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Cities was created as a direct result of (me) Elseware playing Urban Dead: - as I liked the interface, but didn't enjoy the gameplay. I wanted to play a game where bad things didn't happen if I stopped playing for a bit, and people didn't gang up on me (yeah, I'm a big wuss).

So cities was born. Like urban dead, but with blackjack and hookers. And less zombies. Although to be fair both the undead and alcoholic kinds exist in the citiesverse.

Key cities influences

  • Urban Dead for being a great idea, but just to frustrating for a dabbler such as myself.
  • Talisman Board Game - gives us the inner, outer and central regions, plus the idea of overriding locations
  • Munchkin Card Game - gives us really bad puns in a fantasy setting
  • Xanth novels by Piers Anthony - more bad puns I absorbed at an early age
  • Nethack - the computer game with too many objects all of which with interesting behavior
  • The works of Robert Heinlein
  • Occultism in general (Tarot, Kabbala, etc.)
  • So many other media references it's not possible to list them
  • Parties (such has Dr Karma's cucumber sandwiches)
  • Booze
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