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Often quest names are not tied to their reward and certain items don't have quests associated with them. This page is meant as a quick means by which to find all the ways to benefit your character. So far, any repeatable procedure has a cap and/or suffers diminishing returns.


Player Stats

Get More MaxHP

Get More MaxAP

Increase my Damage Multiplier

Increase my To-hit

Reduce my AP Regeneration Delay

Currently the best innate AP regeneration rate achievable is 7 minutes per AP.

Regain HP

Accumulate AP

  • Drink a Caffeinated beverage: +20 AP, diminishing returns, possible crash
  • Reduce your AP Delay: Quicker AP regeneration
  • Out of pure desperation, eat a Triffid Sting: +50 AP, +1 poison level or more after enough, +1min AP regen after 11 eaten
  • Play Russian Roulette with Dragon Blood: various effects, possible permanent damage to MaxAP, MaxHP, accuracy, etc.
  • Be top of a bunch of Monster Kill Leagues: +10*floor(sqrt(number of monster leagues)) AP at noon
  • Get a nice hat for variable AP bonus
  • Take some spice: up to +1260AP if 12 taken in one go, diminishing returns

Gain more Mana

  • Melt down Bling after meeting the Goodyear Pimp.
  • Melt down other stuff with an Eldritch Machine
  • Complete the Trail of Trials: +100 Mana (up to twice)
  • Keep a familiar or two (or more); they poop Mana, train them up and they poop more (costs booze to feed)
  • Use a Magic-Good: +12 Mana, -12 AP
  • Hunt Imps/Nodules/Nodes/Nexi (mages only)
  • Get a nice hat (mages only)
  • Sit on a Pentacle for triple mana regeneration (mages only)

Player Skills

Walk Faster

Learn to Swim

Learn to Climb

Learn to Mine


Learn my Horoscope

Attack Passive Monsters

  • Whittle at it with a Cruel Blade (base 2 damage)
  • Render them hostile with a Wand of Anger
  • Render them hostile with a Pokey Stick (plus base 2 damage, requires 2 AP to strike... no, really really.)
  • Wear a Ghastly Bling

See, and Usually Attack, Invisible Monsters

Regular Cases, such as Ghosts

Huge Reptiles, Imps, Nodes and Nexi

Stop Seeing Invisible Monsters

Change my Alignment

User Interface

See Corner Squares

See Paths Farther Away

See Monster HP

  • Hold a Magic Opal (Temporary)
  • Equip an Opal Bling (Temporary)
  • Open a Present (Permanent)
    • Presents were nerfed when an accident with the roll-out of the Ruthven's Office quest gave everyone an extra present in July. They may be returned to normal at Christmas
  • Create a character as Water alignment (Permanent)
    • Changing your alignment with a wand or alcohol does not bestow or remove this ability
  • Hold a complete Tarot Deck (Temporary)
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