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The Four Cities of Earth, Air, Fire and Water are laid out at the corners of a large square region. The roads that connect these cities, describing a path around the outside edges of this square, are quite safe. But stepping off these roads can lead one into often-dangerous adventures.

About 20 steps inward from the roads, one finds the Barrier Mountains. These form a nearly unbroken wall separating the outer 'Kingdom region from the Interior. The only paths through these mountains are guarded by fearsome dragons. (There are also rumors of magical portals into the Interior, bypassing the Barrier Mountains. No such portal is officially sanctioned, and really, how far can one trust a wizard?)

Within the Interior itself, there are rare flora and fauna to be found, as well as ancient artifacts of a most mysterious nature. Some explorers have also reported an underground cave system.

In the heart of the Interior is yet another mountainous region, which had no known openings for quite some time. Now there are two, leading into the Vents and the Taxing Cellar.

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