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This is a page about the (now ended) Cities Festival 2008.
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The Lists are Closed.

Royal Champion

BortJr, after a tense joust-off with the worthy andrewsi. He received as his prize The House of Bort.

Glory seeker

Kaos Dragon, with 200 glorious glories gained.


Thog, with 1977000 gold added to his coffers.

Born to joust

andrewsi, with an incredible 181 jousts.


1. Register for a joust at the list tent. Here, you choose the size of your wager and whether you wish to stake Glory or Gold. You also need to select your attack strategy.

Note that you need a lance and a horse or pwny to register.
Yes, Sea Horsies work for this event. Syagrius 05:54, 17 August 2008 (BST)
If you accidentally enlist for a silly amount (eg 1 gold like I did), you can go back to the list tent and withdraw. You even get your wager back.

2. Once you have registered, you will be moved to the List field. Equip your lance and horsie/pwny, and you should be able to see a drop-down list of everyone that you are eligible to joust (they must have a lance equipped, and you must be within 50% and 200% of their wager).

It is a good idea to check out who is on the list and what they are wagering before you choose your wager so that you don't have to wait.
If you are time-zoneally challenged and are going to leave your character parked on the list for someone else to challenge, make sure you leave your lance etc equipped. Also, there's a party at the Enclosure - if you join it beforehand, once your joust is over in your absence, you'll be moved to somewhere you can get extra AP.

3. The winner will receive the smaller wager from the loser, regardless of who offered the smaller wager amount. If it is a draw then there is no effect. Both you and your opponent will be moved to the Enclosure.

The list field looks like this:

          ( Bleachers )
( Lists ) ( List Field ) ( Enclosure )
          ( Bleachers )

Those in all five locations are told the outcomes of all duels. Results of jousts are logged by the admin in our server log, also go to IRC, nearby locations and to twitter.

The lists will end with the last day of the festival, but they will be back at Halloween (although you might need to remind me) Elseware 00:24, 12 August 2008 (BST)


  • Cutting Attack
  • Stoic Defence
  • Use Every Trick in the Book
  • Cutting Attack defeats Tricks
  • Tricks defeats Stoic Defence
  • Stoic Defence beats cutting Attack


Prizes will be given to:

Royal Champion

The person with the most wins (has defeated the most different opponents) by the end of the festival will be declared the Royal Champion, and win some land to build your castle given by the 'king

Other prizes

each one of this gets a "Weapon of Choice" (Must be existing player-available weapon)

  • Glory seeker: The person wining the most over all glory
  • Mercenary: The person wining the most over all gold
  • Born to joust: The person who fought the most jousts


I've created a summary here:

I suggest that the overall winner is the one who bests the most opponents on average. ie. wins against each opponent more than they lose.

Jousts of less than 1000 Gold / 10 Glory are not scored.

Jousts between users who have shared an IP address are not scored.

I can tweak the scoring system if needed.

-- Elseware 15:59, 13 August 2008 (BST)

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