belkar, spugmistress, ScurvyPirate)
  18. The Roc (soelo, Thog)
  19. The Crocodile (kepler)
  20. The Pheonix (Hotchpotch, GargoyleBoy, Bubba_est_nKlein)
  21. The Earth Dragon (Mig, Rockefellow, cheese)
  22. The Air Dragon (LimeHan)
  23. The Water Dragon (Rinn, Phw)
  24. The Fire Dragon (Elan, Deva, Brindabella)

Currently known

The starsign is calculated from the ascii value of all characters of one's username added up modulo 24. I took the exact spelling from [[1]] and it looks like I'm right. I'll publish the script as soon as I find some time, but here's some pointless statistics for you:
Most common starsign (currently 38 users) is: Angel (who would have thought).
Least common starsigns (18 and 19 respectively): Water Dragon and Crocodile.
'King elseware is a Fire Fox.

And: This also seems to work in combination with the standing stones: jpv, a Fire Dragon [ SUM($username)%24 = 0 ], started with item D6 which is 8 away from Celane's Cod (Salamander, 8). These work counter-clockwise though. So it's 32-SUM($username)%32 for the offerings.

I put a little script on my uni webspace: [[2]]. Enjoy!

What I couldn't find out yet is how the animal sanctuary comes into the whole thing. Check out the talk page about that. Flt 23:02, 6 March 2007 (GMT)

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