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If you've got an IRC client, feel free to pop by #cities on If you haven't got a client, some options follow. If you do, try connecting by using this new-fangled URL: irc://

  • XChat for Linux and Windows
  • Colloquy for OS X
  • mIRC for Windows
  • Pidgin for Linux, Windows, and OS X
  • jmIrc for Java-compatible mobiles
  • Chatzilla for Firefox browsers
  • If you're using Opera anyway, you could just use that!
  • You can use Mibbit to connect without downloading a client

If you hear something funny, stick it on the Quotes page!


Getting help

IRC is a collaborative medium. Don't message admins directly for questions -- ask in the main channel. That way, you're more likely to get an answer (if the admin you pick doesn't know, or isn't around, then someone else may be able to help). The only good exception to this rule is if it's about a serious bug (security, a large and/or damaging exploit, etc.)

Bot Commands

!item item name gives current market values (via citiesberg) of item name

!mortal char name resets their death count, from say alberta ignoring you to char name nooooooooo

!factor Vordorman number gives the optimal list of golf clubs necessary to kill said Vordorman

Players known to frequent #cities


Here. Includes lots of IRCers and a few others.

Add yours by emailing Ant

Statistics and Analysis

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